In the upright position Tarot card The Fool shows a new, fresh wind of change into your life and opens up new possibilities. It is unlikely that the upcoming changes are planned in advance by you - they will probably come suddenly and will require a lot of time and energy to curb them by guiding them in the desired direction. The Fool, depending on how it stacks, can talk about the difficult choices you have to make. The wrong decisions can turn you back, but with the right ones, you will achieve the desired goal. Anyway, The Fool promises that you have everything you need: strength, energy, enthusiasm and a little adventure needed for a safe and free passage of life to reach new heights. However, don’t forget to be careful!

In reverse position, The Fool says that the negative changes in your life may be due to your own carelessness and disorganization. Perhaps you have a superficial approach to solving an important issue, and because of this you can make a big mistake. Or perhaps you are afraid to take on any duties or under the influence of impulsive behavior you are inclined to make reckless actions.

Anyway, the presence of a reversed card The Fool means that your actions do not have enough foresight, responsibility and order. That is why you have a lot of misunderstandings and failures - even in the most truthful for you actions. To overcome the negative impact of the card, learn self-control, patience and care. Follow the folk wisdom: "Measure seven times, cut once," so you will be able to avoid mistakes and losses.


In the upright position The Magician is a wonderful card, predicting success in business, new achievements and progress in life. It says that it is within your power to achieve everything you want. Even if the situation is not the best today, it is enough to steer your powerful will and energy to solve the problems, and everything will change quickly, by magic. Stop waiting – it is time for action: now more than ever, everything is in your hands.

In reverse position, The Magician shows egoism and self-confidence that blur your eyes and prevent you from making the right decisions. However, it may also have the opposite interpretation: lack of self-confidence, weakness, doubt and hesitation. In both cases, the result is the same: an inability to keep the situation under control and achieve your goals. To overcome the negative prediction, you need to find inner balance, think less of yourself and your problems and more - about what you have to do.


In the upright position, The High Priestess says that in your situation, common sense will prevail, although all decisions will be made intuitively. Currently, the situation around you can affect important factors that you do not even suspect and possibly involve people who are hiding from you and do not show their true face.

However, without even seeing the whole picture, you are going in the right direction. The main thing - do not forget to listen to the advice of your intuition and the people you trust. Their knowledge and experience can be critical to you.

In reverse position,
The High Priestess warns that your arrogance will lower you in the eyes of others and will also prevent the more important deeds. In addition, under the influence of fleeting emotions, you are capable of impulsive and reckless actions, the consequences of which you will have a long time to unravel.

On the opposite side of the arrogance is hesitation and uncertainty, and it may manifest at the most inappropriate moment, making you wasting time and miss a happy chance provided by fate. To overcome the negative prognosis of the reversed High Priestess, organize your thoughts and feelings. Do not make the voice of the desires and emotions you are now able to easily mix with the voice of intuition.


In the upright position the Hierophant can have several meanings. First of all, it is the observance of some established rules, rituals and social norms that will ultimately make your life happier. Depending on how it is stacked, the card may be a precursor to entering a legal marriage, new position, group membership (school, fitness, and hobby), etc. The Hierophant's second meaning is related to the wise leadership of a professional: a mentor, a teacher, a boss, a friend. Perhaps The Hierophant is you, or perhaps someone in your surroundings. In this case, you have to listen to this person's advice - you will surely achieve success.

In reverse position, t
he Hierophant can be a sign of such qualities as dogmatism, hardness and intolerance towards others. In addition, it may indicate that you interrupt or unintentionally break the tradition defined by others, that is, you live "not like everyone else", "not by the rules." Or that fate does not give you some important steps in your life - for example, to marry a civilian or start a new job.

If you want to overcome the negative outlook on the card, try to respect the feelings of others. Listen carefully to their opinions, but do not let them impose themselves on your will. In addition, the reversed Hierophant, warns that the advice of other people, even if they come from authoritative people: it can not be excluded unfair play and even straightforward cheating.


In the upright position the Empress is one of the happiest and most favorable cards. This means that your life enters (or will come very soon) a bright period when harmony in soul and wealth goes hand in hand. The Empress promises stability, growth in business, and peacefully, without any tension, achieving the goals you have set for yourself, whether it is business prosperity, career, giving birth, health, privacy and happiness.

In reverse position, the
Empress says that now you can not find peace and balance in your own soul. Partially guilty of this may be the circumstances - material problems or blocking in deeds, or - your own spiritual dissonance and uncertainty. Especially, this can be felt in a relationship with someone you love, where there may be conflicts and difficulties with understanding. However, instead of fighting, you tend to be afraid of the challenges, believing that you are unable to resolve them. To overcome the negative influence of the reversed Empress, try to roll up your sleeves, start coping with the things that depend on you here and now. Only then will you be able to change your life for the better.


In the upright position, the Emperor symbolizes the male beginning, strength, will, and authority. You may be under the patronage or strong influence of a person to whom these characteristics are inherent. Or you are the embodiment of these qualities in some areas of your life - work, business or love. Anyway, the Emperor talks about your own efforts or influence from outside, and that your life is now focused on purpose, organization and stability. You know what you want to achieve and you have everything you need to get to success. Well, if obstacles suddenly emerge in your path, you have the power to stand up not only to defend your rights but also wisely to resist those who interfere with you.

In reverse position, the Emperor is a symbol that at the moment, you may be under the powerful influence of a male person and that bothers you. This can be your father, a job manager, a business partner, or even anyone who has a strong will and does not allow you to realize. Another possible interpretation of the Emperor card is your unwillingness to obey any specific rules or regulations, ignoring the opinions of others. In this and the other case, this can become an obstacle to your goals and create a problem in communicating with others. To overcome the negative prediction of this card, think about whether the people around you are taking the initiative, or are you giving yourself without fighting because you are afraid of responsibility? The honest answer to this question will help you understand how to proceed further.


In the upright position, the card The Lovers symbolizes not only the love of the man with the woman but also any other relationships in which people are attracted to each other - friendship, cooperation, partnership, etc. - a precursor to strengthening them. However, the interpretation of this card is love in the first place. The Lovers promises happiness and harmony in love: developing relationships (if you already have a mate), or meeting with a new person, and unexpected outburst of strong feelings. Also, the Lovers, can warn of great excitement about the need to make a difficult choice in every area of ​​your life. In this case, it promises that the choice will be made correctly, and everything will go well, in your favor and benefit.

In reverse position, the card the Lovers warns of the possibility of making a wrong decision in every area of ​​life. Most likely, your plans are not meant to be implemented or their performance will be postponed for a long time. The reasons for this may be not so much external circumstances, but many internal disagreements or uncertainties in your abilities. In your relationship with others and with your loved one, the Lovers, reversed, depending on how they are stacked, can convey conflict, quarrels, betrayal, adultery, and separation. To overcome this negative outlook, arrange your feelings and do not rush when you take an important step. But if the choice is made, strictly stick to the chosen course - Now there is nothing worse than indecision and doubt!


In the upright position The Chariot predicts victories in everything, every aspect of your life, but does not promise it will be an easy victory! On the contrary - you can have many obstacles on your way to the covenant goal. But with willpower, self-control, dedication and organizational skills, you will be able to cope with all the difficulties and achieve the desired. In addition, the Chariot can mean you are going on a trip - especially a business trip, the results of which will delight you. Even if you are currently experiencing a period of failure, you can be confident that the black series will be over soon. The Chariot is a card that promises success and steady upward movement in the area that is most important to you, no matter whether it is money, work, social recognition or love.

In reverse position, The Chariot says the goal, you are aiming for, is unlikely to be achieved - at least in the near future. The reason for this may be the lack of organization and self-discipline, the loss of confidence in yourself (or vice versa - authoritarian tendencies), as well as the harmful influences of other people you may encounter. Anyway, the Reversed Chariot predicts a period of difficulty and loss of control over events. To overcome the negative outlook on the map, remember that now, more than ever, you need hardness, consistency and strict discipline. These three pillars will help you regain your fate in your own hands.


In the upright position, the card Strength says you have huge reserves of internal energy. Thanks to them, you have the strength to cope with all the difficulties ahead and from all the trials to get out a winner. An important point: Upcoming tests may not only be external but also internal, with spiritual properties. Indeed, sometimes triumphing over circumstances or even over enemies is easier than limiting your own hidden feelings and desires. In general, the card Strength shows qualities such as courage, determination, will, ability to limit the passions and darkness of your nature as well as patience and compassion for people. Remember that the bet now is the victory - no pressure on others, but the desire to understand and inspire them through our example. All of this in the near future will provide you with success in the initiated cases.

In reverse position,
Strengthcan show that your life is affected by negative factors such as abuse of power, intolerance, aggression, pressure on others.

Perhaps all of these qualities are self-evident, or, conversely, you are the victim of a skilled manipulator or pressure. Anyway, regardless of whether you are willing to obey or subdue with cruelty, the reversed card implies that this imbalance does not allow you to cope with life's circumstances, and predicts you difficulties and failures on the issues conceived. To overcome the negative influence, try to balance your soul. Do not exert pressure on others, but do not let them pressure you or impose your will. Do not forget - fear, weakness and uncertainty are as disastrous as overconfidence and self-conceit. Only the golden environment will provide you with success.


In the upright position the Hermit means that you will be able to achieve every goal if you break away from your emotions and look at the situation from outside. Now feelings stop you from assessing the situation objectively and as a result - you can not handle the task. Also the Hermit Card means that in the near future you will just need a period of inner peace, tranquility and the opportunity to stay alone. This waiting will allow you to develop a winning strategy as well as contribute to your personal development and spiritual growth. Most importantly, remember that you already have the wide answers to all your concerns within yourself. But right now, in the bustle of everyday life, you can not hear them.

In reverse position, the Hermit shows such phenomena and events in your life as resistance to change, loneliness or deliberate seclusion from society, as well as intolerance to the opinions of others and neglect of other people's advice.

The Reversed Hermit Card means that the basis of most of your problems lies in your self-confidence, in your effort to rely on your experience. This arrogant attitude greatly narrows your circle of friends and interests and also leads to many mistakes. When people offer you help and advice, you prefer to do it yourself and often lose because of this. To overcome the negative outlook on the card, learn to respect as equal and to cooperate with other people - even if their knowledge and experience are not similar to yours.


In the upright position The Wheel of Fortune predicts drastic, sudden changes in your life. The good news is that all these changes are for good. The wheel of luck takes you up. It does not matter whether the events predicted by the card are worthwhile of your efforts or that they occur in a vacuum, such as magic (as is the case with lottery winnings or other smiles from Fate). The main thing is that they lead to a significant improvement in your quality of life and progress in the most important areas for you - love, careers, or the acquisition of material goods. But do not forget - there is nothing temporary and whimsical about fate. When the wheel turns and reaches its highest point, the situation will change. So, try not to miss the opportunities for any lucky chance that in the near future will provide you with fate: it will not always be so generous for gifts.

reversed Wheel of Fortune marks the beginning of a period of failures and unpleasant changes in life. Your personal wheel of fortune is now spinning down and negative changes don’t mean you really deserve them. They are a manifestation of the changing mood of Fortune and do not depend on the objective circumstances of your efforts or merits. You have the right to fight with bad luck, to complain or to get angry - but you can not change the situation by being angry or complaining about the hurricane. The only way to overcome this negative outlook is to keep in mind that the Wheel of Fortune is in constant motion. The upward movement is changing, the dark phase in life, and the light is inevitable laws of nature. So instead of wasting time and nerves to fight the storm, be wise to wait until it goes away. And, most importantly, use your negative experience as a doctrine to avoid potential problems in the future.


In the upright position, the card Justice shows your honesty and professionalism, the ability to negotiate with others and make informed decisions. Thanks to these qualities, you are able to come out winners of all the controversial and complex situations that have prepared your fate. In addition, Justice may indicate possible disputes and litigation, a decision that will ultimately be dealt with in your favor. Or - the need to make an informed decision based on many different factors, as well as to participate in activities related to the necessity of judging: competition, court.

Justice promises that in all these situations, you have nothing to fear: the truth is entirely on your side, and justice itself will ensure that all (not only for you) is obvious.

In reverse position, Justice says you can be the victim of injustice or wrong decisions, not just taken from strangers. If the truth is on your side, there may be accusations and even prosecution, which decision will be made not for your benefit. However, the reverse card may indicate that your thoughts are far from true justice and righteousness. Anyway, a reversed card Justice tells you about the trials and experiences that will come your way. To overcome this negative outlook, you have to learn to treat calmly the people who have shown injustice to you. By accepting this too close to your heart, you can poison your life. Only the ability to forgive others for their misconceptions and beliefs that the ultimate justice will prevail sooner or later will correct the situation and restore your peace of mind.


In the upright position, the card The Hanged Man predicts major changes that require many sacrifices in the name of your goal. These sacrifices can be spiritual or material, but without them, your goal is unattainable. So the card gives you the freedom to choose to pay dearly for your purpose or sacrifice nothing, but do not change anything, leaving everything in your life as it was. Referred to a specific case, the courtesy can talk, for example, for a period of training or work where you have to resign with the limitations and rules of those institutions. Or for - a waiver of wage increases to spend more time with your family. As with difficult situations that do not depend on you and you can only accept. In any case, The Hanged Man tells of an incredible sense of inner freedom that you are able to experience, even in circumstances that have been imposed by fate. With this sense of inner balance, you will not only constantly move towards your goal, but also live a full, happy, fulfilling life - despite the absence of any mythical benefits.

In a reversed position, The Hanged Man can show your selfish attitude and reluctance to sacrifice some of your current amenities for the sake of some decent purposes. In one aspect, the prediction of this map can be translated as saying, "Better a bird in the hands than a crane in the sky." In everyday life, such wisdom is justified, however, when it comes to such things as achievement, progress and spiritual cultivation and care for loved ones - is a real obstacle. In addition, the reversed card The Hanged Man can talk about your apathy, relaxation, and inability to control the situation. To overcome the negative outlook on the card, move away from purely material needs. Open your heart for such "impractical" and thus require time and effort things like love, friendship, education, care for relatives. This will help you restore peace and balance in your soul and change the situation.


In the upright position, Death warns of significant changes in your life. This new phase will make you leave behind many things that are important to you right now. You can expect "death", that is, goodbye to everything: old work, job or love, friendly relations. Changes can be applied not only to external things, but also to spiritual life: the emergence of new things for you. A man (for example, as he was before) dies, instead reborn as a new person, with new goals and ideals. In the upright position, Death says that despite the inevitable difficulties of the transition as a whole, changes are expected for the better that will bring you a sense of freedom and renewal.

In reverse position, Death shows that the situation is changing rapidly around you, but you are not ready to accept the changes that happen, and with all your efforts you try to stop them. Your negative attitude is not able to stop the outgrowth of the new in life, but it can greatly complicate your fate. In addition, it can influence the very nature of change, as well as paint it in a dark, even tragic tone. Reversed Death predicts that it comes a period of disappointment, loss, and interruption of old relationships. To overcome the negative outlook on the card, stop stubbornly sticking to the past to be able to respond adequately to everything that's going on and move forward. This will help you with dignity, without losing to overcome the difficult transition period and the beginning of a new, fun and exciting phase of your life.


In the upright position Temperance implies that all the goals you have set are achievable and all the problems are solvable. However, to succeed, you need to find a delicate balance between the desire to change the situation and the ability to adapt to it. Temperance advises you to humble your desires and adapt to circumstances because the idea of ​​the card is the word "compromise." This is not a forced compromise, but one that comes from the heart, the desire to understand the other point of view, and then to do something that suits all sides. Temperance promises that working with people will balance the situations, your thoughts and feelings, and you will not only find harmony in your soul, but you will also achieve the desired.

The reversed card Temperance shows a lack of stability and harmony in your life, a reason for your mixed feelings. You can not (or do not think it necessary) to control some of your actions, desires, and emotions that carry unpredictability and many problems in your life. The reversed card Temperance predicts that lack of self-control may soon lead to such effects as a break with family and friendship, work problems and finances. To avoid the negative effect of this card, you need to be restrained and careful in everything from words to showing your feelings. Do not forget that in your case, silence is really "gold," and with it real "gold" are qualities like modesty, tolerance and respect for the opinions of others.


In the upright position, the Devil warns of your painful dependence towards something, as does the retribution that awaits you in the future. This dependence can be both of moral quality (dependence on person, ideas) and material (desire for money, power, status, etc.). The excessive, inexorable desire to possess material wealth, status, or power over others - these are the chains that hold you as a voluntary prisoner of your own passions. You may not notice your obsession or, on the contrary, try to get rid of it. Anyway, the Devil says that as a result of your weaknesses, the current situation will worsen. However, in the upright position, the card says you have the strength and the ability to defeat the Devil in your soul and to cope with all the upcoming tests. Card Devil - It's not just the embodiment of evil in its purest form but also a symbol of temptation. It only allows you to plunge into the treacherous abyss of passions and vices. You can succumb to this temptation or resist, keep your consciousness and your soul clean - this is a free choice for every person.

In the reversed position, the Devil shows a complete dependence on the situation you have come to. This can be a painful dependence on your own bad habits (alcohol, gambling, drugs), or a person who forces you. Another option is to be a victim of your own passions (from a painful desire to possess a person, thirst for material goods, authority, and ambition). In any case, such spiritual slavery does not allow you to move forward and can predict a sharp deterioration, disappointment, failure of your plans, and complete loss of control of the situation. The reversed card of the Devil has a very strong negative effect that you can handle only with a very strong concentration of all your strength. Take a look at yourself, find your dark side and disastrous habits, and spare no time and resources to deal with them. This will not only help you in your deeds but will also make you much happier.


In the upright position, the Tower warns that evil will enter your life. It's unexpected (and regardless of your efforts) change to worse, problems, loss, disintegration of plans and hopes. Prepare your life to change to unrecognizable. Much of what now seems unshakable or what you would like to keep will go into the past. The first prophecy of the mysterious tower can mean such painful changes as disintegration with a loved one, big monetary loss, accident, job loss, serious illness. There is only one way to overcome the collapse predetermined by the Tower: don’t lose ‘strength and optimism, as even the most unfavorable changes are the reasons for self-improvement and the emergence of new opportunities and perspectives in your life.

In a reversed position, the Tower warns you that there is a disintegration of your existing lifestyle. Something that is important to you and dear will be destroyed or will go through a complete rethinking and transformation. It can talk about something related to the beloved person, family and friends, work, health, and place of residence. It can not exclude loss in the spiritual sphere, such as the break-up of ideals, a bitter disappointment in something or someone.

Anyway, the reversed card the Tower predicts sudden changes, strikes, attempts and losses. To overcome the negative and forecast, be concerned about the upcoming challenges, not only in terms of destroying your familiar little world, but also as an opportunity to start a lot of your life again. Indeed, along with the fact that besides the dear things for you in the past that will go away, also you will get rid of what has dragged you down, from false illusions to boring lifestyles. Take advantage of this changeover period to get rid of the old load and move forward without making the same mistakes.


In the upright position The Star is a sign that your life enters in a wonderful stage: a period of tranquility, harmony and prosperity. You can be confident in your future - your future is adorned with joy, positive emotions. The Star not only gives peace of mind but also promises an active life full of new possibilities and good emotions. This applies to all levels from spiritual to material. Even if you are experiencing not the easiest period now, the Star says: all your goals are achievable, waiting for you to rise and progress, your desires will come true. You know what you want to achieve, and you are constantly approaching your goal. In addition, the card can be a harbinger of happy changes in your life as new perspectives and new love. The star is an embodiment of faith in the future, hope and inspiration. Its power will not only protect you from future difficulties but also awaken your creative powers to develop all your talents and abilities.

The reversed card The Star warns you that the cause of the failure and the lack of progress in your life are you yourself. Fate gives you many happy opportunities that you miss because of passivity, pessimism and lack of faith in your own strengths. Your main brake and cause of a disorder in your soul is your mistrust and lack of openness. No matter what or whom you do not believe: to yourself, to fate or to the people around you. Also, because you are unable to use your chance and luck and reject a hand for help or wise advice at a time when you need them. To overcome the negative predictions you must learn to trust and act by following the instincts of your heart. In other words, do not let your fortune make you happy.


In the upright position, the Moon reminds you that you do not have to trust your eyes: in fact, everything may not be the way you think. The real state of affairs is not always logical, so if you have this card you have to rely on your feelings and intuition. In your own subconscious, you may find a surprisingly powerful counselor and ally. But if you rely solely on the facts you can check and "touch" your hands then you risk losing. The moon shows that, unfortunately, you have a very vague idea of ​​what is happening around you.

The reversed card The Moon strengthens virtually all the negative aspects that are present in your life. It shows a strong and emotional imbalance that can lead to nervous breakdown, sadness and physical illness. In addition, the reversed card The Moon reports that there are some unfavorable circumstances that are not yet known to you. You are unable to control the situation, as many remain hidden from your eyes. Intrigues, secret enemies, distortion or lack of information lead to disorganization, confusion and bad decisions. To overcome negative predictions, trust your feelings. Yet, you do not have enough information to make the right conclusions. So observe carefully everything that's happening around and rely on your intuition. Let your unconscious sympathy and antipathy guide your steps in the workplace, in business and in private life - this will help you avoid many mistakes.


In the upright position, The Sun is one of the happiest and most successful cards. It predicts growth, progress, happiness, prosperity, success, implementation of the plans. The sun says you have all the qualities to achieve your goals. It also predicts material prosperity and a new stage of life when you will see great prospects in front of you. The Sun promises you the fulfillment of your cherished wishes, no matter whether it is marriage, giving birth, living standards, or career advancement. It is the epitome of your many abilities, and it is the forerunner of no lesser victories, for which the generous Fate will help you win in the near future.

In the reversed position, The Sun has the same positive meaning as in the upright position, but with one important arrangement. Yes, The Sun is generous to you, and is ready to give you a great variety of goods, but beware that it does not dazzle your head! In the rest, the sun speaks of good health, energy, positive attitude and material prosperity. This predicts a gradual but steady improvement in the standard of living as well as the fulfillment of desires. It can also indicate that previous efforts have not been in vain: you will soon gather a rich crop that will surpass your bold expectations.


In the upright position, Judgment says that an important stage of your life has unexpectedly but lawfully gone to the past. This transition is unlikely to be painful for you (unless, of course, you have hardened a criminal and a killer). In addition, you can still take advantage of your previous work, which promises to be rich and generous. In other words, whatever your life is, Fate has already prepared a new page that promises new opportunities and prospects. Feel free to go and meet your fate, however, as you step into the future, do not forget to look back, analyze your mistakes and achievements from the past. This will help you get everything you eventually dreamed of.

In reverse position, Judgment may warn you about changes that you will end up resisting. However, to change fate, you have no control and you just have to accept the inevitable changes. Judging by the way things stand, Judgment can testify to simple work, sluggishness and lack of progress, the guilt of which is your conservatism and the unwillingness to change. To overcome the negative forecast of Judgment, open the doors for the fresh wind of change. Do not keep past mistakes. Don’t forget that in order to change your fate, you must first accept it as it is and then openly and honestly face everything that needs adjustments.


In the upright position, The World is setting a new, wonderful and productive phase in your life. You will have success, ideas and plans for implementation, the recognition of others, material prosperity, stability and sustainable progress. The card means that you are now open to the world, and in harmony and resonance with it. And the world, in turn, will open to you. Everything else - will be a consequence of fruitful cooperation. The world speaks of your sincerity; openness and trust in the people, and that in return the others are instinctively attracted to you, opening new doors and prospects. The feeling of inner freedom is reflected in your way of life, bringing with you a lot of communication and a tendency for change. That's why The World, depending on how it's stacked, can also predict new friends, a long trip or a journey.

In reverse position, The World can bring trouble and obstacles in the way of realizing your wishes. The card tells you that the new roads are closed, and the positive changes have not yet come. The reversed card The World, can forestall a delay in the implementation of some of your projects and plans. Even if they seem almost finished, they can literally be preserved and remain in this unfinished stage for a long time. The essence of all these possible problems and troubles is one: your attitude to the world, the inability to open and go against it. Remember, The World reacts to you by closing many doors and opportunities.

To overcome the negative outlook of the card, learn to trust people and situations. This will not save you from mistakes and is not protection against deceptions, but it will give you something much more: the favors of Fate.


In the upright position Ace of Cups is a wonderful card that symbolizes love, harmony and carefree and joyful life. The presence of the card says that true love lives in your heart and that all your desires will come true. Prosperity, satisfaction with the situation, confidence in the future, new encounters and true feelings, creative development, a very happy family - all this predicts Ace of Cups. Ace of Cups is a card of generosity, fertility and abundance, and thus, depending on how it is stacked, can predict not only love and increase welfare, but also increase in the number of true friends, family and many ​​happy, positive emotions.

A reversed Ace of Cups predicts great difficulties in dealing with people you love, even separating with them. The presence of the card means that a period of instability enters your life: problems come into the relationship with the person you love and believe. A reversed Ace of Cups can talk about a change in the person you love, cooling off husband's relationships, fake feelings, loss of confidence, inability to understand each other, or worsening problems between fathers and children. However, the card warns that if you give a place to anger and other destructive emotions, you will only exacerbate the situation. Try to understand the problem by looking at the other's point of view: it will help you to act properly.


In the upright position Two of Cups symbolizes mutual love, harmony, happiness, passion, intimacy. The presence of this card means that everything in your relationship goes in the best possible way: your loved one responds with mutuality. If you still do not know about his feelings, all you have to do is wait a minute to see it. Two of Cups tells you that your relationship is on a firm footing, which means you have all the chances of being happy. Depending on how it is stacked, it can also indicate any other lasting and promising relationship: family, friendship, business cooperation, etc.

A reversed Two of Cups talks about such privacy issues as unrequited love, disagreement with a loved one and even exhaustion of feelings and separation. The card shows that you are in a situation where you should stop living with negative emotions (such as anger, jealousy, annoyance, etc.) and, more importantly, make important decisions under their influence - because the relationship with your loved one may fall apart. In addition, Two of Cups can talk about problems in relationships in all their forms, no matter whether they are collegiate, kinship or friendly. In both cases, in order to avoid conflicts and losses, you must learn to negotiate and compromise.


In the upright position Three of Cups symbolizes emotions like happiness, joy, contentment, a sense of victory, and confidence in the future. The girls shown on the card celebrate the success and Three of Cups predicts the appearance of light in your life, a favorable and positive period. You will enjoy something and celebrate some victory. The card predicts wealth, financial recovery, and fulfillment of your most intimate dreams, but most importantly, harmony in the soul and in the relationship with the people you love.

What does it mean to be successful if there is no one to share with? Three of Cups is a sign that your relationship with your family, friends or loved one is very durable. Together you will reap the fruits of your deserved success as you have divided difficulties and deprivations.

A reversed
Three of Cups warns about problems in relationships with loved ones - family, friends, and loved ones. There could be various reasons for it, but most of all - neglect of the feelings of others and selfishness. It is possible jealousy, betrayal, love triangle, or just conflicts and cooling of feelings. In addition, Three of Cups predicts a period of trouble. The reasons for this trouble also lie in the inability to find a common language with other people - with colleagues, partners, and bosses.


In the upright position, Four of Cups symbolizes a sip of success, material or other benefits and life itself. The young man portrayed on the card does not need any gifts of fate: he seems to have tried everything and he is tired of him. Four of Cups suggests that your life is wonderful, but you do not notice that. Some gifts of fate are taken for granted, others are "not yours to taste", and others are simply boring. So instead of enjoying life, you - the murmurs, are bored and you are always unsatisfied. If you have picked Four of Cups - it is a clear warning that you urgently need a revaluation of the values. You need a new stimulus, new interest, new experiences that will make the blood in your veins run faster and there will be no trace of boredom.

A reversed Four of Cups symbolizes changes and new opportunities that will appear in the divine's life. Fate offers you to try to find something new for yourself and it will lead to a new approach to life, to renew your feelings and impressions. Depending on the arrangement and neighboring cards, we can talk about new love or friendship, wealth, money, career prospects, and so on. Most likely, this will occur in life unexpectedly, as a surprise, as if materialized from nothing.


In the upright position Five of Cups symbolizes losses and disappointments. There may also be material losses, but above all personal losses, such as breaking relationships with your beloved person, relative or friend. Depending on the way of arrangement, we can talk about future losses or those that have already occurred, but you can not resign with them: the wounds are still fresh. However, Five of Cups suggests that despite the bitterness of the loss, you will be able to cope - you have not lost everything. In other words, the card encourages you to resign yourself to losing and to continue living. Go through grief and find a new life with your joys, successes and hopes.

A reversed Five of Cups, it says that bitterness of loss and disappointment will soon be in the past. Old wounds are still fresh enough, but they are already healing. A new stage and change for the better will be set before you, making your life more peaceful and harmonious. In addition, Five of Cups predicts that the bitter experience of the past will serve as a good lesson. Thanks to it, you will be able to avoid many mistakes and disappointments in the future - mostly those related to your relationship with your loved ones.


In the upright position Six of Cups symbolizes sincere, genuine, bright feelings - just as in childhood. This means you have not lost the ability to enjoy life and enjoy it every minute, as well as the ability to build strong, real relationships with your loved ones. Your life has a place for true friendship, love and happiness in the family. This is your foundation, a pledge of confidence in the future, harmony in the soul and future successes. Additionally in upright position Six of cups, depending on how they are stacked, can mean positive events in your life that will come to you from the past. This may be a meeting with former acquaintances or money transfer for an old project. Generally, Six of Cups promises you happy changes, stability and prosperity that are based on your strong family or friendly ties.

A reversed Six of Cups reminds you that you have strong, genuine, sincere feelings like friendship and love with your loved ones. Because of this, your life runs in a more orderly way: with the support of the people you love, you can safely build your future. In this case, you are waiting for new emotions and experiences: Meeting with new people, new projects. However, a reversed Six of Cups says your deeds may be disturbed by excessive vanity and impatience. In addition, in a particular arrangement, it can mean that you are living in the past (memories, regret for old love), and this prevents you from moving forward.


In the upright position Seven of Cups represent the world of dreams and desires. The presence of the card means that you want to achieve a lot, but you don’t have particular purpose. At your feet lies the whole world with its tempting offers, perspectives and temptations. Like an interesting dream. Still, what to choose? Where to go? Seven of Cups shows you are at a crossroads. Your wishes are too strong and too much, and now you can not make your final choice. However, over time, you will have to do so, as this will largely determine your future path, your choice is important to be a deliberate solution, not a momentary whim.

The reversed Seven of Cups says you are on the right track. You have chosen your goal, you go straight to it without turning around and, in the end, and you will achieve everything you seek. Your emotions and desires are very strong, but they will not be an obstacle: You know how to point them in the right direction, to obey their goals and plans.

Moreover, Seven of Cups can mean new horizons and tempting prospects that will open in front of you in the near future. Be prepared for pleasant surprises of fate. You will succeed, and thanks to your bright and brave dreams, you can achieve something important.


In the upright position Eight of Cups symbolizes a difficult transition period. Selecting this card means that in some areas of life, you have achieved a lot, but you are now stagnant and circumstances make you leave everything and start again from scratch. It can talk about rejecting material goods, breaking relationships with another person or leaving prestigious work. In addition to the sudden changes in life, Eight of Cups may mean invisible to others but no less significant changes in your soul. Leaving old goals, achievements and ideals in the past and seeking a new spiritual path. In any case, Eight of Cups suggests that if you've decided to change dramatically in your life - to give up something or find something - it's time to do it now.

A reversed Eight of Cups indicates a desire to enjoy carnal and worldly pleasures. Now you are not excited about the search for a spiritual path. You areinterested in quite material desires, such as a nice break, travel, love, fun, dating, and sex. All this is waiting for you in the near future and will give you fresh impressions. In addition, a reversed Eight of Cups can predict a great celebration or a happy event. Most likely this is a planned event such as a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary.


In the upright position Nine of Cups is a wonderful card. It says you will be very pleased and proud of your achievements. Difficulties will stay behind you and very soon you will be able to enjoy the prosperity and the fruits of your labor. Expect success, prosperity, abundance, fulfillment of your most cherished desires, all of which will create an incredible sense of peace and satisfaction in your soul.

Nine of Cups also means that fulfillment of desires and abundance will be good for you. You will be able to accept with gratitude this gift of fate. This will not make you greedy or arrogant. On the contrary, you will want to share your joy and well-being with the people you love.

A reversed Nine of Cups means that things at you are not going at the right direction and perhaps you harm others with your feelings. If you have selected this card, then you have a distorted understanding of material wealth and success. This may be an obsessive desire to possess a great wealth or even a lenient attitude to those who do not have it. A reversed Nine of Cups can also mean such qualities as self-love, bragging, arrogance, greed, jealousy, vanity. All this affects the relationships with other people and in fact makes you lonely, despite all the achievements and successes.


In the upright position Ten of Cups - it's a hymn of love and happiness. The presence of this card means that it awaits the fulfillment of all desires in your private life, a strong family, the respect of others. This card is very good for those who want to marry, have children or take the first steps in their relationship. However, Ten of Cups, depending on how they are stacked, can mean not only love but also any other strong ties: kinship, friendly, affiliate. In any case, the card promises you happiness, success and wealth - not only material, but also prosperity in communicating with loved ones.

A reversed Ten of Cups talks about problems with the people you love - especially with family, friends or loved ones. The reversed card shows that you are dissatisfied with your relationship with one of those that are dear to you. Tension, alienation, conflict, confusion, anger, dying of old feelings - all this can mean a reversed Ten of Cups, also predicts a future worsening of the situation. To avoid the negative consequences, you should try to avoid negative feelings and not make hasty decisions. Otherwise, in your personal life, everything is possible - even to get away.


In the upright position, Page of Cups symbolizes good emotions, dreams and creative abilities. Most often, it means a certain person from your environment - a boy or a girl - endowed with vivid imagination, sensitivity and curiosity. Page of Cups is most likely a figure from your closest environment - a relative, a friend or a loved one. His presence implies that you associate sincere, real feelings and you can rely on it at the right time. If it is not about a person, Page of Cups predicts you good news, promising new love or dating, and calls to pinch with teaching science and to realize their creative plans - now is the time for them.

A reversed Page of Cups represents a young boy or girl from your close personal environment - a loved one, a friend or a relative. Its distinctive features can be selfishness, laziness, conservatism, and hypocrisy and a desire for personal gain. A reversed Page of Cups warns of this man's deception: there is a great chance of being a victim of deception, craftiness and intrigue on his part.


In the upright position Knight of Cups shows a young person from your closest environment. It is possible to know him – it may be a friend or a loved one. And maybe you are getting acquainted with the beautiful prince on a white horse? In any case, Knight of Cups has such traits of character as sensitivity and receptivity. He is a romantic idealist with a developed fantasy and thirst for creativity. If you have this card, you are expected to strengthen your relationship with your loved one or if you are alone - a new friend and new love. For married Knights of Cups is a wonderful card meaning a strong alliance with a decent person.

A reversed Knight of Cups means a young man from your nearby circle. Most likely, this is your beloved man, but he can be someone else with whom you have strong heart connections - your relative or friend. The reversed card shows such traits of this man as betrayal, dishonesty, hypocrisy. Knight of Cups warns that this man can gain your trust in fraud, pursuing his own selfish goals. To avoid this, try in a relationship even with the closest people to trust only facts, not words. And even more - not your misguided feelings.


In the upright position Queen of Cups represents a woman from your closest environment that connects you with very strong and warm feelings. Most likely, she is a beloved, wife or mother, but she can also be a close relative or girlfriend. The character of this woman there are features such as sensitivity, tenderness, care, intuition, compassion, and kindness. She loves you, cares for you and is ready to give you any support in difficult times. In addition, Queen of Cups can also embody harmony and happiness in your personal life. This is a great card for those who love to marry or plan to have a baby: Queen of Cups promises you full support and patronage.

In reverse position, as well as upright, Queen of Cups shows a woman from your closest environment - a girlfriend, a mother, a relative or a girl friend with which you have a strong emotional bond. However, unlike the upright position of the card, the reversed Queen of Cups warns of the dangers associated with this woman. She is obsessive, inconsistent, capricious and self-serving. She is able to betray and deceive you, not to be relied on. By blindly confiding in her, you risk being deceived, so try to be aware of everything that is happening to keep the situation under control.


In upright position King of Cups is a mature man with a strong emotional bond: lover, husband, father, patron, close relative or friend.

This is a man who has power in your eyes; he is honest, fair, clever and experienced. With the presence of King of Cups, you can fully trust this man, follow his advice, and if necessary, accept the help he will offer. If you've just met the love of your life, you're marrying or expecting a child, King of Cups promises you luck, a strong bond and a happy family life.

A reversed
King of Cups is a person in your inner circle that has a great influence on you: a loved one, a father, a husband, a close relative. The card warns of possible traits of character such as hardness, authoritarianism, ambition or injustice and deception. Perhaps taking advantage of your confidence, this person is able to deceive you or commit fraud with your involvement. Or maybe it just puts you in an awkward position, puts pressure on you to force you to do what you do not like. In any case, reversed King of Cups is a sign that you must be alert: do not let yourself be manipulated even if you make it your beloved man and with "best intentions."


In the upright position, Ace of Pentacles is a wonderful card, indicating prosperity, stability, financial success and the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures in life. If you've selected Ace of Pentacles, there are plenty of opportunities and prospects for you, especially money-related. You will enjoy a happy and fruitful period; the plans will be successful and profitable. You will be able to fully enjoy the rich fruits of your labor and warm, sincere relationships with others. Most importantly, financial well-being, stability and success will be your key to a harmonious and positive attitude towards life. You will experience a sense of satisfaction from what you have achieved and a desire to share your joy and achievements with those near you.

A reversed
Ace of Pentacles indicates that you have reached or can reach a certain financial stability, but for the excessive pursuit of material wealth you risk to pay with your luck and you may very much lose. The presence of this card shows that you are too passionate about material possessions. The need to reach new and new financial heights exhausts your power - both physically and mentally. It also leads to destructive emotions such as greed, fear, loss, jealousy, arrogance, lack of trust in others. As a result, a reversed Ace of Pentacles shows that money does not bring you happiness, rather the opposite. You are expecting a great financial loss for which you are the culprit - or rather the unhealthy attitude towards money.


In the upright position Two of Pentacles means you have every chance to turn the situation to your advantage and benefit. Even if circumstances are not favorable to you in every respect and there are a number of difficulties and problems, you have many opportunities to steer the situation to your advantage. Two of Pentacles shows business flair, agility and flexibility, the ability to find a compromise solution and exit from the toughest situations, the ability to balance on the edge and always keep on the surface. That is why the presence of Two of Pentacles predicts the success of your plans and greater financial gains. However, you must be prepared for the fact that wealth will not only come to your hands - but will require energy, intelligence and readiness to take risks. But the result is worth the effort.

A reversed Two of Pentacles warns that the situation in your affairs comes out of your control and may have a bad effect on your financial situation.
The presence of this card means that your well-being is endangered. Perhaps you do not have the necessary information or you missed something or were slow and indecisive in business. Anyway,
Two of Pentacles warns you must show ingenuity and flexibility to stay on the surface.

To avoid losing money, you need to look for the help of an experienced and smart person in the business, or to design a smart plan of action. The main thing for success is not to break, but to act flexibly and reasonably, to look for balance, compromise, to overcome the difficulties in your favor.


In the upright position Three of Pentacles means that experience and professionalism will bring you the material success you deserve. The presence of this card means that you have achieved great skills in your field and you will not go unnoticed by others. You will enjoy recognition, success and good cash prizes for your efforts. Also Three of Pentacles can predict success in business or trade, popularity and even glory. In any case, you promise successful implementation of plans, increasing wealth, and improving the quality of life in general - though for that you have to work very hard and prove your professionalism constantly.

The reversed Three of Pentacles warns that incompetence or lack of experience can cause serious damage to the business. If you have selected this card, then the reason for the difficulties, the problems in your job is someone's incompetence. It’s not necessary to be yours, it may be the lack of experience of your employees, partners or colleagues with whom you work on a project. The main thing is that because of this, you will not move forward as fast as you would and most likely get significantly less money than you expected. In addition, the reversed Three of Pentacles warns you to prepare for criticism. Whether it is fair or not, you should always have some good arguments in reserve to prevent shocks and suspicions of incompetence.


In the upright position, Four of Pentacles predict a period of prosperity and financial stability in business. Your efforts will soon be crowned with success: you will make significant progress. Four of Pentacles also means trust in the future, improving the state and standard of life, material prosperity and abundance, as well as full satisfaction with the situation of your affairs. You will have everything you have dreamed of. Moreover, you will achieve a high level of well-being - you expect stability that will allow you not to worry about tomorrow. The lack of unnecessary worries can make your life quite predictable, but it will be a good life for a person who is happy with the fate and who is firmly on the ground.

A reversed Four of Pentacles means the existence of property or money problems, but also your attitude to material goods. A reversed Four of Pentacles may be a sign of such qualities as chasing money, greed, fear of financial loss or vice versa - extravagance. As a result, there may be quarrels about money, conflicts and even lawsuits. The presence of the reversed Four of Pentacles warns that your attitude to money can cause many problems with other people. Do not exclude financial losses, income cuts, and deterioration of relationships with people you love. To avoid this, Four of Pentacles advises you to change your attitude to money. Understand that you have turned your back on everything in the world, and instead of joy, you risk losing the taste of loneliness.


In the upright position Five of Pentacles means trouble in your job, and great financial problems. This card marks a period of difficulty, mostly related to property and money. Loss of income, lowering the standard of living, losing a job or moving to a lower position, deprivation, sickness (disability), need for savings - all depending on how it is stacked, can bring about Five of Pentacles. However, the card says that not everything is lost. The problem solving is near - it is enough to stretch your hand. Just as it is depicted on the card, it may be enough to pray in a church and not to reject support from others. To avoid losing, Five of Pentacles advise you not to rely solely on yourself. Look around and accept the help you are being offered.

A reversed Five of Pentacles means you have to bravely resist the difficulties that fall upon you and hit the fate. Even when the situation goes out of hand, you do not have to give up: only if you fight the circumstances, you have all the chances to win. Five of Pentacles may also indicate that there were severe deprivations and trials in your recent past, but they are now behind you. Expect positive changes very soon: solving money problems, raising living standards, spiritual renewal, strengthening health. In any case, Five of Pentacles shows complex, unfavorable periods in your life and that these periods must be boldly overcome. Going into despair, you run the risk of depriving yourself of all the generous opportunities that you are given by fate to change your life for the better.


Six of Pentacles is a very good card, symbolizing a period of prosperity in life, as well as generosity (on your part or in connection with you). The presence of this card means that you are waiting for financial success, abundance and stability going hand in hand with spiritual harmony and balance. You will be happy with your life and achievements, but be sure to help those who are deprived of it. Indeed, Six of Pentacles shows that charity, generosity, and protection may be manifested to you. In this case, the card predicts someone's help or bonuses at work, protection, favorable credit, promotion or rich gifts.

In reversed position, Six of Pentacles represents the reverse of generosity: the wastefulness. If you have a card, you have a great chance of losing money - for your own negligence. Unreasonable costs, unreasonable financial risks, frank extravagance - all this can show Six of Pentacles. In addition, the card warns that you can become a victim of thieves, crooks, or jealousy for a reckless, careless handling of money. Even if the reversed Six of Pentacles predicts profits, you should keep in mind these are very suspicious money - for example a bribe or an expensive gift - which in the end can bring you many problems. The emergence of this card suggests that you need to be careful when handling money to avoid big financial losses.


Seven of Pentacles in an upright position means you are expecting success and rewards for your work, but not now - a little later. The seeds are sown and will eventually bear fruit, but as long as this happens, you must be patient and work hard. Seven of Pentacles says that you have worked hard and can ultimately rely on good incomes. You will enjoy the financial success, growth of your business or enterprise, improving the standard of living. You only have to wait and continue to make efforts in this direction. In addition, Seven of Pentacles may mean a slowdown in business, inhibitions, and postpone a successful outcome. In any case, this is a good, promising card. However, in anticipation of future success, do not forget about the present. Seven of Pentacles says: Look around - maybe there is a profit you can use here and now.

A reversed
Seven of Pentacles means that your hopes for profits are unlikely to come true. The presence of this card implies that you have made an investment in a project that ultimately, at your own expense, will bring a good profit, but these expectations are unlikely to materialize. Most likely, you are wrong in the financial calculations. A reversed Seven of Pentacles warns you of possible debt default or debt issues (illness or unexpected situation). In addition, depending on how it is stacked, it may indicate that to succeed you will be impeded by your impatience, or vice versa - the excessive laziness. Anyway, the reversed Seven of Pentacles means that your hopes will not be fulfilled, at least not at the moment. In the worst case, you may suffer losses at best - at least preserve what you have.

In the upright position Eight of Pentacles symbolizes a decent reward for hard and everyday work. The presence of this card means that you are familiar words such as diligence, hard work and skills. You are a professional; you have the knowledge and experience that allows you to confidently handle your work. In addition, you are able to organize your work, disciplined and careful to detail. Eight of Pentacles promises that all this will surely bring fruit: you will have success in business, revenue growth, material well-being and confidence in the future. If you just want to start a project or learn a new profession, the card says you are on the right track and if you are diligent and patient, luck will come to you.

A reversed
Eight of Pentacles says that because of your eternal employment, you lose a lot. Communication with family and friends, entertainment and the joy of life - all of this passes you. Besides, you lack the opportunity to improve the financial situation because you just do not have time to lift your head and look around. A reversed Eight of Pentacles advises you to diversify your life with new ventures and find new solutions to avoid stagnation and routine. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling into daily business and doing nothing to improve your financial position and progress.


In the upright position Nine of Pentacles is a good card and foretells wealth, abundance and prosperity in life. Her presence tells you that a successful realization of profitable projects and material welfare is waiting for you, which will allow you to enjoy life. Even if your life is no longer the easiest, Nine of Pentacles indicates that everything will change soon. It is possible to get a well-deserved reward for your work, and perhaps the money will come to you unexpectedly - like a profit or inheritance. In any case, you do not have to worry about tomorrow. You will be able to afford everything you want. In addition, In the upright position Ten of Pentacles indicates recreation or relaxation as well as independence and self-sufficiency. You are expecting wealth, but there will not be so many people to share your joy. The card says that sometimes it is better to rest than to stay alone, the main thing is that this period of "privacy" does not last long.

A reversed Nine of Pentacles means that your well-being and financial condition is in jeopardy. Even if your life is now stable, if you feel good and you have confidence in the future, Nine of Pentacles advises you not to relax and be alert or risk losing much. Failure of plans, collapse of profitable projects, fraud, theft, lawsuit or legal difficulties - all this can threaten your comfort and well-being. In addition, a reversed Nine of Pentacles can indicate loneliness. Perhaps you are too distant from your loved ones. But spiritual communication is also wealth. The card calls for you not to retreat, to share with your loved ones, your inner world - their support will help you in difficult times.

In the upright position Ten of Pentacles symbolizes a well-functioning and stable life in all its manifestations. First of all, this is financially stable, but in many ways it is based on people close to you. Material prosperity, strong ties, family traditions, satisfaction, and tranquility - all this is denoted by Ten of Pentacles. You will enjoy strong positions in society, in business and family, profit, success, support from relatives (including material), it is also possible to obtain inheritance, expensive gifts or rent.

Having chosen this card means that you will be happy not only with your financial situation, but also with people close to you. You are surrounded by people ready to support you in difficult times, to share your joy, to give wise advice and material goods. A successful career will not be a problem for your personal life. On the contrary, it would be impossible to achieve it without the support of those who are dear to you.

A reversed
Ten of Pentacles suggests weakness in family (as well as friendly, affiliate and related) relationships, which may have a negative effect on your financial situation. Having chosen this card means that your family and friends may be a deliberate or unintended cause of your financial loss.

 Lack of help and support in tough times, disagreements among relatives, business fraud, direct fraud, and disputes with relatives for money or property, litigation - all this can bear the reversed Ten of Pentacles. In this regard, a period of instability and a failure in revenue are waiting for you. To reduce the loss to a minimum, try not to give up provocation or rely on someone's help. You will now have to rely on yourself. But for the future, do not forget to solve problems with family and friends - without their support; it will be hard to move forward.


In the upright position, Page of Pentacles means change for better, as well as new challenges and opportunities that will help you strengthen the financial situation. The presence of this card can predict good news, prospective dating, acquiring new knowledge or skills that will help you in the future to get better income. In addition, Page of Pentacles can point to a particular person - your friend or acquaintance - thanks to which, you will be able to improve your financial condition. Perhaps this person will give you good advice or help you find a better paid job.

A reversed Page of Pentacles means that your financial well-being is in jeopardy. Expect bad news about money. You may be the victim of fraud, theft or a lie, and you can throw a significant amount of wind. The presence of Page of Pentacles shows that the reason for your financial problems may be one of your acquaintances or friends. Maybe he will give you bad advice, get you into a bad company or just direct your passion for extravagance. In any case, a reversed Page of Pentacles advises you to be careful with the money, not to succumb to the influence of others and to think only with your own head.


In the upright position Knight of Pentacles tells of a person from your surroundings that will help you increase your income. Knight of Pentacles is a young man with money and opportunity, friend, colleague or business partner. The presence of Knight of Pentacles means that in this person's face you will find a strong ally. Thanks to his support, wise counsel, or simply fulfilling his obligations in good faith, you will be able to raise your financial position to a higher level. You will enjoy success in business, executing projects and plans, getting a good profit.

A reversed Knight of Pentacles shows a person in your environment that may be responsible for your financial failures. This is your enemy or rival, a person with money and links that can hurt you badly. The presence of this card means that you should never trust that person's words, and even more - follow his advice. Otherwise, your financial prosperity will be jeopardized. Knight of Pentacles does not necessarily mean you will enter into an open conflict with him - he can act cautiously and wait a long time for a moment. You will find a strong opponent in his face to cope with. The things that will help you will be self-confidence, organization and careful and thoughtful handling of money.


In the upright position, Queen of Pentacles shows a specific person in your environment - a successful woman who has reached a high position and has considerable resources. She can be your boss, colleague or business partner, and a woman from your immediate environment - a relative, a mother, a friend. The presence of this card indicates that Queen of Pentacles treats you favorably and can rely on her protection. Queen of Pentacles has great opportunities and this will greatly help to increase your income. Taking advantage of her generosity, ties, authority, advice or official position, you can achieve a high financial standing. If it is not a certain person, then this card is a high income symbol and predicts commercial success, wealth and prosperity.

A reversed Queen of Pentacles tells of a rich and influential woman in your environment that can greatly harm your financial well-being. She may be your boss, representative of a competitive company or just a relative, a friend. On her part, you might expect spitting, gossip, intrigue, confrontation and even cheating, resulting in financial loss. However, Queen of Pentacles is not necessarily malicious. The card can also mean a woman who scatters and can not cope with the money or vice versa, whose fault awaits you to lose. In any case, the card calls for you to be careful when handling your funds, stay away from gambling, and keep a close eye on the situation to be able to resist the reversed Queen of Pentacles.


In the upright position King of Pentacles is a man of your environment, wealthy, with high standing in society, solid, ties and social status. The presence of the card indicates that you will be able to win the favor of King of Pentacles, and that you will use his patronage, especially for material advancement and income growth. If King of Pentacles does not point to a particular person, then he shows prosperity and abundance. In any case, you are awaiting success, career advancement, implementing profitable projects, raising income and living standards, and possibly earning a great profit or inheritance.

The reversed King of Pentacles is a man of your environment who has great ties, a position in society and material prosperity. He can be a dangerous opponent or a competitor, and by his fault, you risk making big financial losses. If King of Pentacles does not indicate to a specific person, then he predicts financial problems, fraud, corruption, swindle, theft. In any case, in order to counter the negative forecast, you need to keep a close eye on the situation, to thwart any attempts to deceive or abuse your monetary interests. If you are facing a mighty competitor or rival, do not act alone - get the support of no less influential people.


In the upright position Ace of Swords is a remarkable card, which means triumph and success. You have achieved what you have aimed for, and now you have influence and authority.

The presence of Ace of Swords says that thanks to your strong will, determination and energy, you will overcome all the obstacles and difficulties along the way and you will have the full right to enjoy the fruits of your deserved victory. Your opponents are defeated; your dreams come true in your eyes. Expect a period of prosperity and success to come in the near future. And most important is the ability to steer your life in the right direction. By using the acquired prestige and influence over other people, there are tremendous opportunities ahead.

In the reversed position
Ace of Swords means that you have achieved very high results, but your cruelty, authority and the intention to attain the desired at all costs can bring all your achievements to a collapse. The presence of this card also means pushing others and using them to reach your goals. This provokes their dissatisfaction and opposition. Now you are able to keep the situation under control, but sooner or later there will be an explosion that will throw you far back. In addition, a reversed Ace of Swords can predict such problems as problems with law or influential people, conflicts, major defeats and monetary losses. If your business goes into a dead end, and if you want to avoid future losses, reconsider your cruel attitude towards life, work and, above all, people. They are not pawns in your game. By showing greater flexibility, tolerance, understanding, you will gain loyal allies to help you avoid mischief.


In the upright situation Two of Swords symbolizes the presence of strength, perseverance, self-confidence and strong internal reserves in you, thanks to which, you will endure the trials. Also, this card means that you are able to successfully solve the problems awaiting you without losing self-control. When it comes to external challenges - for example, a conflict or confrontation with someone - you will be able to find a compromise or a convincing argument and fix the situation. The card may predict inner conflict - for example, disharmony, between the mind and the heart, and then you will be able to cope with your feelings and achieve spiritual balance. In other words, Two of Swords is a card of quiet confidence and the ability to protect your interests at any time when necessary.

A reversed Two of Swords means a lack of mental equilibrium in you. The presence of this card predicts sharp, painful conflicts with others, feelings that go out of control, negative emotions. You may think that escalating conflict, showing strength, but actually showing weakness. A reversed Two of Swords shows an inability to control your emotions, resulting in loss of control of the situation. And instead of confident victories, it promises a prolonged confrontation, conflicts and insurmountable contradictions.


In the upright position Three of Swords shows serious psychological trauma. The presence of this card could mean that the people you trust have insulted or hurt you and betrayed your feelings. This may include betrayal of a loved one, a business partner, adultery, betrayal of a close friend, or simply painful disputes, conflicts and quarrels. In any case, Three of Swords

means deep feelings, injustice, emptiness or rift in the relationship with your beloved, conflict. Despite the harsh experiences, they are like a thunderstorm that comes quickly, but it quickly passes. Even if the heart wounds are deep, the time can heal them, most importantly, do not lose the power of your spirit.

In the reversed position
Three of Swords says that your soul is wearing heavy insults. Perhaps it is outrage of life, and maybe it's about specific people. However, no matter how legitimate these complaints may look like, a reversed Three of Swords that these complaints are fake. Try to look at the situation on the outside and honestly answer the question weather you are not exaggerating the situation? And probably you should forget some things because they happened years ago. In any case, remember that your complaints can hurt you. Three of Swords tells you that it's time to leave them in the past. Getting rid of melancholy and infertile experiences, you will be surprised how many things will change!


In the upright position Four of Swords foretells a denial of struggle, calmness and taking a rest from the problems. The presence of this card means that you have been in a difficult period lately when things required decisive action and you did not have time to even take a breath. It is now possible for some time to reject the severity of the problems. Four of Swords foretells a break through which you will be able to restore your mental and physical strength, improve your health, and calmly decide how to act forward. Four of Swords also predicts that recreation will affect you well. After a break from deeds and problems, with renewed vigor, you can continue what you have begun.

A reversed Four of Swords means you're trying to close your eyes for something you do not like, whether it's a complicated relationship with other people or everyday trouble. The presence of this card means that instead of decisive action you will actually let things happen by themselves and you will lose control of the situation. At the same time, separated from the troubles, you can isolate yourself from everything, including the good in life, and as a result - feel lonely. Four of Swords advises you to hurry and effectively deal with the accumulated issues. Passivity time is over: work requires your active participation.


In the upright position Five of Swords is an unfavorable card, which means defeat, retreat, and great losses in life. The presence of the card suggests that you are in a dangerous or very difficult situation from which you are unlikely to be able to leave a winner. This can be a serious conflict, dispute or trial. By failing and retreating, you will cope with the lost positions for a long period of time. However, Five of Swords shows that much of this unpleasant situation will depend on your stamina and strength of the spirit. Maybe courage will not save you from defeat, but it will help you avoid big losses and quickly build up strength and rush into the attack again. The strong and courageous man, even from defeat, is able to take advantage. In other words, even if you lose the battle, you still have the chance to win the war.

A reversed Five of Swords warns about speculation, quarrels and conflicts, and that someone in your entourage (or even you yourself) strives to achieve your goals, not with the most honest means. Depending on the arrangement, the card may mean such events in life as collision with colleagues or partners, conflict with a close friend, fraud, misappropriation of money, the need to protect interests - including in court. In this case the reversed Five of Swords, unlike the upright position does not exclude victory as an option - especially if you do not play honestly. If that happens, victory is unlikely to bring you satisfaction and may be naughty.

In the upright position Six of Swords symbolizes the end of a difficult period in your life and the uncertainty of the transition stage. The presence of this card implies that the main difficulties are behind you, and at the moment, nothing depends on you. Now you can relax by letting the river of life carry you upstream. However, despite the temporary delay, there are new shores ahead of you and the beginning of a new phase, and time to stock up with new forces. The changes predicted by Six of Swords are for good, but they require you to exercise a lot of effort, patience and perseverance. Also, Six of Swords can mean a journey, a long journey - possibly connected with water.

A reversed Six of Swords means you try to avoid existing problems instead of starting solving them. Eventually delaying the acceptance of some important decisions or closing your eyes on something, you feel temporary relief, but the problem is not getting smaller. Conversely, sooner or later it will remind you of itself and you will not be able to ignore it. Along with this, as you have already missed the situation, the result will not be what you would like. A reversed Six of Swords warns of the danger of passivity and inaction. The situation requires your interference and control. Without paying attention to this fact, by prolonging your time with indecisive half-measures, you risk losing.


In the upright situation Seven of Swords warns of hasty, impulsive actions that you may later regret and which will badly affect your reputation. The card can also mean events such as cheating or dishonesty to achieve goals, playfulness, intrigue, cunning, and subtle action. Seven of Swords warns that your clever can help you achieve what you want, but it can seriously damage your reputation and, as a result, you do not succeed. Another possible meaning of Seven of Swords is a treacherous secret enemy, for whose existence you do not even suppose. In this case, it advises you to double your vigilance to prevent this dangerous person from violating your plans.

A reversed Seven of Swords means that you have opponents or enemies in life who keep a secret game against you, but you will successfully deal with them. The presence of this card implies that you are acting properly by preventing your rivals from taking anything against you. But you have to keep your back - your enemies do not sleep. In addition, Seven of Swords promises that if you previously suffered damage as a result of somebody's insidious action, you now have all the chances to regain the lost. This may include the return of property (if there was a theft, a deception or a dishonest court), or the restoration of your reputation in the eyes of others, etc. In other words, Seven of Swords shows that justice in life still exists.

In the upright situation Eight of Swords indicates your powerlessness to change something or the inability to do what you think is necessary. The card describes a situation where a person feels literally tied up with arms and legs because of the circumstances (illness, disintegration of the plans) and the limitations to be taken into account. Eight of Swords indicates that these limitations can be caused not only by external factors but also by internal ones such as complexes, indecision, fear, and self-doubt. In any case, Eight of Swords means that at the moment, you can not act as you think it is necessary. However, this is only a temporary phase. At any time, circumstances can change by untying your hands. Or release yourself from the yoke of your inner chains.

A reversed
Eight of Swords says that some circumstances seem insurmountable, but in reality it is not. The situation that prevents you from acting and binds your hands - is no more than the result of your imagination, or as a result of your own indecision, uncertainty in abilities, and perhaps obedience of alien will. A reversed Eight of Swords advises you to be more active and brave. You've waited enough in vain! Accept a creative approach and jump over your obstructing frames. In this case, obstacles and constraints will be just an illusion. You will see that, in fact, the road is clear and you have all the chances of success.


In the upright position Nine of Swords symbolizes disappointment, loss and other blows to fate. This card predicts unfavorable, insulting, severe events in life that require you to show confidence and courage. Failure, complete failure of the intended, unfortunate, illness, breaking the relationship as a consequence of these experiences, suffering and anguish - all this can mean Nine of Swords. However, despite the negative background, you have to control and believe that all the difficulties sooner or later pass.

The reversed Nine of Swords says it is necessary to look at life more positively. Perhaps your life is not the easiest at the moment, and you have many causes for sorrows, but you are looking too gloomy on this situation. Nine of Swords advises you to interrupt this vicious circle of negative emotions. Stop being self-pity, inventing more and more excuses! , it is the time to open yourself to life and to everything good that is there. The situation is not hopeless: you can be reconciled with some part of it, but something else is entirely in your power to change for the better. All you have to do is to be more positive and self-confident.

In the upright position Ten of Swords symbolizes the betrayal and the heavy loss you can only live with – unfortunately, you cannot change the situation. Separated with a loved one, a crash of all plans, a great failure, a grave illness, a ruin, a collapse - all of this can bring about Ten of Swords. And probably, the cause of the difficulties and the loss is the evil will of someone: sneaky machinations of the enemies, betrayal, intrigues, confrontation, conflicts. In other words, Ten of Swords is an unfavorable card, calling you with courage to withstand the losses and blows of fate. Accept the fact that it is impossible to change anything and be vigilant for people who can put a knife in your back.

A reversed Ten of Swords means that the difficult period of defeats and losses remains in the past. Perhaps it awaits implementation of the plans, success, financial recovery and achievement of everything you want. However, do not rush to say goodbye to the past and forget it as a bad dream. A reversed Ten of Swords says that thanks to the difficulties and losses, largely left behind, you will find new successes and new growth. In addition, the bitter experience of the past will save you from many mistakes. Including the habit of blindly trusting people, this is the most likely cause of your past failures.


In the upright position Page of Swords can refer to a young guy - a boy or a girl - ready to support you, which stands for you during the attack of competitors or enemies. In addition, Page of Swords can say that your enemies do not sleep. An open confrontation has not yet occurred, but you have to be alert and react to any attack. Secrets of rivals, intrigues, gossip and rumors against you, witty machinations - all of this can warn you, Page of Swords and calls on you in any case to remain vigilant. Besides that, the card says you are full of strength and determination to move forward. So, despite the rivals' machinations, your plans have every chance of being realized.

A reversed Page of Swords can be defined as a person from your immediate surroundings - a boy or a girl - creating evil plans against you. In addition, the card can symbolize all of your enemies or opponents, the existence of which you may not even know and that are likely to confuse your plans at the most inappropriate moment. In any case, the presence of Page of Swords says that in addition to the covert gossip and intrigue at any given time, you must be ready to respond to the confrontation and defend your interests. Doubling and tripling your vigilance, in the near future events can develop quickly and not the way you expect.


In the upright position Knight of Swords can represent a young man standing in the defense of your interests: friend, ally, defender, or a partner. This person can help you in conflicts, in responsible negotiations, litigation, or any other case where your interests may be violated. The features of Knight of Swords are determination, vigor, sincerity, professionalism, and obvious leadership qualities. With this person's support, you will be able to gain an edge in upcoming clashes or conflicts and, as a result, protect your interests and get out of the difficult situation a winner.

A reversed Knight of Swords shows a young man from your surroundings, a dangerous rival, opponent or adversary capable of much harm to you. The man who represents Knight of Swords has features such as self-confidence, power of will, leadership, irreconcilability and cruelty. If you have selected this card, then you are in opposition to this dangerous person or that conflict is yet to come. Knight of Swords warns you of an open conflict when you have to make every effort to kick back. So it is best not to escalate the situation, just make a truce with Knight of Swords or agree a compromise that suits both sides.


In the upright position Queen of Swords represents a woman from your immediate environment with great inner strength, authority, influence and power. This power may be official (chief, officer, teacher), but may be due to the high status and position in society, financial wealth or professional merit. Anyway, Queen of Swords is able to provide you with strong support, so you better have it among your friends. If you have selected this card, Queen of Swords is kind to you. You can take advantage of links, patronage, or even advice, and, in doing so, you can take a step forward and have tremendous advantage over your rivals and competitors.

The reversed Queen of Swords shows a dangerous enemy: a woman possessing power, influence, connections. It can be your secret enemy as well as open. You can expect intrigues, swindles, crafty machinations or direct conflict and confrontation. This card is capable of much harm to you in this area of ​​influence and authority. The presence of Queen of Swords suggests you to be careful and diplomatic with this dangerous woman and as far as possible you can not stand in the way. And men must avoid her love affairs - otherwise it can affect the creepy career and privacy.


In the upright position King of Swords represents a person from your surroundings: a hard, self-confident man, with authority and high status. His characteristics are: determination, endurance, aggressiveness. This may be your boss, father, friend, or a patron. The power of King of Swords does not necessarily have to be formal - it can be based on its broad ties, money or any other possibilities. It is also likely that King Swords is a politician, senior officer, judge, military, officer, etc., someone who officially represents the authorities or the law. His presence suggests that in his face you can find a powerful patron. Boldly follow his advice and do not give up his support. He is ready to help you out of your way out of any difficult winning battle and you will be able to advance in life.

A reversed King of Swords shows a person from your surroundings: a dangerous person with influence and power. In order to accomplish your goals, this man is ready to sweep everything in his way, so it would be best do not stand in his way. The appearance of a reversed card King of Swords tells you that you have an obvious or secret enemy. Maybe he is your opponent or rival, but maybe you just do not like it or intend to obey your will.
In this connection, you have to prepare for a battle: a heavy and open conflict or insidious intrigue is waiting for you. Perhaps - judicial or unexpected legal problems. A reversed King of Swords is able to significantly weaken your position. To confront him, you need to attract the support of no less influential patrons.


In the upright position, Ace of Wands is a symbol of successful initiatives in all areas, no matter whether we are talking about business, work, career or personal life. Presence of this card may indicate successful execution of ongoing projects and those still in the planning stage. Ace of Wands says that circumstances are the perfect for you; it's time to start realizing your bravest ambitious plans and projects. What you want will come true and bring rich awards. However, in order to achieve the desired, you must show determination, perseverance and creativity.

The reversed Ace of Wands says that all your plans or endeavors will not be fulfilled. In particular, this relates to business projects related to finance or careers. However, depending on the question it can also talk about your personal life and family. Perhaps you have chosen the wrong time or approach to implement your plans. Or maybe your own attitude is to blame for - lack of determination and confidence in yourself - which is detrimental to the business. Anyway, Ace of Wands predicts: the work you've taken and for which you have high expectations is doomed to failure. It can bring you a lot of headaches, disappointments and problems.


In the upright position Two of Wands symbolizes long-term plans, ideas that can eventually lead to success. These ideas can apply to almost every new project from a business plan, to the desire to buy an apartment or to pass an exam successfully. It also hints at another option: planning a trip, a journey. You do not have to think a lot about your plans, but you have to act to get it done. So get ready: a rather complicated and stormy period is in front of you. However, and despite all this, Two of Wands shows that you have good chances for self-realization and deserved success.

In the reversed position Two of Wands says that the deeds you have devised are doomed to failure. In particular, this applies to business projects related to work, partnership, finance or physical work. Perhaps there is something you have not foreseen in your plans, you do not have the information you need or you lack a qualification, but that does not change the fact that your project has proved to be unviable. In addition, a reversed Two of Wands can talk about such traits of character as insecurity in their own power, or vice versa, arrogance and pride, which may be the cause of the negative situation.


In the upright position Three of Wands promises that a new period is coming in your life, and that period is very productive and favorable. Your plans will be successful. However, nothing will get free or with a magic wand: only your energy, wit and enthusiasm will eventually lead you to success. In addition, cooperation with others: partners, clients and colleagues will play an important role in achieving the plan. The ability to find touch points and common interests can lead you to prosperity and commercial success. First of all, all the positive changes predicted by Three of Wands refer to the sphere of business and work, as well as to all developments and plans related to career, school, work and business, major local projects such as construction and repairs of apartment, house.

The reversed Three of Wands symbolizes the failure of a new business project related to emotional turmoil and financial problems as well as problems with colleagues and partners. The card says your plans have little hope of realizing or their performance is postponed indefinitely. Perhaps the cause of all these problems lies in the preparatory phase: you have not considered your project well or miss something out of your sight. In addition, Three of Wands can talk about your lack of confidence or the ability to get along with people. Anyway, the card warns you that the case you are dealing with will bring more disappointments than victories: you are waiting for a period of difficulties and problems that need to be resolved.


In the upright position, Four of Wands symbolizes the successful completion at a certain stage of the business and the subsequent improvement in financial well-being. Depending on the arrangement, it may indicate the first successes of a new project, first profits from the project. Or it may be a sign of ending something that is just the first step on your way to your covenant. In any case, Four of Wands is a sign of temporary relief, as well as the opportunity to finally enjoy the deserved fruit of your work so that you can then move forward with fresh energies. Four of Wands says that your efforts were not in vain, that you are going in the right direction, and eventually you can expect more. Your projects are doing well and this affects your well-being. Soon you will have new projects and a new business that will be a continuation of the old one. Now you have the chance to take the time to yourself and your loved ones. Spend it in communications, fun, travel and enjoyable shopping.

The reversed Four of Wands also has a positive meaning. It represents the first fruits, the first success in a new business, but also warns of a possible puzzling. In this sense, a reversed Four of Wands warns that it is still too early to relax. There are many things in front of you that need your energy and strict control. If you succeed in the initial stage, relax and leave your work on self-taught, of course, all your achievements will quickly be thwarted. So relax, and remember that true deeds are still in front of you.


In the upright position Five of Wands symbolizes successful competition (mainly in business) as well as victories achieved with a lot of hard work. Depending on how they are stacked, the competition may have different nuances - from gambling competition to "fire" to team leadership struggle, or a compassionate desire to grow successfully, louder and richer than others . In any case, Five of Wands does not promise an easy life, because even if it's just a victory in the sport, it preaches exhausting training and a need for a will to win. In other cases, whether we are talking about business, career or money, the victory in the contest requires man more casualties and can be transformed into a confrontation with others.

A reversed Five of Wands symbolizes the most cruel and dishonest types of competition: intrigue in the collective, hidden struggle, fraudulent practices, conflicts, lawsuits. All this can greatly complicate your life, despite the fact that fighting with competitors will result in a positive result. The reversed Five of Wands advises you to look around: they may be building machinations against you and you have not noticed. Depending on the way of arrangement, the card may indicate yourself, in which case you need to analyze your behavior. Is the price you are going to pay for your purpose too high and whether your colleagues and partners are not envious? After all, reputation can be easily lost, but you can not buy it at all costs.


In the upright position Six of Wands predicts wealth, prosperity and success in business. The project in which you have put all your strengths has all the chances of finishing brilliant: over time, you will not only succeed, but you will also get much more than you expected. Six of Wands is a sign you are awaiting a deserved reward, wealth, confidence in the future, and respect from others. If your life is still not the way you imagine it and want it to be, know that the good news will catch up with you very soon - they are on their way.

A reversed Six of Wands symbolizes the challenges and obstacles that await you on your way to the goals. There are many difficulties in the spheres of life and work: The project you have hoped for can be postponed indefinitely - because its performance will be too difficult, and its future under a huge question. A reversed Six of Wands warns you that you face a period of uncertainty, failures and, as a consequence, doubts about your own abilities. In addition, the card may clearly indicate that your difficulties are related to the machinations of your enemies who pretend to be your friends. In this connection, Six of Wands recommends, even for the most reliable colleagues and partners, to follow the ancient formula: "Trust but check"


In the upright position Seven of Wands symbolizes the need to protect your interests. What you have achieved with hard work, what is really valuable - whether wealth, position in society, ideas and beliefs - you have to protect yourself from someone's interference or assault. However, and despite the fact that, in fact, Seven of Wands predicts, many difficulties, confrontations and machinations by enemies. Also, it indicates that your position is profitable. The truth is entirely on your side, and if you do not retreat and have enough strength and courage, you will avoid the losses, repel the attacks, and emerge victorious in the conflict situation.

A reversed Seven of Wands says the current problems in your affairs are related to inability or reluctance to defend your interests. Depending on the arrangement, Seven of Wands indicates that you do not have the necessary qualities (strong will, energy, self-confidence) to resist the pressure of the environment. Or probably it means that you are making an incorrect assessment of the situation, given your loss of position. In any case, you miss out on opportunities and gradually yield. Seven of Wands is not a verdict. On the contrary, the presence of the card just shows that everything is in your hands: collect courage and resist, you will eventually start earning.


In the upright position Eight of Wands symbolizes the vigorous movement to the target. You have already begun a project and you are advancing at a good pace. No obstacles are expected on the way to its implementation. All processes promise success! You should not slow down. Do not forget that everything in your business is now resolved by your energy and ability to make quick decisions. Besides successful and dynamic movement, Eight of Wands, depending on how it is stacked, can predict a trip or other exciting journey, as well as new encounters and new love.

The reversed Eight of Wands warns of the consequences that may arise from excessive rush or pressure on the events. This can lead to thoughtless and speedy decisions and eventually threaten a promising project. In addition, there is a danger that you can get yourself and others out of rails, and instead of accelerating, lead to opposite results: fatigue, apathy, sabotage, and slowing down graphics. Depending on the arrangement, the reversed Eight of Wands may alarm about problems not only in the business sphere but also in the relationship between people, no matter whether they are colleagues, friends or husband and wife. The card predicts conflicts, confrontations, and suggests that events will evolve rapidly, so it's very important - under the influence of emotions - not to make hasty decisions.


In the upright position Nine of Wands symbolizes qualities such as strength, courage, experience, foresight, self-control, and as a result - a desire to resist any difficulties. The card predicts that there are difficulties and obstacles before you, but you have the opportunity to get out of it with honor. Most likely, these difficulties will arise in the business sector (business, work, careers, and finances). Depending on how they are stacked, Nine of Wands can also predict problems in relationships - including the people you love. The presence of the card means that now is not the time to relax and leave things to yourself: you will soon have to show all your strength to avoid losing and to protect your interests.

The reversed Nine of Wands foretells a dangerous situation, difficulties and failures that you can pursue in your deeds. On the one hand, the presence of this card means that the difficulties and obstacles do not depend on you and can significantly impede your work or careers. The reversed Nine of Wands may indicate that the cause of the loss and failure lies in you: your stubbornness, the excessive firmness of inability to make compromises. Perhaps, thanks to these qualities, you are actually opposing the people around you and receiving a non-friendly (in a nutshell) attitude in response. If you have selected a Nine of Wands, the most sensible thing is to start showing more flexibility in dealing with people. Otherwise, for the difficulties you can only blame yourself.


In the upright position Ten of Wands symbolizes the heavy burden taken voluntarily or under the influence of circumstances. The card suggests that by working hard you will be able to achieve the desired goals, but success will be the result of great effort. The severity of success, the burden of work, the burden of money, the enormous burden on yourself and others - all this, depending on how it is arranged, can be the meaning of Ten of Wands. In addition, this card may warn of the heavy cost of success, no matter whether future or current. It is possible to harness all your strength in your pursuit of the goal. Or maybe you have already achieved what you wanted (position in society, new post, business expansion), and your obligations have increased many times and now you are exhausted morally and physically. In any case, Ten of Wands show your perseverance, dedication, will and opportunity for success. However, it says that the cost of such victory and achievement can be unjustifiably high.

A reversed
Ten of Wands says you do not trust your colleagues, and you think you're more competent and that's why you take the lion's share of work. Or that you do not want to share with anyone your future success, so you prefer to do it yourself. The card may suggest that you do not stop at anything to achieve your innermost dreams. Anyway, it also warns that the result will be the same: frustration, anguish and great losses. You risk losing everything if you do not learn to wisely distribute your emotions, money and, most importantly, forces.


In the upright position, Page of Wands symbolizes everyday business communications - colleagues, employees, business partners. With some of these people, good news will be linked and new prospects for professional development or growth of finance will be revealed. In general, the presence of Page of Wands suggests that you are set to work vigorously and skillfully. You have taken the right course, you are open to cooperation, new ideas and suggestions, and you can therefore undoubtedly rely on success. In addition, depending on how it is stacked, it can indicate a figure from your nearby friend, relative or loved one. In this case we can talk about a young boy or girl. In the upright position, the card says you can rely on this person: it will bring you good news or will support you at the right time.

In reversed position Page of Wands symbolizes a person from your business environment - a colleague, employee, etc. who is consciously or unconsciously able to hurt you. This may be a competitor who wants to take your place, a flattering or just envious person who has fallen to bring you bad news. In addition, Page of Wands can mean a person from your immediate environment: a young girl or a boy (a relative, a friend, a loved one) who will be involved in negative events. This person can play a role in your life as a dangerous rival, envious and intriguing, hiding under the guise of friendship.


In the upright position Knight of Wands can point to a specific person. This is a young, confident man from your environment. For professional support, expertise and advice, you can safely rely on it. By trusting this person, you are able to significantly improve your business and even bring it to a new level. Knight of Wands can predict that in your life and especially in business, you will bring the fresh wind of change. You are full of energy and even thinking that you are in the routine; life will soon pleasantly surprise you. Besides that, Knight of Wands may mean a journey. Even if this is not a business trip, you have the chance to learn something important about your deeds or to meet a helpful person. It can also predict any other movements - from changing jobs to relocating to another city or country. Besides the inevitable difficulties of the transition, Knight of Wands promises that in the end everything will turn to your advantage.

The reversed
Knight of Wands shows a young man, unpredictable and impulsive, that somehow relates to your business or work. This can be a hostile colleague or a dangerous rival competitor. The card warns you to hold your finger on the pulse so that you do not miss the first attacks on his side and give adequate resistance. Otherwise, you may suffer a tangible loss. It is also possible that Knight of Wands shows stagnation in business and an inability or unwillingness to change anything. When it is necessary to show energy and determination, you prefer to wait, relying on chance. In the future, this can lead to a gradual decline in business and disappointing hopes. In addition, depending on how it is stacked, Knight of Wands can predict the difficulties associated with each trip. The trip may be delayed or problems may occur when you are already on the road.

Queen of Wands symbolizes a business woman, experienced, educated, clever, and practical, with great achievements in her field. She can be your colleague, boss or just a familiar business lady. Depending on how it is stacked, Queen of Wands can show a figure from your close environment - relative or familiar - but in this case she has great prestige in the eyes of others and a stronger financial position. In the upright position, Queen of Wands (the figure that it says) promises you support and protection, good advice and financial help. If you take advantage of the offer, you will surely go far.

The reversed
Queen of Wands shows a woman in your environment who has money, power, and can become a dangerous rival or enemy. This can be a strict boss or colleague who ambitious plans are aimed at your place or just trying to hurt you. In addition, Queen of Wands can represent a woman in your environment (family, friends). In this case, the main features and characteristics are: ambition, authority, cruelty, desire for material goods. In order to achieve its goals, she is able to do everything.


In the upright position, King of Wands represents a wise and experienced man, a professional in his field, with great power and financial stability. He is most likely a boss or an employee who respects the whole team. King of Wands can also show a solid, secure and respectable person from your immediate environment - a relative or a friend. In both cases, King of Wands promises you support and patronage, which will greatly improve your financial situation, and your career and your situation in society, can come to a new stage.

A reversed King of Wands is a man of your business environment, secured and gifted with power. As a rule, it is the chief executive or the owner of a company. This is a tough, authoritarian person, a follower of strict rules for which there is only one point of view - his own. A reversed King of Wands is a dangerous enemy or a competitor, so if you have this card, do not go into conflict with him or (if it's already started) time is to withdraw. Otherwise, your meeting with King of Wands will affect very badly on your career and financial condition.