December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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09.23 - 10.23


The representatives of the zodiac sign Libra in December will persistently make their way to the peaks of success in professional affairs. Other areas of your life will receive much less attention, but that doesn't mean you'll let them run wild. Everything that happens in the coming weeks, for example in your personal life, will develop under your control. This will prevent crises or unrest. Overall, you will finish 2021 with pride in yourself and what has already been completed.

Where you can't do it alone, you will actively attract bystanders. The communication processes at the beginning of this winter will be very productive. That is why it will not be difficult for you to win on your side everyone with whom you have a chance to communicate. There will be no problems in personal matters. And although from time to time your loved ones will accuse you of not paying enough attention, you will easily be able to eliminate this problem as well. There are long holidays ahead, which means that there is a chance to make up for the time you have not spent for your loved ones this year. Create an unusual scenario for the New Year holidays and present it to your loved ones as a surprise.

Love and family

It can't be said that you will completely forget about your personal life in the coming weeks, but you will not pay too much attention to it. This is not a problem. You have the power to control this aspect. If you do not have time to organize a romantic surprise for your partner, at least remotely and remind of your fiery feelings.

Singles will be surprised that in December their personal life will take a new direction. A person will appear next to you, determined to start a love story in any way. The situation where he is a hunter and you are a potential trophy will entertain you and this game will continue.

Career and finance

After putting a lot of effort into professional matters, in December you will be able to achieve most of your goals. For example, getting a new job you've been dreaming of for a long time, getting a pay raise, or a more comfortable work schedule. Those who have not been able to find a job for a long time will be able to solve this problem.

Those who have their own business will end 2021 with satisfaction, noting that their incomes have increased significantly. Consolidate this success, but do not rush to invest in some kind of innovation. This should happen after the New Year holidays.


In December, you should have an examination of your thyroid gland. Hormonal surges are likely to occur with fever, panic attacks, excessive sweating, as well as headaches, and other discomfort. To avoid the disease, start treatment on time, be sure to visit an endocrinologist, do an ultrasound, and all the necessary tests.

At the end of the year, any cosmetic procedures will be very favorable. You can safely start the treatment of acne or other skin defects. You will need a competent cosmetologist who will perform the manipulations and make you an action plan for the future. Pamper yourself with quality skin cosmetics.

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