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It is believed, that the first, who used those cards on the European continent, were in fact Gypsies. Migrating into Europe from the East in 15th century, they brought the playing cards, i.e. a simplified prototype of the Tarot cards. Despite that, fortune telling with the cards didn't start just until the begging 18th-19th century. That happened largely because and thanks to the efforts of famous professional French fortune-teller Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. In a very short period of the she became highly known with the art of exact fortune-tellings and has grown into consulting one of the most wealthy and powerful persons of the French capital. The salon of mademoiselle Lenormand gained immense popularity. In it reside all celebrities of the then Paris.

Cards used Marie Anne Lenormand were ordinary playing cards. The whole point of exact predictions locks in unique and own interpretations. After the death of the great fortune teller, almost nothing has been preserved. The methods of Marie Lenormand was only partially recovered from the notes of her students and followers. Thus leading to a new original deck of 36 cards, whose images' main ideas and motifs are closely related to its time.They reflect the picture of the world, characteristic of the era in which Mademoiselle Lenormand lived.

Nowadays, most of the systems of divination are based on intuitive interpretation of symbols, which is generally characteristic of the twentieth century. Therefore, in the virtual divination, brief interpretation of cards aims to give the questioner hint to indicate the path or one of the ways in which you can direct your intuition and the rest of the work you should do alone. Just so everyone will understand the meaning without foisted by any interpretation.

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