December 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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05.21 - 06.21


Representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini in December will be persistent in performing the most important tasks. For many of you, the last four weeks of this year will be fateful. By becoming more persistent, by exerting appropriate pressure, you will be able to advance in your work, eliminate personal difficulties, and move closer to financial prosperity. What is unlikely to be achieved now is to overcome the great fatigue accumulated by work.

More than once in December, representatives of your sign will notice an increase in vitality and energy. It will seem to you that you have slept in recent months and now that you have woken up from this dream, you decide to make up for everything you missed. It doesn't matter how you achieve each goal. The result at the end of the year is important. It will be impressive, both for the financial sphere and for what is happening in your personal life. The power of the irrational over you will be strong, but you must not allow this to prevent you from moving forward. Everything you dream should be perceived only as a dream. Do not try to decipher the "secret" signs of the universe. Believe only in the facts. Live from the experience gained.

Love and family

Many of you will dedicate the end of 2021 to restoring the normal family atmosphere. When choosing how to spend your free time, you will prefer home options. Those who have thought about divorce in the past will be able to make a final decision on this issue. If your marriage cannot be saved, then do not hesitate to move on. Those who are happy with the relationship with their partner will be able to make it even more romantic in December.

Singles in the coming weeks have a great chance to start an interesting, incredibly bright romance. The person who will evoke great sympathy will be close to that part of you that is responsible for emotions and expression. This means that the relationship in your couple will be filled with passion.

Career and finance

In December, you will have enough strength for literally everything: both to bring order to your personal life and for work. This is a unique period for those who dream of finding a promising job. Not one, but several tempting offers will appear. Employees need to be more persistent in professional matters. In this way, you increase the chances of getting a higher position or a salary increase.

There is no such task that those of you who have your own business would not be able to handle. By the end of this month, your company will receive large revenues. Don't delay the implementation of some bold ideas. Chances are good that they will be fateful for your endeavors.


You will have a relatively calm time in terms of your health. The only problem you will face by the end of the year are head problems. Dizziness and headache are possible. You can solve the problem with the help of a therapist or if you learn how to relax. To do this, master the techniques of meditation or do yoga. Any relaxing activity will relieve the tension in the blood vessels of the head.

In December, you need to do a checkup. There is probably a problem that is not felt with obvious signs but still causes harm. If you want to have children in the future, also check your reproductive system.

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