The World
Great love, supreme grace.
This is a wonderful card that symbolizes foolish, passionate love, harmony and strong inner feelings. The man believes you are his ideal. For you this is a guaranteed fulfillment of everything you associate with this person: bond, engagement (marriage), childbirth.

The Devil
Feeling lust, desire for simple sex, comfort.
The physical desire for intimacy dominates the feelings and the soul of man. In the relationship, cool accounts predominate. The card symbolizes lust without any other feelings; everything is built on the basis of passion. In rare cases, it can mean a love triangle. This is a symbol of inattention, debauchery, and complacency.

The Emperor
Neutral attitude, leniency. At best, care and patronage.
The Emperor symbolizes the power of reason, will, and control. As for relations, it usually means leniency, protection, awareness of one's own superiority and, in rare cases, rudeness.

The Empress
Strong love and care.
This person loves you very much and feels strong and constant feelings for you. The card symbolizes harmony, the desire to protect you from worries and problems, express initiative, grace and stability. Also, you can talk about child birth or marriage.

The Lovers
Tough choice, love triangle.
The card symbolizes the grief of choice, the fight between feelings and reason, indecision and inconsistency. It means love, but obscured by some circumstances. There is a mystical relationship between you, but in order to be together, you have to overcome a certain obstacle. Sometimes this card means a love triangle.

The Wheel of Fortune

Love, a sudden improvement in the relationship.
The card symbolizes the smile of fate, success, luck and happiness. It indicates an unexpected improvement in the relationship and a sudden flash of love. The man thinks you bring him luck.

Desire to change the current state of affairs, dissatisfaction. If you are in a quarrel - the desire to do. The card means dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and the desire for a radical change in your relationship and putting an end to the current situation. This can be both a complete interruption of the relationship and also a desire to bring the relationship to the next level, for example a marriage.

The Magician
Neutral attitude, desire to keep relations under control.
This person is independent and self-sufficient, he has a strong will and wants everything to keep in control, it is also possible that he manipulates you. This is a symbol of self-confidence and power of will.

The Fool
Inconsistency between desires and reality or frivolity and indifference. Emotions do not allow a person to make a decision. The card symbolizes the mismatch between desires and reality, talks about frivolity, carelessness, stupidity. It can mean indifference or frivolous relations.

The Hanged Man
Misunderstanding, discontent, a man who wants to sacrifice your relationship.
The card symbolizes misunderstanding, suffering, different views of things. Perhaps the man wants to sacrifice your relationship for his own purposes. There are many problems and obstacles that interfere with your love.

The Sun
Strong love, trust.
It is a symbol of great and high love, spiritual purity, trust, unlimited happiness and joy. The card favors marriage and the desire for childbirth. The man loves you deeply.

The Moon

Neutral attitude. Hidden emotions, discomfort, misunderstood words and actions.
The card indicates that this man is looking for his soul mate. Melancholy, anxiety, misunderstandings and misunderstood words are inseparable companions along this path. The card symbolizes illusions, knowingly hidden emotions, some insincerity to you, and inner anxiety.

Willingness for harmonious relations.
The card speaks of man's pursuit of harmonious relations and overcoming the possible difficulties on the road to happiness. It is also a symbol of softness, not compulsion, generosity, and inner strength.

The Star
Strong and selfless love.
The card is a symbol of true, selfless love, deep and strong feelings. It means hope for a bright future, trust, kindness, dreaminess, patience and selflessness. Sometimes it can talk about the emergence of strong feelings.

Neutral attitude, rethinking the past.
The man needs time to define his attitude towards you. The card symbolizes the rethinking of the past, the end of the old way of life and the beginning of a new one. This is a symbol of change for the better, so most likely for you, it is a sign of a new novel or the development of your relationship to a new level. Another meaning of the card is the desire for changes in the love of the physical plan.

The Hermit
Neutral attitude, caution.
The man needs some time to think calmly about the situation. At the moment he is too immersed in himself, and his inner world is closed to you. The card symbolizes circumvention, moderation, silence, detachment, and loneliness.

The High Priestess
Neutral attitude, willing to learn more about you.
The card talks about a person's desire to know more about you and your way of life. A mysterious person who treats you with understanding without experiencing strong emotions. It is a symbol of wisdom, discretion, common sense.

The Chariot

Strong love, a desire to conquer and to be together.
The card symbolizes high self-esteem, triumph over rivals, overcoming obstacles. After overcoming differences, with a great deal of persistence, the man will strive to win your place and love.

The Hierophant
Strong love, desire for closeness.
The card symbolizes love, harmony in the relationship, strong friendship, marriage. It shows that the man is ready for a serious and lasting relationship. The man you think about, undoubtedly loves you deeply.

Discontent, condemnation, rigor.
It is a symbol of justice, impartiality, reason and balance. A person with a calm character that is very demanding to other people. He will treat you, the way you deserve it. The card may mean conviction or insult.

The Tower
Desire to break the relationship, love triangle.
Most likely, the man has doubts about the appropriateness of further relations. This is a dramatic change in relationships. It can mean quite a strong conflict, unexpected problems, sexually transmitted diseases, infidelity, and impotence.

Neutral attitude, lack of emotion, caution.
This is a symbol of restraint, tranquility and slowness. The card may indicate the permissiveness of feelings, diplomacy, and consideration. Maybe for some reason, the man has some kind of caution with regard to your relationship.