Yearly horoscope 2021

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11.23 - 12.22



2021 promises to the representatives of the zodiac sign Sagittarius many moments of luck and excellent chances for development in almost all areas of life that they consider significant for themselves. The potential of this period will be so great that most of you will be able to get significant results with relatively little effort and often even in a shorter time than expected. Such a significant astrological positivity will be available to you due to the influence of the harmonic aspects of several planets simultaneously. Thus, Saturn, remaining in Aquarius all year round, forms a favorable sextile to your natal Sun. This is the key to success in activities where you can demonstrate your leadership skills.

This will be especially relevant if you show generosity and listen to the recommendations of people who are more experienced or at a higher level in the social hierarchy. For most of the year, Jupiter will be in the sign of Aquarius, from where it will also form a sextile to your natal Sun. This means that you will experience moments of karmic luck, discovering new opportunities and you will also get a chance to expand the scope of your personal influence. You may experience some tension during Jupiter's stay in Pisces. In this position, it is desirable to control your ambitions, suppress the feeling of selfishness in yourself and try to be as responsible as possible.

In 2021, Jupiter will be twice in the sign of Pisces - from May 14 to July 28 and then from December 29 to 31. In addition, Jupiter can create certain difficulties for you during the period of its retrograde motion, which is expected from June 20 to October 17. But you should not be afraid of something critical during these few months. You only need to remember a few recommendations to minimize the risks. The first is - do not be lazy. The less time you spend idle and the more useful work you do (but without waiting for an immediate result), the more significant the results will be. The second is - do not get into conflicts without good reason (including not judging anyone). Third, reconsider your own life priorities.

Timely resolution of the most pressing issues will mean overcoming fundamentally significant karmic obstacles. And "on time" in this case means exactly during the period of retrograde Jupiter. It is especially necessary to note the period that will occur during a solar eclipse. It will take place on December 4 in the constellation Sagittarius. In the week around this date December 1-7, there will be an opportunity for renewal and drive in key life issues.

Career and finance

Professional success for your sign is more than likely. Saturn in Aquarius will provide everything you need for this. One of the important conditions for career success is the willingness to listen to the advice of knowledgeable and experienced people. It is recommended that you consider all possible options for external assistance. Of course, you don't have to constantly try to involve someone in your work. But if you are offered help, it is definitely not worth denying it. During Jupiter's stay in the constellation Pisces, do your usual tasks, but do not start new projects and do not go on long trips.

Another limitation for these periods is not to show that you are incompetent on any issues. Even if something is not clear or you do not know, it is advisable to look for answers yourself and try not to make it known to the others. But in cases where someone offers you useful advice or help, you can and should take advantage. Those who have their own business can count on a noticeable improvement in their business. This will be taken care of by Pluto, which will be in the constellation Capricorn throughout 2021.

Some will receive compensation for previous losses, which will help raise your project to a higher level, others will find a successful source of resources for doing business. And to increase the chances of such a development, you need to carefully hide your own trade secrets. The financial situation will probably not be very stable. But this will not be associated with a reduction in income. You just won't be able to save extra. Plus, you will have a tendency to make spontaneous purchases. And yet, almost all of you will be completely satisfied with your material well-being.

Love and Family

In 2021, for the representatives of the zodiac sign Sagittarius there are many rosy prospects in love, but it will not be easy to reach them. This period will require some stress from you if you want to change something. If you are completely happy with your current relationship, then you should not focus on this side of your life at all. On the other hand, you won't be able to return to missed opportunities later, so think twice. Family members are advised to better control their emotions, otherwise difficult situations await you at home. On the other hand, it is an experience that will make you stronger and help you understand a lot.

Many of you who already have a partner will have to make a thorough revision of your relationship with your loved one. Eventually, you will achieve an improvement in the emerging union, which will acquire outlines that are much more convenient for both yourself and your partner. Some of you will eventually realize that their relationship has outlived its usefulness. If this happens, you should definitely not be upset, but part with your partner as calmly as possible. Because in this case, you can soon expect a new romance, which will be more successful and promising. The best time to end a relationship will be October-November. Although, if circumstances force you to do otherwise, there is no need to resist.

Single people can be more relaxed if they like it. It will only benefit you. In any case, you will get enough chances for a fateful date. It will be possible to do it at different times. One of the most probable periods for this will be May - August. You will surely make a successful acquaintance for future personal happiness during these few months.

The married will spend this year calmly. Some everyday problems may bother you, but they probably won't be critical to family life. Something important in your personal life can happen in the first week of December, which will be related to the solar eclipse. In the lives of the singles at that time, a person may appear with whom they will strongly connect. Those who have already met their love may decide to get married during these 7 days.

Luck and Health

This year you will definitely be able to count on a happy coincidence. But to a greater extent, success will depend on your ability to plan and not be afraid of the pressure of circumstances. The period will be successful in terms of achieving ambitions. However, you will not always be able to achieve what you want on your own. Sometimes circumstances will require you to do it with others. This year may be auspicious for expanding your social circle. You will probably want to meet new people. Communicating with them can be useful in the future. If you have not found your special person, then there is a high probability that you will fall in love during the first three months.

Obviously, in 2021, you will not have major health problems. Of course, few of you will be able to achieve perfect health and maintain it for a long time. However, you definitely should not be afraid of something critical. Some problems can occur due to stress. But nowadays, this is hardly surprising. As a result of this various pathologies can develop. Therefore, in terms of emotions, try not to exceed the set limit. To quickly overcome the consequences of such problems, it is recommended to change the situation by moving away from home and changing your usual lifestyle.

In this case, you will be able to rely on the energy assistance of Neptune, which in 2021 will be in the sign of Pisces. Among other things, it is advisable to protect your lungs. During the autumn-winter season, there is a risk of developing more severe colds. Therefore, in this case, both prevention and careful treatment of your body during the transition from winter to spring and during the winter cold are welcome.

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