Angel of Love

Your faith or capacity to merge with something Higher in life nourishes your sense of identity and willingness to be who you are. You can appreciate Union, while retaining personal individuality. Your yearning for infinite love and beauty may tempt you toward escapism if the "real world" seems imperfect or ugly. Or, you might fall into savior/victim (rescuer/enabler) scripts, seeking to be everything to someone, or expecting another to bring you "heaven on earth."

 Angel of Relationship

You are apt to identify with relationships, to learn about yourself through interactions with others. Having a partner is more important to you here; you make it a priority. You are working on the balance between personal and interpersonal needs. The challenge is to share the power equally with someone else, neither demanding everything on your terms, nor giving in totally to someone else’s preferences. Taking turns will help to keep a balance.

 Angel of Care

This card highlights the balance between self assertion and self-sacrifice. Your personal needs may conflict with a desire to rescue, to save and to succor. You may not be sure when to look after yourself and when to take care of the universe. You probably give too much to others on occasion, and expect too much from them at other times. You might act impulsively against your intuition, but with practice can tune into your inner wisdom and be "led" to do the right thing.

 Angel of Inspiration

You need to become personally active in a quest for infinite love and beauty. This could include involvement with philanthropy or compassionate activities. It could include artistic endeavors, especially grace in motion. It would include idealistic pursuits which strive to improve the world. You need to be personally inspired and inspiring.

Angel of Ideals

This card accentuates your desire to act in support of your ideals and goals. Your personal action may further a philosophy, religion or spiritual quest. Your ideals affect what you do and how you see yourself. Moral probity and a high standard of ethics are probably important to you . You may expect a lot of yourself, wanting to measure up to a high standard (but sometimes afraid your standard is too high). You truly want to be the best, to do your best.

Angel of Power

Your desire nature is in focus; you probably prefer immediate gratification. You may be impatient, or subject to irritation and anger. Regular physical activity (sports, working out, etc.) is advisable to release any pent-up energy. You will detest being confined or held in. You can be quite independent and are likely to have a strong sense of personal rights.

 Angel of Protection

You can working on the balance between independence and closeness. You are likely to identify with nurturing, caretaking, security or protection. Home and family will probably be important to you. However, you may choose to nurture only in your own way, on your own terms. This might mean sometimes you are alone in your parenting role. Another option is dependency, where you directly look for others to care for you. Generally, you will seek situations where you can be independent as well as emotionally involved.

Angel of Home

This card highlights efficiency issues in your home. One person may be doing all the work, feeling burdened, frustrated and alienated. Perhaps someone is compulsively neat, picky, or unconsciously running to illness to escape working. Others might then work harder to pick up the slack. In such cases, the work attitude (critical, flaw-finding) can easily slip into close emotional attachments. Know when to accept people and situations as they are, and when (and how) to seek improvements.

Archangel Raphael

A focus on health or healing may be significant in your life. Your work might involve basic security, food, shelter, clothing, land. You might work out of your home, make your home into a job, feel pulled between domestic and vocational demands, or work in a family business. You can be quite organized and precise in your home environment and might do too much for others (especially if you do not trust other people to be as thorough, dedicated or correct as you can be). Criticism or nitpicking might be an issue with those you love (from you to them or from them toward you). Your fix-it orientation could be constructively directed toward repairs in the home or a practical approach to family matters which does not diminish warmth and caring.

 Angel of Service

Your willingness to work hard is an asset in your home. Your family might assist your work. Service is important to you. Your concern for accuracy can enhance your handling of domestic duties. Your determination to do things well enhances your home environment. Nurturing figures might serve you in a mentoring role. You may have skills at domestic organization. You are likely to be responsible in regard to family matters. You can be sensible about emotional needs.

Angel of Support

You have a good instinctive balance between caring and common sense. Family members may support your vocational ambitions. You can be quite responsible and may be very dedicated to your home. You are probably practical and realistic about emotional needs. A feelings for plants, protection or sustenance is likely. Your good craftsmanship (determination to do things right) is an aid in family relationships. You can be quite warm, helpful and supportive with family members.

Archangel Uriel

You can make an integration between the desire for security, roots and emotional closeness with the urge to take risks, change things, be independent. You can harmonize friends with family, and feeling commitments with intellectual freedom. You can keep room for both stability and change, security and risk. Your innovative, individualistic side can creatively contribute to your domestic life and your emotional attachments and caring involvements provide a secure base for your insights, brainstorming and inventiveness.

Angel of Options

Remember that you are in control of your own life. By focusing on positive options, you can help bring them into being. Negative possibilities need not occur. (And some patterns are expressed only on the inner level anyway.) Full awareness of your options can help you to live the highest and most fulfilling sides of your current patterns.

 Angel of Faith

Faith is a central issue. Trusting in the Ultimate Goodness of the universe allows one to move forward, to evolve toward perfection--without demanding the we arrive today (or even tomorrow). The quest for infinite love and beauty can be an ongoing activity, as long as we do not insist on having "arrived" at a particular moment. Inspiration and upliftment (through art, nature, healing activities, etc.) refresh the soul and leave you ready to do more to bring your visions into manifestation.

 Angel of Imagination

Your focus is on a quest for Cosmic Union--Oneness with the Whole. This can be experienced through great art, through nature, through assisting others, or other activities which provide a sense of connection to Life. Your intuitive side is highlighted; psychic insights are more likely (so is wishful thinking). Extra sensitivities are probable, whether physical, emotional and/or spiritual. With high ideals a current focus, you need a beautiful dream of some sort. Use your inner wisdom and imagination to help bring your dream into being.

 Divine Direction

You may feel a strong need to follow values and ideals more truly yours. You could winnow out and eliminate ideas and concepts which come from parents, the culture or other sources. You are likely to work toward firming your own sense of moral principles and life ethics. Your perspectives on life become more truly your own. This may entail some shifting and adapting of your perspectives. Areas which are candidates for examination include sensuality, sexuality, financial habits.

Angel of Feelings

This card suggests inner harmony and highlights your emotional nature. You are likely to be dealing a lot with strong feelings. This can be a period where intense emotions are a focus for much attention. You are capable of incredible warmth and caring now. You may have to strive to balance between your need to express outwardly what you are feeling versus an instinct to hold back and hold in for safety (so you are not hurt or do not hurt the feelings of others). You could experience some mood swings (up with elation, down with caution), but are generally likely to relate with depth and intensity to those around you.

Angel of Change

This card indicates possible changes in your life structure. You may decide to alter how you act, your domestic environment, your relationships, or your career. It is also possible that outer events may trigger changes in any of these areas. The challenge is to find a way to express all your different needs: freedom, dependency, nurturance, equality and competent control. You may feel as if you have to choose between concentrating on yourself, your home life, your partnership or your career. The goal is to be able to do some of each, without sacrificing any of the others.

Archangel Gabriel

This card shows a mental emphasis, an increasing involvement with the world of ideas. Often, an active and articulate tongue is suggested as well. People and social interactions are a part of the current focus. The suggestion is that you need a lot of mental stimulation, communication, information exchange and interactions with others now. Detachment, logic, rationality and a lighthearted approach are all likely at this time. Theorizing and dealing with abstractions may come more easily to you. You can thrive in an intellectual atmosphere.

Angel of Intelligence

Your current need for mental stimulation and challenges might be directed primarily toward your work, your relationships, your sense of self, etc. Variety and involvement with new ideas could be very important. The focus is on the intellect, the gathering and dissemination of concepts, ideas and information. Teaching, learning, traveling and experiencing can all be forms of gathering more knowledge. Your mind will tend to be always active. Thinking may be quite sharp and you could be articulate as well. If other people live out some of the mental focus for you, they might go to the extreme of being too scattered, superficial, logical, detached or inclined to rationalize everything.) Curiosity is apt to be strong. Use your head!

Angel of Freedom

This card indicates a strong focus on freedom and independence. You may feel an intense need to be yourself, original, unique and not like anyone else. You might want to go your own way this year, and may be reluctant to be tied down. You may seek liberty and avoid restrictions or even commitments. When the freedom theme is centered mainly around work, it can lead to quitting or getting fired to escape the frustrations of feeling hemmed in vocationally, or to becoming selfemployed, or choosing a boss who does not closely supervise, or choosing fields with lots of activity, variety, newness, challenge, innovation and self-direction. If your urge toward freedom is directed into beliefs, you may explore new philosophies or change your values.


This card indicаte desire to want more than is possible during this period. Where the Infinite is the standard, how can anything measure up? You can easily idolize, perhaps ending up disappointed or disillusioned. Sometimes we have to lose whatever (or whoever) we have placed on a pedestal in order to realize that it—a relationship, a job, a child--is not the Infinite for which we yearn. Where relationships are involved, the issue of expectations is paramount--the expectations we have of others, of ourselves, of the relationship, and the expectations others have of us. The goal is to be able to see the best in one another, but not to expect that fairy-tale endings will occur without effort. Pray to get angelic support.

Spiritual Growth

People need something to reach for, a goal, an inspiration. Your challenge is to look for a sense of ecstasy, a connection to something Higher, an ultimate understanding, through areas of life that are infinite (such as nature, religion, beauty, spiritual endeavors), and not expect godlike perfection from yourself, your loved ones, or limited parts of your life. Aim high, but enjoy the journey!

Angel of Knowledge

Learning through other people is likely. This can include comfortable peer exchanges with mutual pleasure and sharing, or competitive game-playing to see who can get one-up on the other. Observing and interacting with other people is a recurrent thread. You may feel an interpersonal focus in your work (e.g., personnel work, consulting, counseling, the law, hostessing, more teamwork, etc.), or in relationships (children, partners, etc.). A strong sense of justice and fair play is likely to be now highlighted.

Angel of Creativity

There is an increased focus in your life around issues of mental stimulation, variety, curiosity, or "fix-it" talents. You may use or develop more mechanical skills now, or enhance your ability to analyze. Your mind may work more rapidly than usual, or your dexterity might be enhanced. Flexibility, good sense and the capacity to put your mind to work successfully are highlighted.

Angel of Self Expression

Your desire for emotional assurance may be challenging the current balance between you and others. Perhaps you feel torn between assertion and accommodation, or unsure when to express one versus the other. Perhaps your family duties take you away from partnership or cut into your time for self-expression and self-development (and vice versa). A complete life needs room for each, but working out a equitable divisions may not be easy. Giving and receiving emotional support is extra important now. Be willing to nurture and be nurtured.

Angel of Balance

You may feel as though your practical and emotional sides are at odds with each other. If you focus too much on work and "efficiency," you could end up feeling alienated from people close to you. If you are too concerned with emotional attachments and safety, your capacity to do things well, to be practical and accomplish, might suffer. By taking turns, you can do your best in both areas and help create mutual support between your job and your family or other sources of emotional support.

Angel of Optimism

Your faith may offer inspiration and optimism for dealing with family and emotional matters. Or your close relationships may help you realize your highest dreams and goals. This is a time to clarify your values since your odds are good that you can move successfully toward them. Ideals may improve your domestic connections and emotional warmth may enlarge your perspective on life.

Archangel Michael

You may find it easy to put your energy into assisting or caretaking activities. Parenting themes are accentuated; this might be more involvement with your own parent(s), your role as a parent or a general tendency to look after others emotionally and practically. The potential is strong for warmth, protective instincts, and a family focus. You might polarize between expressing emotions and holding back, between playing it safe and taking chances or between a protective, private focus and a public role with the potential for applause/admiration. Loved ones may be an important focus of your attention. Feelings are likely to be strong, with the potential of much caring and strong attachments.

Angel of Friendship

Your need for emotional security may encourage your desire for love,friendship, admiration and attention; your procreative/creative urges, or your expression of emotional warmth. The friendship and family ties are highlighted; family feelings may be strong. You may be working on the balance between freely expressing your emotional reactions, versus holding back to protect yourself or others.

 Angel of Beauty

Your need for emotional assurance may amplify your natural charisma, beauty and dramatic instincts, your selfesteem or desire for recognition from others. Your capacity to create may be highlighted. Zest, enthusiasm and confidence are calling for expression along with protectiveness, nurturing and security needs. You will be balancing public and private roles; excitement and safety needs.

Angel of Mercy

Your desire for emotional comfort is in focus now, with the potential of stronger, deeper connections to others. Your caretaking tendencies may be accentuated, along with your capacity to be vulnerable and accept assistance from others. A reasonable blend allows for interdependency, and a strengthened emotional support system. Although you may sometimes feel pulled between demanding too much and giving in too much to others, the general trend is toward balance and a good capacity to share equitably with others.

Angel of Harmony

You have the potential to harmonize thinking and feeling, to bring together your head and your emotions. A balance between logical detachment and an emotional drive for safety is quite possible. You can be more objective in the realm of family, and you can include important feelings in your decision-making. Current interests could range from studies or writing to travel or developments in the neighborhood.

 Angel of Life

If peace is not made between exploration and exactitude, you might express one extreme, while someone around you manifests the other. Or, you could bounce between the two. You need to integrate your freedom needs with your desire to achieve tangible results. Frustration in the work could lead to wanting to break loose and break free, but too much independence and rebellion reduces accomplishments. A middle ground usually works best. If you are feeling pulled between your work obligations and your social life with friends, compromise is still the name of the game.

Angel of Nurturance

Balanced expression of this card includes both caring for others and allowing others to care for you. Nurturance and dependency are both essential, but a balance is needed between them. Your intuitive faculties are more sensitive. You are more open to feelings and can do some important development in the arena of emotional attachments.

Angel of Fate

Remember that you have personal power (and responsibility) for your life. This card show potentials and possible paths. Each of us needs to choose what seems most affirming and helpful at any given point in our lives. We have control over our attitudes (toward what happens) and we can also choose to change a direction if the road ahead looks rocky. The more fully we understand our prospects, the more wisely and satisfyingly we can choose!

 Angel of Career

You want your career to be more personally gratifying. This could range from wanting to enjoy more of what you do, seeking a bigger paycheck, or adding an artistic component to your work. If you’ve been overworking and/or underpaid in the past, you are apt to really feel the deprivation now. Take steps to increase your satisfaction in your productive activities. You need to enjoy your responsibilities--or at least the fruits of your labors. Satisfaction comes through tangible results. If you like your work, this period might bring great success.

Angel of Energy

A strong need for physical activity as well as for new and unique self-expression are highlighted. Good outlets include sports, outdoor activities, dancing, dramatic and risk-taking enterprises, etc. Depending on your personal values, you might be tempted to risk too much, to assume that you have the power to do whatever you please. If your self-esteem has not been developed in the past, you might use this period to build your self-confidence.

Angel of Family

Your inclinations are apt to flow toward close and caring connections. You may be strongly involved with a partner and/or family. Your equalitarian and parental (caretaking) roles will be easier to balance; you know when to give and when to receive support. An appreciation of or creation of beauty can also add to your emotional assurance.

Angel of Children

You may be concerned with children, pets, plants, food, or home and possessions. On a wider scale, you may be involved with the public, with your homeland, with life (ecology) etc. Try to allow interdependency, so that you can both give and receive nurturing support. You are likely to be more sensitive during this period, whether more aware of your own emotional needs or empathic, feeling the needs of others. Stay in touch with your unconscious. Dreams are one of the effective ways to become conscious of inner tensions and anxieties so at least a start can be made on handling the problems.

 Angel of Dreams

Intuitive perceptions are closer to the surface at this time. You may have richer dreams, visions, fantasies. You can tune into the unconscious, and may be inspired by your Higher Self. But psychic openness can also be experienced as vulnerability. Faith in a higher power is essential during this period, to counteract the danger of anxiety or depression over the contrast between high ideals and actual life. You seek an atmosphere of beauty and grace, of harmony, and peace.

Angel of Miracles

You may bounce between too much idealism and too much realism, between excessive compassion and too much pragmatism. Your magical, mystical, visualizing capacity may not seem to fit into the "real world" yet you need to combine intuition and reality-testing (material proofs). Your imagination can contribute to your vocation.

 Аngel of Оriginality

Your originality can contribute to your home. Your family may contribute to humanitarian or new age causes/principles. Your feel for the future may enhance your domestic environment. The "cutting edge," technology or progress could substantially improve your home. The unexpected may contribute to your family matrix. Your inventiveness may aid relationships with parents or your own skill in the parent role. You can be objective and detached about your home and family connections. You can bring together the old and the new for best results.

Angel of Blessing

Even in the darkest of times in our lives, the windows of heaven are open and showering an abundance of blessings upon us! No matter what we face, we are never alone. Tune into the energy of this angel and ask to be shown the blessings that are waiting for you to discover them!