December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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01.21 - 02.19


Representatives of the zodiac sign Aquarius are waiting for a satisfactory month. At the end of 2021, many of you will complete a major project, others will complete renovations at home, and others will improve their relationships with loved ones. Singles at the end of the year have a chance to meet their other half. Someone will make their dream come true (for example, they will make an expensive purchase). There is only one aspect that will periodically create difficulties, and that will be the field of communications. To protect yourself from the unpleasant consequences of any failed dialogue, use your sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself.

If you notice that the conversation leads nowhere or completely deprives you of the picture of what is happening, start joking with yourself or the current situation. When you see a reciprocal smile on the face of the interlocutor, it can be said that you have successfully protected yourself from insults, misunderstandings, and potential conflicts. On the other hand, you will not have obstacles in the financial field and everything related to potential enrichment, capital investments, or purchases. Therefore, you will end this year with joy.

Love and family

Several significant changes are emerging in personal life at the same time. They will be especially felt by those who have been searching for true love for a long time. A person ideal for a relationship will finally appear in yours. You will immediately understand that a simple "hello" is the beginning of the greatest story in your life. Not surprisingly, you will want to welcome 2022 with your new lover.

Families will be especially romantic in the coming weeks. You will want to please both your closest people and your loved ones. Choosing gifts for Christmas will not be cheap. However, more important than anything material is that you and your partner will feel as if the dating period has begun again.

Career and finance

In professional life in December, no significant changes are expected. You will have every chance to finish your work early. These are projects on which you have already put a lot of effort. Once you complete the tasks to the finish line, there will be nothing left that could cause stress, fatigue, dissatisfaction with work. If possible, help colleagues with their unfinished tasks.

Those who have their own business in December will make a good deal, after which their income will increase. At the end of this year, you will also be pleased with your staff. These people will become a cohesive team that shows high results in the work.


It's time to say goodbye to bad habits, otherwise, you risk getting a lot of complications. Smokers should remember that with every cold, the lungs will suffer in the first place. If it is difficult to get rid of your addiction on your own, then consult a doctor, they will definitely help you with medication.

There is a high probability of colds in December. Dress warmly. Remember that the weather is deceptive and you can easily catch a cold or an infection that will cause you a lot of inconveniences.

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