Weekly horoscope

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05.22 - 06.21


November 29, 2021 - December 5, 2021

The beginning of the week is not a good time to visit entertainment venues, nightclubs and restaurants. Being among a large number of people can lead to an unpleasant story. A clash with aggressive people is not excluded. Moreover, these days there is a risk of financial losses. In order to work more productively, you need to clearly distribute your time, show diligence and dexterity. In the middle of the week, pay attention to your partner and children. Take a trip in nature or go to a concert, theater. Have a festive family dinner. Also, be sure to listen to each other's opinions to choose the best of what your partner has to offer. The second half of the week is much more positive. The relationship with the loved one will flourish. Give your partner complete freedom of action and he will successfully solve all problems. In addition, the time is right for new acquaintances, short trips and learning.

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