Card meaning: We are surrounded by miracles and they happen everywhere around us right now. The more often we notice them, the more often they will happen.

Angels tell you that you have to expect a miracle. Perhaps, it seems to you that in this situation, a miracle is the only thing that can help you. Let God help you, and so in a wonderful way, you will deal with the trials that are on your way. Imagine that God has sent angels to help you solve your problems and feel happiness and joy of the fact that God is on your side. Relax and accept that you are surrounded by angels ready to solve your problems. Be prepared for miracles!


Card meaning: You are experiencing deep inner peace.

Mental peace assumes a sense of security and awareness, because you will be take care of. Even if you do not understand how you manage to deal with the trials clasped on you, your calmness, it is a signal that you believe that God will happily solve your problems. This kind of faith is a guarantee of success, because to those who believe, true miracles happen.

With this card, the angels try to calm you down. You can stay calm, even if you are in a great deal of trouble. It would be a mistake to think that you can calm down only after all the problems have been resolved. Exactly the opposite. You must first find peace of mind and then all problems will disappear. Peace is your natural state, and the angels are trying to help you find it.

Healing and straightening

Card meaning: The situation that bothers you is about to be resolved. You by nature have a strong positive power and your positive thoughts are now materializing.

Sometimes the situation can not be corrected until you relax and try to correct it. By withdrawing from the problem, you allow the divine light to enter into it. Your worry will soon pass, as this card shows that a moment has already passed. To see the positive solution to the problem, you must first stop thinking that everything is bad and instead say firmly to yourself: "Now everything is developing on a perfect divine plan."

You have inherited healing abilities, and this card asks you to believe that God acts through you as an earth angel. Stick to positive thinking in every difficult situation. Visualize it as if it is already upright. And then thank God for this, fully relax, leaving all the angel's work. Your mighty positive force will help heal many suffering souls.


Card meaning: Expect support. Ask God to help you get rid of the fear of poverty so that you can fully enjoy the growing abundance.

Angels report the influx of abundance in your life. The source of all prosperity is God. You believed deep down within you that the Creator would satisfy your needs. Your faith, even if it was not very strong, has begun the flow of abundance now manifested in your life.

Continue to believe. This will provide you with constant material, emotional, spiritual and intellectual support. To keep up with the flow of ever-increasing abundance, the following psychological wording, which you must repeat within and over again: "Lord, thank you for the good that fills my life." All my needs are fully satisfied, now and forever . "


Card meaning: Believe in yourself and in the fact that God and the angels are with you. Ask God to help you get rid of the fears that interfere with you, to fully fulfill with faith and enjoy yourself.

The angels know about your past disappointments that have undermined your faith in yourself, in others, and even in God. Angels, however, remind you of the importance of preserving your faith. By urging you to choose a card, they emphasize the need to trust yourself. The angels know that you, like everyone else, have made mistakes in the past. These errors, however, do not change your true nature. Inside you, it is part of the divine nature, which is infallible. Angels ask you to believe in God. And God will help you believe in yourself.


Card meaning: God has sent the angels to help you right now. Continue to ask for help and accept it when it comes, and it will always come.

Angels want you to know that right now God's grace is poured upon you. Maybe recently, you had to go through difficult challenges or ask for extra help. In any case, now your angels surround you with even greater divine love than before. Now there are new angels that bring even more love and light into your life.

Sometimes it may seem that God and the angels have left you. This card reminds you that they are still here and will never leave you. Only our own fears blind us to such an extent that we do not notice the presence of God and the angels. God will save you from these fears if you ask him and let him help you. You are truly blessed and loved by God and the angels.


Card meaning: Reveal your true thoughts, feelings and desires.

You may think you are a hostage to the circumstances of life. By urging you to select this card, the angels ask you to understand that you are your own prisoner. Once you know you can get free, you will immediately get it. Everything you do in your life is done by your choice. Even prisoners are free to choose their thoughts and therefore can find peace and happiness under all conditions.

The next time you start a phrase with the words "I'm forced ...", stop. Ask God through the angels to show you some alternatives. They will help you or finish the work that you have started with a more positive mood so that you do not feel like a hostage to the circumstances or advise you to do something else - something you will really like.

Divine guidance

Card meaning: Trust your intuition. This is what God and the angels tell you.

God is leading you right now. The intuitive feelings you feel, the visions, the inner voice, all are attempts to tell you something important, so you have to trust and follow these guidelines.

Believe in God, because he knows what will be best for you. Remember that when you are asked to wait, it means you have something better than you could imagine prepared just for you. That's why you have to change your attitude and accept the situation. Relax and summarize everything. Ask the angel to support you throughout this waiting period so that you can hear the Divine Hints. Do not rush when you see something that can break your weak will. The next door will open when the time comes and you will get new strength.


Card meaning: Return the child's sense of admiration, the ability to see the world as a magical side.

Do you remember how magical the world around you seemed to be in the childhood? The feeling of charm is the spirit of the child inside you. Where and when did you lose that feeling? Angels ask you to restore this magical feeling to yourself by remembering what wonderful powers surround you. Ask God through the angels to help you. Do not worry about taking him away from the "more important" cases. Angels really want to support you, help you get rid of unnecessary anxiety to radiate joy and spontaneity as a child that believes he will take care of him. And when you are happy, the light that God gives you will inspire anyone who sees you.


Card meaning: Pay special attention to the signals sent to you by the angels. You asked them to give you a sign and they did it. Notice these signs and trust them!

You have asked God to help you. Now try to see the evidence for this help. This card means the angels are trying to attract your attention. They can ask a butterfly or a bird to fly around you, to hear the same song in different places, or to put an object in your way to attract your attention. The card itself is a sign of the angels. They do everything for you to hear them, so look out for the signs.

You may ask them to give you a sign in case you have a question. As a rule, it is not a very good idea to specify exactly what sign you need. Let the angels decide. They will notify you of their presence. You just do not have to miss this sign; you should see it and interpret it correctly.


Card meaning: Spend more time in nature.

This card says you have to spend more time walking in the woods, in the wild, even moving to a place where nature is close, for example at a village. Also, the card may indicate that you have to choose a profession related to plants or animals. The angels of nature help you find these talents in yourself and then pass them on to the world. They will help you by spending more time in nature.


Card meaning: Angels invite you to stop thinking negatively about yourself and to be happy to be yourself.

You are too strict towards yourself, even though you are trying to meet the highest standards. Get down from the sky and look at yourself through the prism of love while you are torturing, losing spiritual power. Self-cultivation is impossible without a positive mood.

Although you have made mistakes, no words, thoughts or actions can weaken the love of God. Angels see your mistakes and see in you a heart full of Divine Love. They love you and pray for you. Love yourself.


Card meaning: Relax, grant God and angels an opportunity to help you. Anything you give up will be replaced by something better.

Stubbornly, you are behaving for what does not bring you anything good and does not allow happiness and health to get in your life. If you are unhappy in love, if you are not advancing in your career, have family or financial problems as well as illnesses, this card asks you to relax and pray to God and let the angels and him adjust the situation. If you stubbornly embark on infertile aspects in your life, fearing that if you loosen the grip, things will get worse, it really will.

However, if you are willing to release yourself from the situation that oppresses you, the current situation will improve in a marvelous way. With this card the angels ask you not to try to control the result of the current negative situation. Let it go away and God will help you!


Card meaning: Do you constantly suffering from lack of time? All your plans and schedules are constantly falling apart? Try to find a balance between work, rest, spirituality, sport and strengthen your relationships with others.

Angels know that you are busy, that you have a lot of earthly care that takes your time. They want to help you, restore the balance in your life. When your plans are threatened when some important things are being sacrificed to others, this leads to the fact that you are in a dead end and as a result, depression begins.

Angels ask you not to forget about regular meditation, exercise and entertainment. They know that restoring your balance, your work, rest, spirituality, sport, and strengthening relationships with others will help you cultivate and live happier. If you think you have too much care and responsibilities in life, do not hesitate, pray to God, through the angels to ease your burden.


Card meaning: Pay attention to your dreams, record in a diary what you saw in a dream.

You get important messages in your dream. Sometimes you wake up, with the feeling that in your dream you have seen something very important. Messages you get in dreams are actually not forgotten and lost, even if you seem to have completely forgotten what you dreamed about. They are stored in the subconscious, and then the wisdom and love of your higher "self" leads your actions.

You will remember your dreams easier if you get used to recording them right after waking up. Fix all the little things you remember, then the rest will come out of the depths of memory. Regularly analyze the records you make in your diary if you notice some patterns and repetitive themes - they contain important messages that your higher self and the angels are trying to convey to you.


Card meaning: Good news, you have the occasion to celebrate, as it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The angels want you to know: a very bright period has occurred in your life. You have worked hard and now your aspirations will acquire a material form. It's time to experience joy, pleasure, interest and happiness every day of your life. Angels remind you that you have to celebrate all the small and great achievements in your life. It is time to fill your heart with a warm sense of gratitude and thank God.


Card meaning: Think about what you want, not what you don't. Carefully follow your thoughts when they materialize.

Sometimes we think our thoughts are choosing us, but that's not the case. We ourselves, we choose our own thoughts. They always carry a charge, there aren’t neutral thoughts. Half a second, before you put the idea into your mind, you have decided. So, over time, you can learn to follow your thoughts and change them. It's like holding your hands on the wheel of life.

You may feel that your ability to concentrate on your own thoughts is weak, but remember that your mind is the unmistakable consciousness of God. You can dramatically improve your ability to concentrate if you repeat yourself: "I can concentrate my thoughts with the power of the will, I think only with love and my angels play the role of gatekeepers organizing the flow of thoughts".

Soul mates

Card meaning: Your heart dreams of great love. Going along the spiritual path, you want to find a partner to share your philosophy and interests.

Hot passion and spiritual kinship can unite in one person, angels ask you to trust them and follow their instructions. The Lord has heard your prayers for great love and encourages you to take all the necessary steps to accomplish this dream. If you already have a close relationship with someone, angels ask you to give them an opportunity and decide what to do with them - to try to develop on a next level or end them to give a place to a new love. In both cases the angels will be with you, helping you choose the right path!


Card meaning: It is time to educate yourself. Angels advise you not to save strength or time for this activity, but to read, listen and develop.

This card confirms that during this time it is really important to devote yourself to acquiring new knowledge, ideas and skills. Perhaps, you will want to start learning and this card encourages you to follow this desire. If you are currently studying, the angels ask you to continue your education.

Sometimes, in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills, we have a desire to quickly check them out in practice, and this leads to the fact that many people dropped the doctrine ahead of time. With this card, the angels advise you not to rush things. Continue your education. Personal growth that accompanies learning can bring joy if you remember the need in your thoughts to stay here and now.



Card meaning: Frequently spend time in quiet contemplation with yourself, clear your mind. Focus on your values and priorities.

You are too worried about your actions. Angels remind you that regular rest is required for all living beings. You also need spiritual and emotional food. During rest, ponder the true feelings and desires of your mind. Perhaps, you have to take a break or go somewhere on vacation, where you will be able to find out what you want from your relationship and life.

Your angels talk to you through your heart and when listening to it you can understand what you need. So, during your break, you will understand that this is not just your imagination, if your heart tells you the right way - these are the angels who guide you.


Card meaning: Angels help you meet your romantic needs. Ask them to help you and accept their help.

This card means God has heard your requests. He has seen the love longing in your heart and respects it. Now the angels will help you look for the love of your life. Angels will guide you, telling you the way to fulfilling your desires. For example, you may feel a strong inner desire to go to a specific place. And there you will meet a person with whom you will contact in a love affair.

Angels can also encourage you to practice cultivation - to improve your education, to start a diet or to engage in physical exercise. Follow their instructions and surely you will find love.


Card meaning: Your true "self" is energetic, strong, successful and intelligent. Let it become visible to others and inspire them.

You are talented in many ways start to trust your inner nature and express it. Earlier, you may have thought you should hide your true feelings from others, but now you understand that you have to follow differently.

Angels advise you to respect your feelings and not to hide them from yourself or others. They will help you talk about your feelings, so that no misunderstandings arise with your friends and relatives, as well as with colleagues. Angels will never prompt you to say or do anything that could harm you or anyone else. They will also take care of a new level of self-esteem and inner harmony, and not be afraid to openly reveal your true self.

Honesty and Faithfulness

Card meaning: You are called to be honest and to remain true to yourself in everything.

The angels tell you: "Refuse everything inexorably and stay away from all activities that do not reflect your superior intentions." If something does not develop in your life, be prepared to give God the opportunity to make the situation through the angels.

Untying your hands and freeing yourself from the negative situation, you allow the divine light to enter into it and a miracle to happen. You will find that all issues related to work, relationships, health or something else will be resolved surprisingly quickly and successfully. Angels will constantly drive you to actions that lead to a complete correction of the negative situation. Make the decision to be honest with yourself - and the miracle will not be late!

Archangel Michael

Card meaning: This mighty Archangel is right next to you. It gives you courage and helps you get rid of fear.

With this card, Archangel Michael informs you of his presence. It is a symbol of true courage, rooted in the realization that the only true power is the love of God. Archangel Michael lets you understand that by making changes to your life and facing serious challenges, you are in complete safety. God, through the angels, helps you stay true to yourself in these difficult times for you.

New love

Card meaning: A new chapter begins in your life! You will have a new partner or an old relationship will be restored!

Open your heart to the new feeling of love that will come to you. Angels prepare you for the possible appearance of a new partner, so look close at the people you meet on your way. Be open to changing existing relationships and do not stick too much to your old ideas about them. There is a time of wonderful changes in your life, so trust God and the angels to take care of exactly what you want.

Changes in your life may be painful if you do not show enough flexibility in your thoughts and actions. If you have new love, remember that the past remains in the past, giving way to the new happiness. In addition, your current relationships can end or, on the contrary, move on to a new phase of a renewed love.


Card meaning: Take a look at the new thoughts and ideas that come in your head. They are the seeds of your participation, in the Divine creation.

God speaks to you through your thoughts and this card shows that he has sent the angels, to help you, to listen to your new ideas and follow them. These thoughts are the answer to your prayers for divine guidance, so do not reject them as a result of your own imagination. By urging you to select this card, the angels are trying to convince you that you are able to perceive great ideas like all the children of God. This is due to the fact that all great ideas are born in His consciousness. Since the Lord is omnipresent, it is within you and constantly generates new thoughts and ideas right in your head.


Card meaning: You are currently required to pay special attention to your children or the child inside yourself. Maybe very soon in your life there will be new children.

This card signals that God sees your need, to bring the child inside you, to take care of it, to pay attention to it. Or maybe you have time to spend time with your children or grandchildren, or for kids to have fun in the company of adults. It is also possible that you are engaged in a business that deals with children.

Plan your time so that you can let the child's part of your soul manifest and have fun at will. Go for a walk in the park, paint on the asphalt, build a sand castle or sleep if you want.


Card meaning: Everything in your life depends on your intentions. What to do? Try to make sure your thoughts and feelings reflect your true intentions.

If you've selected this card, then the angels ask you to "inventory" your expectations. What do you expect from life today, tomorrow, in the future? These hopes are the seeds of your intentions. Intention means that you set a goal and intend to realize it.

From intentions experience is born. The angels ask you to carefully choose your goals and fulfill them with love. Visualize yourself and other people happy, successful, and calm. By sticking to highly spiritual intentions, you help yourself and others. Angels ask you to replace negative thinking habits with positive - for that, you just have to turn to God for help.

New perspectives

Card meaning: New opportunities open up to you so you can forget the mistakes of the past and start your life clean!

Enjoy everything new in your life: new opportunities, new people, or new work. The angels know that change can be stressful, and so encircle you with extra love and care. Turn to God in a difficult situation - He will give you confidence and provide you with energy so that you can enjoy the new beginning.

Sometimes we stick to the old, because it is well known to us. With this card, the angels ask you to find a new approach to life. Perhaps, they will teach you to look at things differently or learn some new skills. Whatever the new ventures in your case, give yourself the opportunity to expand your horizons and learn something new!


Card meaning: The conflict that bothered you is settled. Know that you deserve peace of mind and happiness. Accept them with gratitude.

A beloved child of God, peace and harmony live in your heart. This card has been selected by you as a sign of the harmony that has been sent to you. Stop looking at the situation that worries you as a problem-look at everything with the eyes of the angels. Thus, you will be able to see the beauty and light that always shines in every person.

By accepting the angel's point of view, you yourself become a terrestrial angel and in a miraculous way, you will improve all your relationships with others. Conflicts will be solved by themselves, revealing a fresh and new truth to everyone and everything.


Card meaning: Angels call you with all their soul, immerse yourself in beautiful music. It raises your spirit above earthly care and fills your thoughts with Divine Love.

God has sent the angels to help you be healed with the help of music. If you have selected this card, then it is not enough in your life. Whatever you do, include quiet music as background and in general, sing more often.

It is also possible that this card is an indicator of your musical talents. Perhaps you have recently felt a desire to compose music, to learn to play some instrument or to create your own orchestra. Maybe these ideas are inspired by angels who see your talent. They know that you can use your abilities to serve other people. In this way, they are asking you to become an earthly angel by moving your musical talents.


Card meaning: Get rid of anger and feel free and healed.

You do not have to forgive mistakes, but if you forgive a person, you will find peace. You have many negative emotions and the card calls you to cleanse your soul. The angels understand that these feelings can be fully justified, but they ask you to see what a high price you are paying for accumulating all this anger. Get rid of all the pain and anger of the past. When you forgive yourself and others, your karma is cleansed from the burden of past mistakes.

You will love the love in your heart and the lightness of your spirit. Ask God to free you from pain, anger and guilt, and he will remove the burden from you.


Card meaning: Meditation is very important to you at the moment. In general, you have to meditate more often.

When you are calm, you will better hear the voices of the angels. With this card, they ask you to calm your mind. To do this, when you wake up in the morning, stay in bed for the first five minutes with your eyes closed and breathe deeply.

Talk to God and then carefully listen, what message will be sent to you. Do not strain - otherwise the answer will slip away. On the contrary, fully relax and keep breathing deep. Say to yourself that it is normal for you to communicate with God, and that is natural to you. The more you relax your mind, the easier it will be to hear the answer.

Answer to prayer

Card meaning: Do not be afraid, your prayers are heard.

Your prayers always find an answer. Sometimes you just do not notice it because the answers can take the most unexpected form. For example, you have a premonition or a sudden book falls off the shelf. The angels often, transmit the answers to your prayers in such an unusual way, inspire you with some ideas or offer you new information. If you've selected this card, then the angels call you to look around.

Pay attention to everything you hear, talk, think or feel. Do not miss this help sent to you. Obligingly accept it and thank God. You have earned this help and in many cases, God, will send you the necessary people to help you in answering your prayers.

Spiritual Growth

Card meaning: Enjoy! A period of rapid spiritual growth begins in your life.

You can now experience mixed feelings: confusion, delight, fear, surprise. You like the renewed relationship with the Divine world and would like to read, study, meditate for days. At the same time, you worry about how this spiritual growth will affect your life. How will your new searches affect your work, your family, and your relationships? These worries create a fear that can reject the joy that the study of spiritual things carries with them.

Discard fears! Believe that God supports, loves and guides you every second. Do not worry how your future will harmonize with your growth. Believe that the same power that leads you to spiritual growth will take care of everything else. After all, God maintains the whole universe, and cares for you too.

Guardian angel

Card meaning: The guardian angels want you to understand that they love you very much. Their love is unconditional and comprehensive.

You are not alone. This card is like a love message from the guardian angels who want to tell you, "We are close to you! We will never leave you, and we will never leave." Your guardian angel- says you deserve his help and attention. Nothing you thought, said or did, can repel your divine assistants away from you, never condemning you for mistakes, the angels exist for that purpose to help you grow spiritually and help others.


Card meaning: You are in touch with your angels. Trust them.

With this card, the angels confirm that through your own feelings, dreams, visions, inner voice and intuition you really hear them and these are not hallucinations. Are you listening to these angelic messages? Are you following them?

If you suddenly have the desire to call someone, go somewhere, read something, it is important to follow these internal impulses. With this card, the angels ask you to give up all doubts about the Divine guidance. Know that you really communicate with Heaven and rejoice in these messages.


Card meaning: You are allowed to use force, but in order not to harm yourself or others, it must be combined with love.

The whole power of the Creator is within you. The whole power of Divine Love and Wisdom is at your disposal. You have the ability to see the angels and the future, and you also have the intelligence to know the universal wisdom of the Divine Mind. Thanks to your emotional power, you are able to cope with other people and your psychic power is truly infinite.

Angels ask you to drive away all the fears associated with the use of force. They see your true power radiated by Divine Love. Allow yourself to shine with this love so that your true power can accomplish miracles.


Card meaning: Changes will take place in your relationship with your friends. Try to be honest with yourself and others and appreciate the healing effect of true friendship.

You are changing not only internally but also your social life is changing. In addition, your relationship with friends is changing. Perhaps you are worried because you no longer have common interests with your friends.

Changes in your relationship with friends are natural, but angels ask you not to worry. Maybe you will soon have new friends. Friendship is a two-way process, listen with interest and answer openly. This approach will improve your relationships. Talk to God, with the help of prayers that involve meditation and listening to intuition. You should always be open for communication. Build a bridge to understand the hearts and minds of people. Ask God to develop a higher level of communication with you.

Divine times

Card meaning: Pay attention on the doors that open and close in front of you. Go to these doors that open and take lessons from situations where doors are closing in front of you.

Be prepared for unexpected events and make the most of every opportunity you are given. Wise angels offer you to get rid of all the habit that does not allow you to go forward. Do a variety of things and watch your life with interest.

If the road ahead is complicated, act as if you are exploring a "dark and not familiar" place. Ask God to illuminate your path and carefully observe the signs and signals that indicate where and how to walk. Take the unknown with enthusiasm and courage. These qualities possess magnetic properties and will attract favorable opportunities for your career, and will also add desire in your relationship. Angels inspire you, move forward with expectation and hope.


Card meaning: The card says you are surrounded by supportive and powerful spiritual mentors and of course God takes care of you and helps you. Angels envision, guide and love you.

If something does happen to you, the angels will immediately intervene, warn you and protect you. If you are afraid, they will comfort you. If you are confused, they will tell you what to do. You are not alone and you should not be afraid and you have lost your nerves - your aides are nearby! Look around and you will see that your colleagues constantly support and help you. Angels call you, more often to communicate with God. When it is difficult and scary, mentally turn to him for help and you will soon see evidence that he is always up to you and helps you. If you have any doubts, ask yourself and God will help you break up with your fears.


Card meaning: Your dreams are about to become reality.

Your wishes may not be fulfilled exactly as you wanted, but ultimately the reward will be exactly what you expected - a sense of peace, security and happiness. Ask God to help you keep faith, in your ability, to achieve your goals. Having such faith, you are capable of everything with the help of God!

Every thought materializes and the process of this materialization is as follows: a divine idea is born first, then it is associated with your feelings. If it is a feeling of love and care, then the foundation of its realization is laid.

Body care

Card meaning: Angels remind you of the need to take care of your physical body. You are asked to eat properly, exercise regularly, and purify your body from toxins.

Through this card, the angels ask you to pay attention to your physical body. Perhaps, you are opposed to this recommendation, and angels do not for the first time raise this issue. They remind you that the body is like a musical instrument that requires tuning so that music - your spirit - sounds harmonious.

Angels know that if you follow their instructions, you will feel great. The increased level of energy and the feeling of happiness are your reward for following their instructions. They will help you find time and motivation for sport, get rid of bad habits, gain new joy in life that comes with purifying the physical body and caring for it.


Card meaning: Angels love to play and have fun! They call you more to enjoy because they know that entertainment is not a luxury but a necessity.

Angels know that you have many responsibilities in life, for which you need time, money, and other resources. Using this card, the angels want to remind you that regular doses of entertainment can help you achieve your goals. You may claim that you have no time, money or power to delay. The angels, however, assure you that entertainment is an excellent form of investment as they immediately pay dividends.

Have fun and laugh, relax. In this state, you become more receptive to new ideas, spiritual ties, divine teachings and energy. Thanks to the new ideas and the accumulation of energy, you will be able to realize your goals faster. In addition, your merriment attracts to you many wonderful people who can help you. Your positive attitude towards the world opens up new opportunities for you. Looking at life this way, you just will not be able to afford to go without entertainment.