Yearly horoscope 2021

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10.24 - 11.22



In 2021, the representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio will face some energy instability. The positive and negative astrological influences emitted by the constellations and planets will alternate, creating at the same time fundamentals for positive dynamics in your deeds or certain difficulties. For example, Jupiter in the constellation Aquarius will square your natal Sun and may contribute to the appearance of some obstacles on the way to the desired goals. But on the other hand, a distinctive feature of the influence of this planet is the lack of obvious external obstacles. Jupiter in this capacity is more likely to contribute to the emergence of internal contradictions.

At such times, you will usually not be able to deal with your own selfishness and stubbornness. Throughout the year, you will have to fight with such manifestations of your nature. On the other hand, periodically passing into the sign of Pisces, Jupiter forms a trine to your natal Sun, which brings good luck and favorable opportunities for personal and social development. This will be the situation for about three months in the spring and summer (May 14 - July 27) and in the second half of December. Tense aspect will also be created by Saturn squaring to your natal Sun. This will be expressed mainly in surprises that can force you to change your plans or postpone any work.

Part of Saturn's problematic influence can be corrected. This planet welcomes the hard work and perseverance in moving towards the set goals. Therefore, those who do not succumb to laziness, refrain from momentary impulses and moods, will see Saturn not so much as a harsh critic and source of problems, but as a loyal teacher leading to constructiveness and usefulness (true, often through difficult circumstances).

In many ways, 2021 is a time to summarize and seek answers to key questions. Most of you will be pushed to this by Pluto, your planetary ruler. It is advisable to take enough time for such things to stabilize some of your achievements and to purify your own mind and soul from what has already lost its relevance. Now is not the time to think about the future or analyze the past, in 2021 live in the present, enjoy happiness and it will certainly come into your hands.

Career and finance

In the professional sphere in 2021, careless attitude is unacceptable. It is desirable to work as much as necessary. If this, of course, does not exceed the limits of common sense. At the same time, you don't have to do anything, relying on very fast results. You need to be prepared for the fact that in some cases, even the expected results may be delayed or not as significant as you expected. But this should not drive you to irritation or apathy, but to patience and the realization that there will certainly be results, but later.

Next year it is very important to objectively assess your capabilities and resources. Both their overestimation and underestimation are undesirable. You should not allow yourself to criticize and point out. As well as you have to cut off attempts at such bias from others. Flattery and equally unfounded criticism can play a very bad joke on you. You will be able to afford some relaxation (but only in the direction of reassessment) during Jupiter's stay in Pisces. Moreover, at this time, this ease in relation to your own person will allow you to attract energies responsible for luck and realize personal ambitions. By the way, while Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, you need to be as concentrated and attuned to activity and focus as possible. The opportunities that such an astrological situation will provide you must be realized as fully and widely as possible.

 In 2021, it is advisable to take money issues very seriously. Especially during the first months of the year (around January - April). It is extremely undesirable for you, on the one hand, to take on financial obligations, such as loans, and on the other hand, to entrust your own funds to outsiders. Not only is it not recommended to lend money, but also to leave it on deposit. The income level of most of you will be completely satisfactory. The most favorable in this regard, perhaps, will be the summer, as well as December. During these months it is possible the emergence of an additional source of income. Another option is to get a bonus for a job well done.

Love and Family

Many members of your sign will tend to spend their time alone. It's just that most of you will show such an inner need more than usual. But you don't have to fight it. Moreover, regardless of the reason whether you have failed to start a family or are in search of love, you are not satisfied with the circumstances in your own personal life or you are striving for changes in it. Those of you whose lives have some shadows of the past should definitely try to get rid of them.

Outdated connections must be removed, otherwise they could create tangible problems in the future, hampering the development of a new, potentially promising union. Almost all singles in 2021 will get a chance for an interesting date (and maybe not even one). Almost everyone will experience a remarkable romance, which, regardless of the prospects and the period of development, will be remembered as the brightest event in life. As for the prospects, different options are possible here. In order not to lose the opportunity to create a strong union from the beginning of the relationship, you need to draw conclusions and make decisions in cold blood, ignoring the momentary emotions, words and actions of the partner.

The ones in a relationship will go through a year in which the positive and negative events will alternate with enviable regularity. It is true that the good moments in the relationship will be longer. However, by mid-summer you need to be especially careful to control your emotions and words. Now many of your loved ones will be vulnerable, so try to restrain yourself. Moreover, the one who admits his guilt and asks for forgiveness will be many times more valuable to you than the one who stays in his opinion until you literally show him the truth.

 Luck and Health

This year, as mentioned above, will be mixed. As you go through it, you will probably become more energetic, bold, and even able to stick to your plans. The year can be quite progressive, as you will be determined to achieve what you want. There is a good chance that you will get very good opportunities for financial gain. However, revenues may be modest, but sources are likely to be reliable and provide long-term profits.

The year will also be favorable for romantic relationships. If you already have a relationship, this will be a very good year to take your relationship to the next level. The transit of Saturn and Jupiter will bring stability to the relationship. The topic of health will be quite relevant for many of you. You will have to put in a lot of physical and emotional effort for a variety of reasons. And this, of course, does not promote health. Hence the conclusion: throughout the year you should, firstly, spare yourself as much as possible, avoiding systemic fatigue and secondly, pay attention to disease prevention.

What exactly should be expressed in preventive measures, let each of you determine for yourself, because this is a purely individual question. There is only one general recommendation here It would be good if everyone did everything in their power to boost their immune system. Another weak link for most of you will be the digestive system. Diet and nutrition are the priority issues that are recommended to keep under constant control. Otherwise, you will not avoid health problems, which will completely take you out of the normal rhythm of life.

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