Chinese Yearly Horoscope 2024

According to Eastern tradition, the symbol of 2024 is the Green Wooden Dragon, and it will tell what the next 12 months of the year will be like. The Lunar Chinese Year begins on February 10, 2024 and will continue until January 28, 2025. The Dragon corresponds to the sign of Aries in Western astrology and the planet Mars. The Green Wooden Dragon is composed of the elements wood and water forming metal. According to Chinese astrologers, it unites the spirit of earth and heaven, brings prosperity and luck, and is considered the most prosperous among all the twelve signs of the Chinese horoscope.

In Chinese mythology, the dragon represents royalty. He is considered the embodiment of the male symbol Yang and rules with a firm hand, bending the world to his will. The element given to him at birth is Earth. This means stability and reliability. The earth nourishes the tree, fills it with energy, accelerating growth. What will be the year of the Green Wooden Dragon? According to some astrologers, the year may bring many fires since the element wood has the property of burning. Many fires or volcanic eruptions are likely.

The year of the Green Wooden Dragon will also be a leap year, and if scientists are quite skeptical about this, folk beliefs in many countries around the world show something completely different. According to observations, it is precisely in such years that the most political and natural disasters occur.

The dragon belongs to the personality type "Leader", therefore for humanity the years in which it is a symbol are associated with global events in politics, culture, and economy. The dragon is also a symbol of gaining power, freedom, and wealth. It is risky and unpredictable. The Year of the Dragon is expected to be a time of great change, innovation, and progress.

The upcoming year 2024 promises to be a year of global changes for humanity. The world is facing new challenges in economics, technology, and politics. But at the same time, this period can become a time of new opportunities and discoveries for those who are ready to accept the rapid changes and move forward. In general, the year of the dragon promises to be very interesting and eventful. But it is important to remember that each person is the master of his own destiny, and it depends only on him how he will use the opportunities that this year will bring him.

What awaits you in the year of the Dragon on an individual level, you can read by choosing your sign. The annual forecast covers love, money, family, career and health. On a personal level, the more compatible your sign is with that of the Dragon, the better 2024 will be for you.

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