Yearly horoscope 2021

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05.22 - 06.21



In 2021, the representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini will be able to achieve a lot. They will be aided by the auspicious aspects of Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in the same sign that will form a trine to their natal Sun. The first means that success will come to you with much less effort than usual and the second - that you will be able to satisfy your daily needs as fully as possible, providing yourself with moments of true mental and physical comfort. Overall, the year will be positive for you and will give you significant opportunities to become more determined and wiser.

These qualities will be acquired by those of you who take the trouble to go through inner evolution. Therefore, in those moments when you need intellectual and mental activity, you should encourage it in every possible way. Throughout the year you will periodically find yourself in very favorable circumstances for yourself, when the problems are solved on their own, things are progressing faster than expected, etc. Jupiter will create a source of positive energies for you. Only in the second half of May (from 14 to 28) and December 29-31, when this planet is in Pisces, it will close the useful energy flows for you. During these short periods of time, it is recommended that you avoid arrogance and evaluation of your own abilities, as well as forget about selfishness and laziness.

In the summer there will be a period when the favorable energies will contribute to the successful implementation of your creative ideas. Therefore, those of you who have a creative hobby that you would like to monetize, it makes sense to think more seriously about this topic after the spring. This is necessary so that you have time to consider and plan everything as carefully as possible. In the summer, try to make your plans come true. There will be a solar eclipse on June 10 in the sign of Gemini. A week around this date - from June 7 to June 13 - can be special for the representatives of your sign. In a completely positive sense. Significant events are possible here both for personal life and for the professional sphere, etc.

In general, the year will be filled with unexpected twists and you will not be able to prepare for many of them. In fact, this is more of an advantage. Gemini is an air sign. This means that this year the circumstances will not push you to one decision or another. You will have enough time to choose one of the potential directions. Many events may surprise you, but try not to react too violently. You are not alone in your views and someone may have a smarter decision. One way or another, in 2021 you will achieve what you want.

Career and finance

Career success is more than likely this year. Moreover, each of you will be able to receive a full set of bonuses, not only an increase or strengthening of authority, but also a significant increase in salary. Although, the big question here is how effectively you will be able to take advantage of this potential. In the end, Saturn - thanks to which in many ways you will have these opportunities - will inevitably force you to pay for the benefits provided. In this case, you must earn your pay with constant hard work and a responsible attitude to work obligations.

At the time when Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, you may encounter various surprises and it is not guaranteed that they will always be positive. Therefore, you should not rely on luck. In addition, during these periods, it is not desirable to start new projects. What is worth doing is to adjust to the need to overcome obstacles and be patient with the circumstances. You should use the same tactics of behavior during the first 3 weeks of February, June and from September 27 to October 19.

During these periods, Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde. Therefore, it is recommended to be extremely calm when it comes to money. At a time when you are short of funds, you should keep in mind that such difficulties are episodic and will be overcome soon enough. When you have a surplus of money, then it is best not to spend it immediately, but to save it. If you force yourself to follow these tips, then you will not have financial problems.

Love and Family

This year in terms of love an unusual period awaits the Gemini. However, you should not expect any special events from it. If you do not decide to change your life yourself, nothing will happen, so act instead of relying on circumstances. Your emotions can bring problems in your personal life only in two situations: if you do not control yourself or if you do not show flexibility when necessary. In general, this is a fairly straightforward period, so you will definitely know when you need to change tactics in dealing with loved ones.

For the singles, the chance to meet their partner will be extremely high. The year is suitable for finding your soulmate. If you take this seriously then the circumstances will definitely help you. Although it is difficult to give guarantees, there are too many variables. And yet for some of you, the year will surely be fateful. If you start a relationship now it will grow into a strong and stable union.

The taken ones who are not yet married are likely to be quite happy with next year. Your feelings will become deeper and stronger, and the relationship will move to a qualitatively new level. It is true that the months from February to March can be somewhat stressful for you. During this period, under the influence of Venus, you can fall in love with a new person. The chances of success of such a flirtation are almost zero, but it is almost certain that you will create difficulties for your current relationship. All this, of course, will be overcome, but it would be much better to limit yourself to such affairs.

The married ones can count on strengthening their relationships and achieving true trust. In practice, this will be expressed in overcoming some disagreements and concluding mutual agreements, etc. It is important to remember what you have set out on this journey and what you want to achieve.

Luck and Health

With the support of Saturn and Jupiter, the year cannot be unfavorable. Thanks to the support of these planets, you will get many opportunities to develop and succeed. You will certainly become more responsible and wiser. You will approach the problems calmly, with confidence in solving them. Thanks to your luck, you will be able to solve even the most complex situations. This will be the year in which you will finally put everything in order and you will be able to complete many of your plans quickly and on time.

As for your health, overall, it promises to be excellent all year round. Of course, small health problems are always possible, but most likely none of them will be problematic for your body. The only risk factor in this case are the poor quality and unhealthy foods and drinks you eat. A small part of one or the other will be enough to create disorders in your digestive system.

It is very important to pay special attention to the week in which the solar eclipse occurs in your sign. Use this time to rest and regain your physical strength. Worries must be kept to a minimum. It is desirable that your daily life is calm, passive. It is advisable to avoid noisy parties changing the environment is desirable and necessary.

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