1 You are on top of a mountain and you can not relax, so be vigilant and prudent while you are on the top. Expect major changes in your life within 6 months. Time favors your endeavors. In your personal life there are some uncertainties, it is necessary to clarify them. If your desire is reasonable and modest, it will definitely come true. Someone is confronting you but if you are determined and adamant, you can expect success. You will endure the test.


2 You have been working very hard and two months later your efforts will be crowned with great success. You are thirsty for knowledge and you treat with love even the smallest fruits of your labor. You are very attached to your mother. It is not the time now to indulge greed, so do not think so much about the physical benefit. In the shortest time it is not recommended to drive off on the road - either alone or with someone else. You will meet someone soon who will be very interested in you. Your desire will be fulfilled, though not immediately.


3 One of the worst combinations. Whatever you start doing will not give results. Wait for a more favorable time. Try to lead a closed way of life for at least three months. Take in consideration of your future plans. Be patient; listen to the advice of a woman. You cannot expect cleverness and luck in this period of your life.


4 You are seeing everything around you as through a veil, but it will soon fall, the world will once again gain clarity. Since this problem, your nerves are severely shaken, do not take hasty decisions. If you want to succeed, do not neglect the advice of superiors. Spend more time to interact with your children. New plans, new perspectives already occurred, but no new love nearby. Soon everything will change. Do not despair. Focus your will on the implementation of a single desire.


5 Wait and collect power; very soon you will need it.

Too hasty action now can only cause harm. Wait little more - two months until a person who will help you with what you need, will appear. If you decisively and energetically engage with the planning of further action, the help and support will come even faster. Your financial situation will suddenly improve. It is possible to feel attracted to an older man. It is recommended indeed not to show your interest in him.


6 You feel disharmony. Expect future conflict. Hold modest and restrained. If you are provoked - do not react. Try to curb your impulses and your requirements; do not engage in any endeavors by yourself while your circumstances do not change for the better. On the contrary, take part in a joint operation. Let everything goes according to its order. Then there will be peace and quiet and you will again find that the vital problems can not only cause grieve, but also can learn you something.


7 This hexagram symbolizes the conscious privacy. Your current state resembles the condition of the general who decides when it's best to start offensive. Be careful; choose for your allies people with good intentions. Although success can accompany you at the time, remember to take cautious measures. You will receive an unexpected notice or will be visited by an unexpected guest. This moment is filled with romance. However, expect the occurrence of contention with a person.


8 The worst time is already in the past, but some difficulties remain. Participate in general cases; success awaits you when you cooperate with others. The performance of tasks largely depends on how you take advantage of the advice of superiors and friends. Be faithful; do not neglect your obligations. If you are in love, you have much need for mutual respect and understanding – just like the teacher and the student. The given period is not suitable for gaming.


9 Luck and success are not typical characteristic of your current position. But remember – it is darkest before dawn. And although the situation may not seem clear and you can not possess it, do not worry - this is a temporary situation. People are used to consider you of being someone who easily makes money. Be very cautious not to drive for trifles with friends and acquaintances. Do not overdo the work to avoid fatigue. After three months the money will actually flow to you. The events that will change your life for the better are approaching.


10 At present, your behavior must be polite, friendly and restrained. Be absorbed in yourself and carefully consider your position. Express your respect to superiors. Now it will be helpful. An unexpected event will happen that will provide you great joy. Time is inappropriate for flirting. Married should be especially careful when interacting with poorly known men.

This is a period in which claims to life should be minimized.


11 Now, when happiness is kind to you and there is movement forward in your career, think about your friends. Do not be frivolous. If you wish luck and success to accompany you for long period of time, try to support them with active operations in other areas. Currently you tend to spray money. Restrain yourself, try to limit within your financial capabilities. Your wish will be fulfilled, but do not try to artificially speed up its implementation.


12 Many things are unclear to you. Problems in the society excite you. Unworthy people are making their way to you. People around you do not understand you. Without having grounds you quarrel with one of your friends. Be vigilant and provident; do not start important endeavors. Be careful with the way you spend your money these days. Listen to the advice of superiors, but take decisions alone. The situation will soon change. Your wishes will be fulfilled, but not completely and not immediately.


13 Wherever you go, you will find yourself in a better society. You can bravely enter into combat, chasing high goals. You will be supported by a person to whom you have not relied. Very soon your work will begin to get better. You feel slightly insecure and restless. Regardless of this, your desire will be fulfilled completely, if you take seriously the offered help from the elderly.


14 The sun shines brightly. This means that you feel especially free. Furthermore, you are rich enough - both in material and spiritual terms. Concentrate your will on accomplishment of those desires whose realization is necessary for your endeavors. Although the given period is favorable for you, try not to overwork, constantly keep the goal in sight. Do not waste money.


15 Until the very earth is tilted the branch from the tree under the weight of the snow, but soon it will still face up; it will take up its old position. At some point your circumstances are moderately at ease. If you behave well enough and restrained, you will master the situation. For a number of reasons, including financial, you feel some embarrassment. Do not worry; soon everything will change in better. If you do not reject the help of others, your wish will be fulfilled. In the future, your financial matters will get better.


16 Your sun is about to rise, success is approaching. You have waited for it long enough. The time is favorable for all kinds of entertainment, the main thing is - do not get carried away too much. Be prepared for success, it will come soon. Happiness will accompany you in the realization of new goals, and also in the game. Striding along the way of success be sure to look at your feet; do not bogged down in pettiness and mercantilism. Wishes will surely be fulfilled, but you have to wait a little longer. Be careful; do not spend more money than you have.


17 Time is more appropriate to strengthen the leadership positions than recruiting like-minded people. Be true to your principles, even if your goals change. Now be content with small victories and successes. They will necessarily drag behind them bigger, swim with the current, not against it, and then everything will fall into place. Your desire will be fulfilled, but will entail large trouble with it. Be prepared for major changes in life.


18 You will become a participant in a number of changes in the personal life of other people. Thoroughly evaluate events. You should possess the situation and it will happen naturally by itself because of your condition. Soon you will do something that will amaze your friends, and perhaps yourself. Your relationship with other people is not ok, because there are problems that can hamper the fulfillment of your wishes. Many things in the relationship should be clarified. Be provident. You spend too much money.


19 Whatever you start doing now will be successful. The higher results you achieve, the more successful the flocking circumstances will be. An extremely successful period is coming in all activity areas. Accomplish your purposes bravely, but at the same time be cautious to avoid insults and make your friends angry, do not cause envy in others. One of your close friends will soon make you change your attitude towards him/her.


20 Be prepared for an unpleasant surprise. Try to take stock of the situation; try to see things as they really are. You may need to change your place of work and also the place of residence. Now you must be especially careful; do not let nothing important slips outside your influence. Carefully ponder all actions and then you will get help from where at least expect. Wishes will be fulfilled, but not as fast as you want. Analyze carefully the possibilities for implementing your plans, but if you work successfully - remember to help others.


21 You feel unhappy; you think you are a victim of injustice. If you constantly think about how such a thing could happen, it will not help you. Obviously in something you have made a mistake. Gather courage and take the necessary lesson from what happened. Try to begin the new venture and circumstances will improve. Conscientious work will lead to great success. Be prudent and wait calmly. Very soon everything will change for the better. It is now one assist in fulfilling your desires.


22 The given hexagram is favorable only for matters related to the theater. It means that you hide your true face. People around you also act not quite sincerely and honestly. In love affairs now there are some complications. There is possible success in theatrical activities. Your desire will be fulfilled with some delay. Accept life as it is, learn your lessons.


23 In the near future you may expect major changes. You should not start new activities; you should not fall into a stupid situation. Maybe someone launches gossip about you. Do not be afraid, if at the time it turns out that you can not count on the help of friends. Be cautious in your interactions with hypocritical members of the opposite sex.


24 It seems to you that you are completely entangled and it makes you nervous. But the obstacles are not so significant. You will deal with them very soon, if you work diligently and in good faith. One quite certain period - seven days or seven weeks, maybe seven months - will become important to you. In all probability, and you do feel that you are standing on the threshold of major changes in your fate. It really is. Just wait a little more - and everything will be fine, you will go for a new path.


25 In this period in your destiny dominates unity of clarity and simplicity. It will definitely be beneficial to you if you translate into life worthy thought with decent equipment. The time for high activity has not yet occurred. Happiness will soon smile, but only if you wait patiently. Sometimes you are too anxious by love affairs, but do not worry. All your wishes will come true in their term.


26 Do not spend your power in vain; in your life has been a "pause". Expect its end on standby, do not waste energy on the small stuff, find it a more enjoyable and useful application. Wishes will be fulfilled, but only if you're not putting the bar too high. The assistance will come from those who have faced problems similar to yours. Do not try to speed up the course of events; the result may be the opposite.


27 You talk too much and do too little. Do not gossip in address of others, so you will harm not only to them but also to you. You should go to see a doctor. Your desire will be fulfilled, but in a different way, not the way you would like. Stop complaining about your fate and be ready to recent changes in life.


28 You feel very happy. It is desirable to take yourself in hand, as if you unleash your temper, you can harm others as well as you.

Do not be overconfident. Your judgments at the moment are not very true. Do not try to achieve success with force. Be careful not to offend others with your temper. Hold your emotions and reconsider the status of things. Time will change everything. Your desire can not be fulfilled quickly.


29 One of the four worst combinations. At this moment in your life are characteristic lesions. The only thing you can do is shorten to a minimum amount of strokes of fate. Gather patience and wait until happy moments come to your life again. There is enough time for you; be occupied with scientific research. After two - five months the situation will start to improve. This is a period in which the analysis and sober assessment of the situation is much more important than the desperate struggle with destiny.


30 On the outside everything looks great, but it is not. You are trapped in illusions - the deliberate wishful thinking. Listen to the advice of a friend. Fate at the given moment is favorable to you. However, if you completely trust fate, it can lead you astray and cause damages to your business. In activities related to creativity and mediation expect great success. Listen to what people say. Your desire will be fulfilled thanks to someone older than you.


31 The state of mind in which you are, is accompanied by good luck and success. Several unexpected and profitable for you events are approaching. Almost every new step of yours will be successful. Relanite results will exceed even your wildest expectations, will bring your soul unparalleled peace. The only negative factor: after all the strong emotions it is necessary for you to briefly retreat and relax.


32 You are tearing in parts, trying to move in two directions simultaneously. If you remain calm, everything will end beneficially for you. You should now evaluate your internal state, try to bring yourself into line future plans and intentions. It is not the time for new ventures. Do not strive to change. Your desire will be fulfilled if you are patient.


33 You can only win if restrained at the time. Perseverance now will not bring you benefit. The time is right for interesting holiday and entertainment. Start making plans about the future, but their implementation should be delayed until the end of the current period of uncertainty. Use this time to meditate.


34 You are seeking to come to the fore too active, stronger than you really need at the time. You are ready to overcome anyone who stands in your way. In ambition there is nothing wrong, but it surely must be accompanied with tact in dealing with people. Your desire will be fulfilled if you behave a little more modest. Try to find the golden mean in relationship with others.


35 Your success is coming. You can expect respect and recognition, which you rightly rely on. In the future everything will be better. Suddenly you will meet someone who you have not seen for a long time. Try not to spend much money. In the future, this economy will reward you generously. Trust your lucky stars and boldly go forward. And not bitter that your wish will be fulfilled with some delay.


36 In the present, success will accompany you, but do not be overconfident. The situation may soon change. Proceed deliberately and prudently, but do not be carried away in love affairs. Usually, you make an impression on the pet child of destiny and therefore some people from your surroundings misinterpretation your actions. Do not worry. Very soon everything will fall into place. Your wishes will be fulfilled now.


37 Your place is where the heart is calling you. There you will feel at the right place. It is possible to think that on another place the grass is greener, but believe me, if you leave your home place/town now, very soon you will see that you have made a mistake. Enjoy family life, communicating with friends, piece at home. Hopes will be fulfilled with help.


38 This hexagram indicates that the period of your life is devoid of harmony. It seems to you that all people around you are set maliciously to you. Even the most insignificant trifles are making you angry. Calm down; do not get angry, the situation will soon be fine. Now it is hard to find allies. A woman you act on nerves. Be careful what you say and do not start doing anything new.

In the field of your interests at the moment there are a number of things that do not match your true desires.


39 One of the worst hexagrams. The more effort you apply, the worse results you get. It is difficult to say why at the time your destiny has no interest to Fortunatus. It is best now to dive into teaching or research. There you can find relief. It is possible some of your friends to help you. They will support you. Track your expenses; there is a real danger to run out of funds.


40 You have experienced a long period of anxiety and trouble. That time is over, the work again awaits success. Immediately start working, otherwise you will miss the opportunity to achieve a good result. The ongoing period is favorable for good profits. If you go on a journey, it will provide you with great pleasure. You will find new friends. An old your wish will be fulfilled. The new wish – as well, but a little later.


41 What you are giving now to others, will be returned to you in future. Perhaps now it seems to you that you are too wasteful, that you donate others too much. This impression would soon pass and you will be generously rewarded. The time is favorable for the consideration of plans, as well as intellectual activity. Most of your desires will be fulfilled. Even you'll get more than you have expected.


42 Time is favorable for prominent personalities, but for others it is also beneficial. Conceived will take place; what you have made will pay off. You will be able to help others. A job that superiors have ordered to you will be turned into personal gain for you. Someone is going to make you a good offer. In the near future there will appear an unexpectedly opportunity to fix your financial affairs. Your desire will be fulfilled with the help of a superior person.


43 In the period ahead success will accompany you, but it is possible because of your own stubbornness to make a mistake and alienate yourself from those who usually help you. Offer your help to them and show more tolerance in dealing with them. It is quite possible at this time to love a man who earlier you considered slightly sympathetic. It will affect your behavior. Do not play games of chance.


44 It would be good if a typical feature of your current behavior is restraint. Be careful to the problems in relations with people; try to evaluate their actions less critical. Be economical. Be ready for unexpected events very soon. They will not promise you anything favorable. The performance of your wishes and hopes is problematic.


45 Everything you do in this period will end successfully. An invisible force will stabilize your relationship with people and will help you make new close contacts, which will become favorable to you. Past works and efforts will be rewarded. A woman is following you. She is seeking to block your path. She wants to intervene in your life. However, your wishes will be fulfilled.


46 The thing you have been working on for the last several years will finally bring a good result and you will be well rewarded. You should work a little more - earnestly and in good faith. So soon you can count on appreciation and recognition. Bold and decisive actions now are much more favorable than lethargic waiting. Rely on common sense and intuition, and then your wish will probably be executed. Ideas that at the time you have in mind will rather bring success to you and financial terms.


47 One of the four worst hexagrams. It is a bad period in your life. You should not start doing anything. Wait for better period in your life. Your thoughts are insufficiently clear. Some of your surroundings, occupying high position, will help you. Listen to the advice of this man. Your faith in your own powers is now very weak. Do not take events too tragically. However, and this negative period will pass and circumstances will improve.


48 It would be good if you help others, even if your own work is not going very well. Subsequently, you will see that this course of action would be profitable for you. In this period you can hardly rely on recognition of your abilities and achievements by superiors, which naturally will make you feel bad. You want passionately circumstances to change, but now the time is not favorable for this. No matter how strange everything looks like, your current financial situation is not so bad. Modest your desires can be fulfilled even now, but the big – will not.


49 Everything around you is moving, everything changes, but in the end the good results will surpass even the wildest expectations. At the moment you do not feel confident in yourself. Soon confidence will come back to you with new perspectives. Circumstances will change for better. You will change your recent plans and you will head toward somewhere you never thought before. In this moment you're lucky in games.


50 The situation would be beneficial for your endeavors, if resolutely take upon yourself the role of leader. Some people do not enjoy your success. Do not pay attention to them. Be careful not to take or promise more than you are able to make. The number 3 will have great influence on you and your relationship with people. The work which you have undertaken with other like-minded people will bring success. Your wish will be fulfilled, though not quite the way you originally imagined. You waste too much time on entertainment and hobbies.


51 You are very close to success, but someone puts great efforts to prevent you achieve it. Do not be upset about it. What you aim to achieve as something necessary to you, would actually be quite different, not as you imagined it. So bravely and with quiet soul leave it to your opponent. Soon in your environment something unpleasant will happen, but it will not hurt you. The given period is favorable for recreation. Do not fluster because that circumstances develop that way. Fate will smile to you a little later.


52 In the present it is unlikely to see development in your work. Obviously you have to wait, and then again to try to work. It is better to cancel a planned trip or journey. Reconciled to the circumstances and seriously consider your position before you can deal with anything. Keep your head up! The victory over the difficulties and intrigue of offenders will be yours very soon. Your wishes won’t fulfill without persistent effort from you.


53 If you move forward, carefully consider every step, the success will not fail you in the future. Expect happiness in the future except for you rush over the events. Turtle has no less chance of arriving first at the finish than the rabbit. You are at the beginning of a long way. Your wish will be fulfilled. Financial affairs would be substantially better.


54 In this period be careful in everything - especially in love affairs. Take what is happening calmly and coolly or you can find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. The coming weeks are very favorable to prepare for the next more positive period of your life. Fulfillment of your wish slows down. This is a time when it is better to wait and think. It is also a time when revenues exceed expenses.


55 This hexagram symbolizes autumn harvest, collection of rich harvest. This means that the lucky star brightly illuminates all your deeds. They move successfully and equal, and in the future will go better. Remember that for you it is important to possess the information and that a portion of your money should be saved. The given period is particularly beneficial for activities related to art and creativity. Although it is successful period of your life, there is no indication that your wishes will be fulfilled.


56 There are all prerequisites for success in your life. The travel for scientific purposes abroad will be successful if such is planned. You're very touchy. Be careful not to spoil relations with friends and colleagues. You get too upset regarding some unpleasant event. This is unwise, not worth worrying about. The desire will be fulfilled if you do not expect too much.


57 Your situation is a tangle and at the moment it will not be so simple for you to navigate through it. It is very likely you present events too grim. Follow the path that will show you the man of your surroundings and make sure that this is the best outcome. After five months your fate will change for better. Something prevents the execution of your wishes. Female will help you remove obstacles. In this period, do not let people convince you do take such actions that seem wrong to you.


58 Today's depressed mood will soon dissipate. Do not ignore good advice of a friend and beware of bad speeches about others. It is very favorable time for all that relate to the art and trade. Do not get angry about what you can not change. Keep calm, happiness is now approaching.


59 After a long period of adversity, now it comes the time of success. You'll get everything to which you aim. Perhaps you will go on a long journey. You can expect brilliant success at work, in science and in love affairs. In the near future you will soil a chance to take the position of leader. Do not spend a lot of money. Your desire is fulfilled and will be fulfilled completely if you continue to act aggressively and purposefully.


60 Your time has come! Take to work seriously! But remember that you have to pay attention on even the smallest details. Otherwise, all efforts will go down the drain. Do not take too hasty this offer that just have been made to you or will make you. It is quite possible that it is far less profitable than it seems at first glance. The same applies for new love and friendship. This is the wrong time for trips and distant journeys. Reasonable and real desires will be fulfilled.


61 Now it is advantageous to you to work in collaboration with others, not alone. Be careful not to overestimate your mental abilities in order not to become arrogant and intemperate. This could jeopardize the implementation of your plans. Try to be more modest and restrained. Just in case your wishes are reasonable and fair, they will be fulfilled. A person in the near future will focus on your abilities and possibilities and you will be appreciated. This will greatly help you in your movement on the path of success.


62 It is possible to be disappointed by the person you love. Do not take it too tragically. You have probably missed the best chance for you, but soon will appear a new one. The given period is characterized by opportunities for good profits, but is less suitable for long journeys.

At the moment you pay great attention to the little things and thus humiliate yourself.


63 If ​​you had a fight with someone, immediately contact a third party to play the role of intermediary between you two. Resist the urge to re-gain the achieved successfully position you used to have. If you carefully consider this advice and follow it, the award will be the full realization of your wishes. At that time do not throw all your strength on your wish; it will not lead to success. Your specifically request/wish will be filled with some delay.


64 Success, which will mark all your deeds, is standing in your doorway. But it is too early to act. If you move forward carefully enough, the circumstances from day to day will be better and better. Your desire will be fulfilled in the near future. A happy period in your life is coming. You will not have to wait much longer.