Fee Online Rune Readings

Runes are magical and alphabetic characters that have been cut down on stones or carved on wood, They have been used to decorate weapons, utensils, various objects. Runes were also used to write spells over the entrances of houses and noses of ships. They have a very ancient origin. Although in ancient times everybody used them, true connoisseurs of the runes are sorcerers and healers.


Each rune has a name and is associated with a particular deity, object or phenomenon. By carving runes into wooden plates, stones, spears, or pottery, the ancient refered to the rune's entity as a way to invoke a certain meaning. Doctors treated diseases, warriors prayed for victory in battle, hunters for a large prey. According to legend, each rune has a sacred origin and is a sacred sign possessing a reserve of magical powers and the ability to connect us with higher power. The totality of all runes together with their powers and connections form a magical system. This system can be used in the purpose of divination, the combination of symbols can describe every possible situation.

There are many methods of rune readings. You can use one of the offered here. We hope that these rune readings will provide invaluable assistance in everyday life.


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