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Playing cards are one of the oldest systems of divination, which is used by may people nowadays. The cards are an ancient invention, wrapped in many mysteries and legends, including their origin. It is believed that their homeland is China. The cards come in Europe relatively late, and here there are different versions. According to written sources, they come to Europe not later than the XIV century.


Some link them with the appearance of tarot cards, others say that they are from different backgrounds. There are several theories for the arrival of playing cards in Europe. One of them is that the traveler Marco Polo brought back cards from his voyages to China. In the beginning they used them only to play, but later noticed that could use them to predict future

This is how various routes and types of divination cards begin to appear. Divination with their help is very simple and the results are pretty accurate. In most cases we use 36 cards or 52 cards for more advanced prediction. On our website we have tried to collect the most common and tested divination.

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