December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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10.24 - 11.22


Representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio in December will tend to worry about everything that happens. The biggest fears will not be caused by your own life, but by what happens to someone close to you (friend, parent, loved one, or child). Getting rid of this person's problems will take a lot of energy and material resources. Fortunately, by the end of December, everything will finally return to normal and you will welcome the New Year with an optimistic smile.

You will be able to successfully eliminate the problems that have arisen in the lives of your loved ones. When life returns to normal, you will enjoy happiness in the love and smiles of the people dear to your heart. As a result of what is happening, past conflicts and contradictions will be eliminated.

Another highlight of this December will be the unplanned profit. It will come from sources you did not suspect. Maybe it's an inheritance from a distant relative or a big profit. One way or another, you will end 2021, forgetting what a financial deficit is.

Love and family

In December, you will show your best sides. Your loved ones will receive maximum care and kindness from you, and you will repeatedly receive their gratitude. As for the renewal in the field of feelings, it is also not excluded. This is especially true for those whose marriage or relationship has existed for a long time. The relationship with your permanent partner will come to life.

Singles are likely to meet love in December. This romance will have a touch of exoticness. Maybe your partner will be a representative of another nationality or a person with an impressive age difference. All this will not interfere with your happiness.

Career and finance

The situation in professional terms will be stable. Few of you at the end of 2021 will decide to change anything. Employees of your sign will continue to perform their basic duties and will be pleased to see how their official authority increases and how the relationship with the management changes for the better.

Those who work for themselves will be able to prevent a series of competitive attacks. Well-coordinated actions by those who work for the benefit of your business will help greatly. The New Year is a great occasion to make these people happy with an unexpected bonus and thus to express your gratitude.


You will have to take care of your health. In December, you will be prone to frequent colds and infectious diseases. Avoid large crowds, always use masks and hand sanitizer. If you feel you are getting sick, be sure to stay home and take action. The cold will quickly subside if you start treatment on the first day. Do not neglect visits to the doctor.

In December, diseases of the musculoskeletal system may worsen. If you have previously noticed pain in your body, in the joints, now it is possible to worsen. Osteochondrosis, sciatica, lumbago, all this is very unpleasant and requires prompt treatment so that the disease does not become chronic.

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