The situation in which you are now - flips. There is no progress or open road in front of you, there is a flip. You do not know what awaits you, but there is no other way. It is possible to open for you new perspectives (or have already opened) - get a chance to change your life or some aspects of it. The situation you are interested in, whatever it is, will provide such opportunity. The thing you need now is action and timely and proper behavior: activate yourself - preferably not on high speed. Your "Safety", now would be the best defense.

If you want an advice, it is: be careful on the steep turn. Resist the emotions and try to keep your mind calm and clear vision for "appropriate" reverse of the situation. You have to concentrate in order to make the right decision.


As sad as it can be the thing that you are striving for at the moment can hardly be achieved now. You cannot expect much from this situation now. The outcome is only one: to adapt to current events. Try to accept the people around you and do not try to break the stereotypes of their behavior - it won’t lead to anything. Even if you are right a thousand times, and they are not, do not try to dissuade them – that way you only will dissipate power.

If you do not like someone's behavior, try to understand what motivates this man, what are his inner motives for action. Do not enter into polemics with him, do not make scenes, and do not place ultimatums. Now you are required to show flexibility in the relationship. If you can not bear someone's behavior and you cannot adapt to it; if you cause anger and resentment, it is the best to draw back. The main thing - do not try to take the attack. The circumstances do not favor it.

If the situation for which you are seeking an answer, relates to business field, the recommendations herein are the same. Leave time to take care of it. Remove this problem from your thoughts and for some time try to ignore it. Be soft, no resistance and you will remain intact.

If you want advice, it is: be careful and watch carefully what is happening in the world and yourself - versatility is needed.


This rune is useful for your general life situation. You may soon receive a gift. Perhaps an old friend, who suddenly appears in your life, will give you to find out about him or will simply amaze you. Maybe you will be lucky through this period. If all this has not happened yet, it will happen soon.

However, the appearance of this rune may indicate the following: you have received or will soon receive something that has no material nature. This is - a sign of higher powers, spiritual gift. Listen to yourself: perhaps these days you live in expectation of something beautiful to come into your life. Trust your intuition.

If you ask for advice, runes now advise you to be sensitive and wise to listen to your intuition. If there is anything unusual – definitely pay attention to it; if someone wants to give you advice – listen to it. The world around you will answer your question. Maybe this will be the occasional phrase in conversation, phrase, read in the newspaper accidentally while traveling by metro or bus or image of your dreams. Wait the sign and try to understand it.


For whatever you are guessing, one thing is clear: you are anxious and confused. Many things seem incomprehensible to you and your actions are in vain. Basically, this is the situation. However, try to accept what happens philosophically. Believe that the situation is just what it is, and this is inevitable and timely, and even now if you do not you think so or do not realize it. Your life or your exciting cases go through transition processes and as a rule, they are always painful. But this is a natural stage of development of the person or situation. Often to find or learn something, you have to go through the pain. But then you will become wiser.

The advice which this rune gives you is the following: first, no matter what happens to you, it is necessary for you to overcome depression, it is a bad companion in any situation. Then try to sober look at the situation – probably the previous analysis of the situation have not been accurate. Note that many of the acts committed by you were not reasonable. And most importantly, be grateful for the timely testing of fate - it gives you the opportunity to learn something and to become stronger.


This indicates a period of growth/ success in your life. You feel good, both physically and emotionally. When you are working with people and at your works you are in a phase of progress. Now it is a good time for study, training and development. But do not forget, in addition to favorable circumstances that are necessary for growth, personal efforts are also significant. First, attention will be required – pay attention to yourself and what surrounds you. Proper growth is impossible if it is not reported the situation and surroundings. In nature there are frosts and then too "advanced" trees and plants die. Be careful and reasonable. And try to improve yourself in every situation.

The advice that is given to you is the following: Everything you do, do it well and carefully or do not do it at all. Growth requires a deep and clear understanding of what is happening. Do not force events; do not try to jump over your head. Such amendment requires perseverance and patience. In your wish to improve your character, do not push yourself too much. Old habits do not disappear overnight, obeying your orders.

Start with easy tasks, with a gradual shift towards more difficult. Permanently increase the "load" and confirmed the learned. Praise for your success, but do not allow yourself to relax. Divide the big goal into small ones but perfectly viable real problems. Convince yourself to work less, using every free minute. This is completely within your power. And most interesting is that this strategy will increasingly contribute to growth of convulsive impulses to the desire for instant impressive results.


In this situation, something interferes with your growth. The reason can be both external, not depending on the event, and also - features of your character. Maybe now you feel bad physically or emotionally. If you are asking for relationships with loved ones, you probably have problems and troubles. The position in the business sector also hinders growth. The appearance of such troubles is possible in the future, if now, the events do not seem bad, so be ready.

The advice of this sign: Look for the reasons for the difficulties of growth, do not give in to discouragement. Carefully analyze the situation and - above all - analyze yourself.


Be happy! For whatever you're guessing you need to know: the period of darkness in your life finally ends, a happy event has happened to you is about to happen. Your life finally enters the bright period that you waited so long. Rune could also indicate that it is time to look at the world with new eyes. Remember that all your efforts are not lost in vain, even if at the time it seemed that your good intentions and deeds remain unclaimed and rewarded. All the good that comes from you sooner or later will return. Now it's time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you want advice from higher powers, here it is: let the joy in your life. Do yourself and the people a good deed, what it would be - let your intuition tell.


Situation that you are guessing is complex. Even it can be called a crisis. As the right position rune presages a period of light, so the inverted position says the opposite: the world for you now is sinking into darkness. Perhaps the situation will require sacrifices. Clouds are gathering in your horizon and there may be unfolded thunderstorm. Now you tend to subjectively evaluate the situation, everything in front of you is in black light. Now it is very important to try to look soberly at what is happening around the world. Understand this - it is not stagnant. It is movement in dark water, but you'll need to reach the sunny coast. The only road that leads to the light passes through the crisis that turned out. Let the phrase "Do what you must, come what may" become your motto.

If you want advice, it is: try not to let yourself to doubt, not to let lies and insincerity in dealing with people. Do not jump to conclusions; do not make global assessments regarding your own ideals and the people around you. Try to understand that the temporary absence of light is just to let you learn to see in the dark. And no doubt, you now have the strength for that.


Rune testifies for the partnership in any form. If it is a personal situation, probably, your partner - is exactly the one you can build real relationships. It is difficult to say what will be the relationship - family, love, friendship or brotherhood. But in any case, this guy obviously is seeking an alliance with you. Rune indicates the possibility of sincere and fruitful relationship. If you are guessing about a business situation - you should know that success here is linked to the joint, partnership activities. Look for allies and act with them as a team.

If you want to get advice, here it is: strive to unions – this is now your strength. But do not forget about the freedom of every member of your union! This requires a lot of patience, wisdom and work on you.


In the situation about which you are guessing the rune portends good luck or a long period of prosperity. You already feel it or very soon will feel it. Remove all doubts and the sun will rise on your street. On the other hand, the rune can mark the moment when you can make the transition from "night" in "day" - circumstances highly favorable to it now.

If you are interested in the spiritual path, the rune promises moments of transformation, a breakthrough in the process of personality change. Your efforts were not in vain: in a sense, "quantitative" change escalated into "quality" and it's time for "quantum" leap.

If you want advice, it is: do not be afraid, change is favorable. Proceed with faith and confidence in victory, regardless of external circumstances.


This rune may indicate two things. The situation may bring something new in your life: dating new people; develop a fundamentally different approach to life and people can change your location, go somewhere else. Each situation promises a gradual change for better: the appearance of a new case, developing ideas to improve relations with people. Get ready for change and help - it is favorable.

If you want advice, here it is: change yourself. Only in this case external changes can occur. The subject to change is your lifestyle and relationships with people.


You want to move forward in your situation, but something is stopping you now and you are at a standstill. Perhaps you are going on a trip or vacation. You can relax. Confusion now - it is not your fault and the end of the world has not come. Everything you do (or not do) is properly and on time. Just now a part of the options for you are excluded.

If you want advice, here it is this: Relax. Do not be discouraged if things do not go as fast as you would like.


The situation you are interested in has or will soon have some unpleasant obstacles or delays. You want to move forward, which is understandable. However, let your creative energy is transformed into permanence. You must be patient. Difficulties that you may experience have a beneficial effect and the delay could lead to the necessary impetus for the development of the situation, although it is hard to believe now.

If you want advice, here it is: show some persistence and patience - do not throw away the started job. Do not give up, do not doubt, the necessity of obstacles arises to test you, not to radically reconsider your own views. You have to learn to overcome obstacles, but with your own judgement. It is also necessary to show foresight, perhaps even purely intuitively select the right decisions and prevent undesirable consequences.


Your present or future situation is favorable. In life there is a conclusion of some of your life phases. Your present works have a favorable end. If you have picked this rune, consider that you are lucky. The second aspect of this sign is - get rid of the old and make room for the new. If you do not agree that your situation is favorable, on the contrary, you feel tense and uncertain; probably rune shows a way out of this state of stagnation. You need to clear space for the appearance of the new in your life.

The advice, given by higher powers is the following: focus all your efforts to complete what you are doing now and what you have to finish. If you are confused and lethargic, try to get out of this stagnation in order to get rid of the old and make way for the new.


In general, the situation can be called a latency period of development before revival. For impatient person, hot and always oriented to success it may be difficult in times like these. The lack of clearly defined success the person perceives as a defeat and gets depressed easily. However, it does not worth to get upset. What happens to you can be compared with the awakening of seeds and growth of plants hidden underground until they appear on the surface. Success is still not visible, but you do not stay in one place. There is movement forward!

In the current position in the affairs or relationships with people there may not be specific trouble. Despite that there is not also success. The situation can not put pressure on you; however, the desired results are not present, as well as the realization of the hopes was postponed. All this, as already mentioned, can lead to lethargy and depression. Your intellectual life now probably is not brilliant; the works you are entangled, some of them even began to seem pointless. In fact, success is now unlikely, but not perseveres, be patient - the situation requires it. And remember about growing seeds.

If you want advice, here it is: do not hit your head against the wall, avoid sudden movements and energetic attacks. The slogan "Whoever wants to succeed - succeeds" now can make you a disservice. Rather you should show patience, endurance and flexibility - do not try in any way to influence the situation. Understand the need for some period of waiting, perhaps - even temporary abandonment of the case (for which you are guessing). Do not be unsatisfied with yourself or destiny: what happens to you now is a natural and necessary period of your life. This situation allows you to learn the development of deep processes in anticipation of the forthcoming revival and learn to love these tough but wonderful times.


Expect favorable outcome. However, it is early to rest on your laurels: you are closer to success, but it is necessary to go through all the phases of the cycle, without exception. Here is the ultimate goal - to harvest, which also requires some effort. You can not relax now, otherwise you risk losing everything. Work a little more. Let the knowledge that you are approaching the end, give you strength.

If you want advice, here it is: you did a good job, but bear with little more and you will be rewarded. This case must be brought to an end and it is within your power.


Rune reveals your identity in any aspect of life. You are self-fulfilling in that what you intended and you can only congratulate yourself about this. Do not throw away the work or relationships - your personality is most fully manifested through them. Do not bury your talents in the ground, even if its performance is associated with certain difficulties. Otherwise, you will not know what to do with freedom and soon it will become a burden for you. If you exert efforts, they will be generously rewarded. Maybe soon you will have a new job, to which you will gladly devote your time and energy. And maybe you will meet someone in a relationship that will show your best qualities and talents. Furthermore, rune may indicate success or favorable changes.

Tip: your life will change and very soon what was previously "locked" will become available, Release your hidden talents, let them move to a cause or relationship. Otherwise your good qualities will not find a way out and will become just the opposite, figuratively speaking, to "ferment and sour." If deterrence something in yourself that you think is not good, try to understand how to use this quality "for peaceful purposes." And in any case, do not begin to curse and despise myself - just watch and percept. If you have problems in relationships with someone from the family - try to reveal yourself in this area.


You are experiencing or you are about to experience something unpleasant. Maybe it will be losing a partner, friend or work or end of a loving relationship. Maybe something inside you is falling apart. It's very painful. However, believe that what you have lost is outlived its time and you no longer need it. You will understand this after a while when the pain stops.

The advice of senior forces: throw out what is overshadowing your life. Do not get stuck in old and I do not regret it: in its current form, it is no longer useful to you.


Whatever situation you experience, you can trust that part of you which leads you, which can not be conscious of mind and manifests itself in intuition. It may seem unreasonable, just to cause fear and to lose control of itself. But now the situation is conducive to such behavior. You do not need any evaluations and speculations. If you act according to the brook that flows into you and your own deep rhythms, this will give you a sense of inner peace.

Sometimes the voice of intuition in people prone to rethink everything in all situations and seeking to understand what is happening is subtle. If you are among these people, then maybe intuition, will visit you in your dreams, when your mind is asleep. Try to "talk" with the characters of your dreams, ask them what they want and answer for them. The answers may surprise you much. Sometimes it happens: you have a dream that makes you very excited, evoked strong feelings, special state of your mind - but you do not understand why. Try during the day to "tolerable" the sleep with you, do not lose contact with it. Do not analyze. Stay as long as possible in the mood of sleep, watch the world especially, as if still dreaming the dream and follow its course and act according to its flow. This will be your follow your intuition, which is required in this situation. Otherwise, it follows inevitably tension and internal disharmony.

If you want advice: Imagine that you are adrift on a river, and trust it, feel relaxed, gentle and safely. Now is not the time for reflection and rationalizations.


Collapse is possible. You may be strained, trying to achieve what now cannot be realized. Something with great importance happened to you and you are seeking to get the desired at all costs and inserting your best efforts. But in such a situation collapse is imminent. Internal or external (when something happens to your "obsession," you take it too emotional, neurotic, any failure in your ideas provoke internal collapse. You want so much to get that momentary failure of your plans, you tend to view as a disaster).

No one could act over his/herallocation abilities and powers without expecting retaliation. Your resources are not unlimited. You sacrifice one of your desires other parts of your personality, take their energy and strength of the loan. Try to deal with what you seems so strongly desire. Most likely you have risen your wish in absolute and if you get it immediately and in full, you will not enjoy it. Perhaps it is more prudent to opt out of the foolish goal, but do not forbid to reach it, just realize that you really do not need so much of it.

If you want advice, here it is: try to calm your nervous system - you are on the verge of collapse. You can help yourself with calm and benevolent conversation with yourself.


If you think you can count on recognition of your own merit and demonstrate all your glory, you are wrong. On the contrary, the situation requires you to show personal humility and a sense of humbleness. You should not artificially attract attention. Your love ones and your friends are hardly inclined to honor you right now and your bosses most like are not your fans at the moment. Perhaps even as you think, there is inequitable attitude towards you by someone. Try to do so that it won’t hurt you.

Do not try to counter attack, show flexibility. Just do not turn other people’s aggression, outrage or injustice to your own. Think for a second whether this guy treats you different than the others. Probably he is just that kind of person and his behavior is the same to everyone. If the latter is true, then treat him like the weather. Do not be offended and angry when it rains, the rain wets everyone equally! If such attitude is shown to you personally and you absolutely can not stand it, try to get out of this person and his negative manifestations, figuratively speaking, "hide yourself." You will also have to retreat at work. And another tip: do not let frills. You should refrain from excessive spending money.

If you want advice, here it is: it is not the time now to gather the fruits, strive to thorough analysis and amendment of your own "self". The current period is favorable for calm, rational self-improvement - it will definitely be rewarded on merit.


The situation in which you are now is probably quite unpleasant. Maybe your development had encountered an obstacle. Perhaps you think that someone or something is trying to hinder or hurt you. Analyze and understand the circumstances of the situation - then turn to yourself and see that the current enemy – is no more than a reflection of your inner enemy that does not allow you to develop and move forward. It is necessary to separate and clearly realize this internal enemy in order to protect yourself. It is even better to negotiate with him and to find out what he wants from your personality, why does he harm you and does not let you be happy. Perhaps this enemy is - a legacy of the past way of thinking, based on the children's fears and you can beat him by breaking the momentum of your last courses of action.

If you want advice, here it is: be honest and impartial in dealing with your own "self".


The situation in which you are now clearly is not conducive for work, or for relations. Most likely you are angry with yourself and do not believe in your own strength. However, you should not despair and blame yourself for your own failures. Self-criticism is a valuable asset if it helps you in advance. But manifestation in this situation can only worsen your condition. Spare yourself, it is bad period of your life. Troubles happen to us all, and sometimes it is not your fault. Now it's just such a situation. You might ask why you should go through such a test – you have not deserved it? Probably it is because you have to learn a lesson - not to despair, to show patience and maturity. As for specific recommendations on the situation, it makes sense to wait for better times. It is also desirable to reconsider your too bold plans for a certain period of time - more changes may be required.

If you want advice, here it is: take care of yourself, do not allow yourself to be discouraged and to have a bad mood. If you give freedom of pessimism, people will find your company difficult to stand. You are not able to do anything, especially now. Show restraint and patience and most importantly, do not despair!


If the rune is standing up, it means trouble associated primarily with the outside world, the same rune but reversed clearly shows that the cause of evil is inside you. Try to understand whether your present situation reminds you of something? Probably you have met something like this before - maybe even more than once? If the answer is positive, then try to answer the question how the previous situation is similar to this one? It is possible that the resemblance has almost mystical character - the same details, circumstances and dates. If so, then maybe you need to pay attention to it. However, the most remarkable thing is something else. If you remember your feelings - how they have developed, how they have changed - and compare them with what you experience now, you'll probably find a strange pattern: the past and the current feelings do not differ from one another; only “the décor” has changed.

Inverted rune says that you have already encountered this problem, but it has never been resolved. So again and again it appears in your life. The evil that is inside you, materialize in the outside world. Again here again you face it. Note that there is no point in looking for external enemies. Yes, those who cause you harm, are also to blame. But this is not your concern. You are not able to change them. You can try to punish them, giving vent to their negative emotions. But that will not solve your problem. So, be lenient towards foreign sins and take care of yours.

The advice which higher powers give is the following: Try to better determine the possible cause of domestic evil and to join the fight against it. What happens outside is similar to what is happening from the inside. People always get in their life whatever their sub consciousness is oriented. Also try to avoid the outbreak of negative emotions. Maybe your righteous anger has a reason. But what do you prefer: forever complaining; contends again and again, fall into the same situation, or once and for all to remove it from your life, make the decision. Complaints and anger only rob you from the energy needed to combat domestic evil. Keep your strength.


Your present situation has two sides. If you're interested in relations with someone, then it is possible, it is time to break the relationship. It is always sad, but it's worth to accept it philosophically. You've been together, you have gone somewhere together. Most people have various ways, some of them are destined to be with you until the end, and you are meant to accompany only a few. It hurts, but you have to accept it. You can not make a man because he loves you to become like you, to leave the road and go with you. And you should not do it for anyone. Of course, it's hard to part with those with whom you were close, with who you had moments or longer periods of true intimacy and understanding. But the past will not return. Do not hold it. Rune shows that it is necessary to stop. However, it recommends a reasonable passivity, whatever it is; it should go away by itself. Do not break the bonds, do not make sudden movements. The same applies to business situations.

The second aspect of the rune is associated with property. It is possible for you to win something or even to get heritage. At the moment you may freely and with a significant benefit to dispose of your property.

If you want advice, here it is: let go what should go without experiencing anger or bitterness. Try to let your past with good. In some situations, be ready for acquisitions.


Inverted rune, as well as the upright rune has two aspects. First, your present situation, can force you to obey the conventions of old authorities. Try to resist or later you may regret. If you are afraid of your own incompetence or the opportunity to make a mistake, try to understand that it is better to learn from your mistakes, gain experience than to repeat other people’s mistakes and then bitterly regret. What is right for the person who gives you tips may not be right for you. Be flexible, listen to yourself and do not be afraid to break the rules.

The second aspect is related to the property, possible loss or a detriment.

If you want advice, here it is: Do what you think is right. If you lose - do not worry: you never know what you might lose and what you might win.


Your present situation includes a certain mystery. The person about whom you are asking can reveal himself to you but you might be scared by his side. You may have problems at the work. Your own personality seems so familiar and harmless, may reveal itself in a new incredible light. In the language of psychology, rune symbolizes how your unconscious is trying to connect with your conscious "self" as it will change everything on its way.

Your task now is - seeking contact with your unknowable. Probably only a person who harmoniously combines conscious and unconscious can really find himself. The way of compound with the unknowable is difficult, dangerous and often painful. But if you are not active in seeking this contact, this will affect your unconscious inner world and the events planned in your life will develop in completely undesirable way. You will be doomed to a painful repetition of past mistakes. If you decide to genuine contact with the unconscious, eventually you will be rewarded with dedication, renewal or new life.

The advice which this symbol gives you is - tension without irritation. Do not yell and do not blame for what you will find. Just watch and observe the displayed qualities found in your life. Be accurate, impartial investigators. Conduct an active search to contact the unknowable. It is very important now "right" behavior that is not based on the logic of the conscious "self" (ie your thoughts) and hints of unconscious (your intuition, dreams, insights, etc.).


Now you are in a situation of a timeless (or may soon feel it). What is happening now may subjectively be perceived as a situation "between heaven and earth." The past is dead, and the future has not yet been born. You seem to have fallen off the time and feel lost. The past is usually known and you already know what had led to past events and relationships, and most importantly, the old way of thinking. You may think they were wonderful, but the problem is that they no longer "work", they can not help you move forward. So if you go back to them from now on you will slow down your development. It is important to understand this. At the same time you do not know what and how to think and what to do next. You have absolutely no idea. But despite the confusion, now you can do a lot. Forget about the past and do not think too much about the end result of these actions. Try to live here and now.

If you want advice, here it is: The active reflection of your destiny, the desire to immediately consider and fix everything is unlikely to lead to something. Realize your position of "timelessness" and tell yourself that everything is in order. This will not last forever. It is important to bring into your life a little uncertainty and not hide in, unproductive past. Now when a new future will be born, you will enjoy a new lifestyle. Do not force this process, but do not interfere it as well.

Odin's Rune

Pure rune means two things. First, runes refuse to answer the question, what is the situation that interests you. In all likelihood, just, for some reason, you do not have to know. This does not mean that fate is trying to test, although it is possible, too. Perhaps, looking back at your life, there have been situations that you knew about in advance and you manifested in a different way, not the best possible. Or, knowing makes you unnecessarily nervous. Perhaps in this case, ignorance will protect you from reckless behavior. The second meaning of the rune is: In your life occurs unknown period. In effect enter karmic connections and laws which aim at the moment you are not given to understand. Cooperate, despite what happens internally and be ready for everything - for bad and for good. Do not try to stop the karmic forces and do not grumble against fate.

If you want advice, here it is: adjust yourself and be able to accept what fate has prepared for you. Stock up with courage and humility to the higher powers.


If you analyze the current situation - you know that you're already on your way to something. If you ask about the future – there is a long way in front of you. It is possible – you may build some relationships or may participate in a project. And whatever it is, the rune shows: do not stand in one place and move to the specified purpose. Remember that the road ahead is open - steps boldly.

The advice which the rune gives you: do not interfere - the correct action for you anyway will take place. Rely on the road and the passenger walking on it. In other words, trust on the course of events, and believe yourself. What does this mean? Do not waste time in unnecessary disputes and doubts - just go ahead. Stop people from voices that sound in your head: they prevent you fight and advise you to stop, drift sideways or backwards. And maybe they frighten you with danger and they say this path is not for you. Try to silence those voices, but just in case do not enter into polemics with them - just go ahead. You will be very upset if they manage to throw you off the road.


Perhaps you are waiting for the unexpected, something new, some unknown change - very pleasant or not. Situation (present or future) will require from you possibly significant efforts. Maybe your work will open up new promising prospects, but their implementation will require interventions. If the matter concerns relations with friends and family turned rune could warn about the risk of a serious rift - be careful in communicating.

If you want advice, here it is: be careful in everything, including in everyday life. Be prepared to make efforts to mobilize yourself - it is very important. If you expect something good, it will not be served on a platter. If you are in calm and lazy state, there is a high risk of missing out your luck. Well, if the surprise that awaits you has an unpleasant character, among other things, appreciate your sense of humor!


Your present situation is provoking you. You are called to synthesize your contradictions and to find values ​​- external and internal. And that sense of meaning to fulfill your life. The acquisition of values ​​in the external situation is an integral part of recruitment within you, just as the contradictions and difficulties in our lives, often played just struggle of opposites within us. Our true "self" provides a constant struggle with the forces of internal chaos, showing our victories and defeats in the outside world. That is why people have such a thirst for self-realization in life situations – it is helping to change internally. All this must be realized. For whatever you're guessing try to synthesize the contradictions of your business undertakings or your relationships with people. If you succeed, you will feel confident and your existence - meaningful.

Now you must try to achieve real integrity - because the circumstances are favorable. But also - learn in time to retreat. A true warrior is able not only to fight but to retire before the difficult situation to replenish forces. So if you think that the situation is too tough for you and is wasting your energy - you need to rest. Return to the abandoned hobbies; communicate with family, relatives, old friends. Allow yourself to relax a little in their company, take their love and care.

If you want advice, here it is: Achieve integrity, including for the thing you are guessing. Now it is possible to bring you great satisfaction. Remember also that from time to time you will have to withdraw to a quiet haven to recover. If you react wisely towards yourself, realizing your own strengths and abilities now and quickly give new strength to rush into battle, success is guaranteed.


Everything that happens to you now is extremely important. Rune supposes an active period in your life. Adventures are possible now, strong emotions or important events. If you ask about relationships with people that are already established or formed, they are timely and necessary. If the question relates to the business or an idea – be faithful to them, they will contribute to the development of your personality and destiny. The advice given you by this sign: show perseverance and other martial qualities. In some cases, even favors "frontal attack". Sometimes fortress was conquered by storm, sometimes with hunger. Now is the time to attack. But you must remember that patience - one of those species - persistence.


If you are guessing about relationships with people, it is now possible to experience bitterness and sorrow because of your friends and family separation, disruption of relationships. In this situation, you inevitably lose energy, experience torment and it is possible to torture others. The same can be said when it comes to the business world. Something went wrong, you get angry and lose power. However, you must understand that the loss of energy is a result of your own mistakes or untimely action. It's time to think of how correct your lifestyle is. It is understandable that you are experiencing a dark period in your life: just the time has come to solve internal problems and search for answers within yourself. The external situation has reached alarming proportions, just for you to take in your inner world.

The advice which this sign gives you is the following, do not despair and try to find out if there is something inside you that annoy or disturb others around you. Try not to waste energy in fighting with windmills, ie with negative circumstances and unpleasant people. Take care of yourself.


Your present situation requires reflection. There is no need to do anything until you take a conscious decision. Hurrying now is your main enemy, no matter the situation regarding business or is the relationship with people. The focus should give you the opportunity to analyze your previous experience; otherwise the situation will have adverse development for you.

If you want advice - meditate. Wait. Now there is a great sense to look at the past way - and get rid of it.


Your present situation is complex. You're trying to act, but do it in an external coercion. Or you are afraid to face the truth and clearly analyze the situation. In any case, what you are trying to do now will only worsen the situation. The situation does not depend on you, and still in order to understand the situation you have to think over it.

Advice that you are given using this rune is: do not exaggerate your role in what is happening with you now. Even if you really understand what is happening, it will not help you to influence the course of events. However, analyze and sort the situation: this is the best that can be done now.


A stage in your life ends, and then inevitably starts something new. In your life there is a force that always brings change. The power is the enemy of any stagnation. It causes rejection of old forms of life and creates a new form. Situation about which you are asking the runes, commands a force. Power leads the situation of movement, development and contributes to the establishment and makes it unstable. The old form of existence of the situation is outdated. It must belong to the past. It will happen soon, if not already happened. Just happens the inevitable emergence of a new form of existence of the situation, but that in no case should not feel threatened. All processes for you now are positive. Do not be afraid of changes: they are favorable. Do not be afraid that you lose control over events. Your situation in life just changes shape but will keep the precious former base. The fall of this rune may be evidence of practical success as a result of power.

If you want advice, here it is: do not oppose the changes; do not stick to the old and familiar. Better direct your efforts to support and accelerate these changes. Perhaps your personal relationships will undergo some changes. Maybe your business will be organized in a new way. The power that has come into your life is responsible for this process. Trust it and do not put obstacles.


For some reason the power is now working against your desires and actions. Perhaps you have already suffered setbacks and disappointments, perhaps waiting for you in the future. All of this, of course, is very frustrating, and you can only be sympathized. However, the events in the outside world are simply a reflection of what is happening inside us. Remember that the internal harmony is generating external. On the other hand, a person who fights himself is meeting confrontation with other people in different life circumstances.

Thus, the tips that higher powers will give you are - look inside yourself and find out why your inner strength is in conflict with the outside, and not a single entity. Let your inner strength work for you, not against you.


In the material part of your life now everything is fine. Your financial situation is stable, you are prudent owner, firmly standing on your feet, and your business is on the rise (or all of these benefits will come into your life in a very short period of time if you ask for further development). Your projects have a solid basis in reality; they are not empty dreams and fantasies. So, most likely, your ideas will succeed: they are patronized by the rune of prosperity! Very soon, you will get something valuable and will certainly save acquired.

Your relationships with the people are most likely based on good emotional basis, they are durable, and communicating is peaceful and calm. Your family and friends have stood the test of time (or will if you ask about the future): Your friends are reliable, your love ones - devotees. Your relationships are stable and persistent, although perhaps not as brilliant and romantic as you would like. Perhaps it comes to maintaining (recovery) of old friendship or love.

If you want advice on how to proceed, rune encourages you to concentrate on the physical side of the issue. In the business sector you should not relax and build idealistic plans. You should care for multiplying or in the worst case, protection of property, which currently you own. In the sphere of relations is also welcome realism. Strengthening old ties, build new on a real basis. Now primarily leads the laws of the material world. Look at things clearly. The fate now favors it.


No matter what situation your question is about, this rune warns that you might have difficulties or you may encounter some obstacles in your current or future relationships. Perhaps your situation is unclear, and your deeds are a bit confused. Something does not work.

The advice, in this situation the rune gives is: beware of ambiguous situations and be prepared for the emergence of obstacles. Perhaps, it is necessary to postpone the decision of your problem. Try to get out of the situation internally (and possibly external), to distinguish it - maybe it is best right now to do it.


The situation you are in is beyond your control, very much powerful force is leading it. You can not stop it. Try to understand and feel that your life has entered something elemental. Expect everything – trouble, unexpected events, collapse of plans, etc. However, remember that this symbol indicates not only destruction, but also a radical change in your life and your personality. The inevitable result will be something new, destruction and death of the old, no matter how painful it may seem absolutely necessary to "make room for the new."

If you want advice, here it is: do not try to exert influence on what happens. Be strong and be firm – the "black band" in your life sooner or later will end, and as a result you will have new powers and abilities.


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