The Rider

This can be a letter, tele-grams, and a phone call. Information may come by e-mail, by fax or by any another way. The main thing - speed. Furthermore, The rider can designate a specific person and, who comes to visit your home . With this man you have no links in relation to you he plays the role of "information carrier". In some cases may indicate a connection with foreign countries, cultural or business.
The Clover
This card indicates very good luck, but we have to take it as it comes. Good luck comes in a rush, and disappears as quickly. Brings a simple, artless, tranquil earthly happiness. Peace and comfort. Force - the simplicity and natural public. This is a chance to succeed. But to realize you'll have a lot more to work.
The Ship
This card indicates journeys and trips. These can be physical or spiritual. It also indicates foreign lands, exploring, starting something new without knowing much about it. Also change and new experiences. Sign of travel and relocation, as well as a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in life. This card can show tour; distance, which is too great to overcome the foot. In psychological terms can symbolize strong desire to change. In some cases it may be internal journey deep meditation.
The Hause
This card may shows their own home, a warm nest, security and reliability. What man gives time and power: family, apartment, own business . A good result, a successful conclusion anything. Makes reference to our home, our family, our past or the materialism in our lives. On a psychological level home can symbolize a strong self-defense mechanism. Therefore effect of this card means self-confidence, willingness of stand up for their beliefs. On-events level - home, family, everyday work. Spiritually hause - a symbol of peace, confidence of self-confidence based on experience and knowledge, skills feel "at home" in some system interconnections.
The Tree
This card may show the tree of life - a symbol of strength, health and joy. Its hardness and stability symbolize maturity, wisdom, life, prudence and ability to introspection. Joyous,optimism. Tree - one of the best cards. In position the future - an undoubted success in the past - a strong base, stable position in the present - stable. Speaks of good abilities, powerful Therefore tial force. You have the strength and capabilities to perform desired. Makes reference to our health, vitality, large internal resources, but also our environment, nature, our roots, traditions and time.
The Clouds
This card carries a sense of danger,foreboding thunderstorms, when the setting is heated so that it is sufficient minute reason (spark) to a storm. However, we must remember that the rain washes away all the dirt, all the excess, superficial and unnatural. It may well be that present events will help you to throw unnecessary and start a new phase in their lives. Also talks about non important problems, or our fears. Usually it talks about being worried. Remember that behind the clouds, the sun always shine.
The Snake
The appearance of this card is a serious warning. This card talks about temptations, treasons, cunning but also sex appeal. It’s usually a negative card (but not always!!) Is there reason to think about what people surround you now. Remember that "those who cheat, trying to seem honest people." However, in an environment favorable cards Snake transformed into a symbol of wisdom and deep knowledge of life.
The Coffin
This card talks about transformation, ending something and starting something anew (we might not like ending it though), but also talks about renewal. Mark a turning point in life, that is preceded the crisis. "Death" of something very important, but it is inevitable and necessary. It is important to take for granted what is happening, as the test through which you must pass.
The Flowers
The Flowers has a great splendor and pomp of emotion, focus on social standards. Success in society, recognition. The Flowers symbolizes beauty and harmony. This card indicates contemplation, perception of beauty. In everyday life - reconciliation. As the beauty of a flower quickly fading, this card can also be a symbol of time. Ability to update due to the powerful experience; it offers a chance to understand the essence of their own depths. the Flowers radiates tremendous energy, love and kindness you absorb and reduce the impact of unfavorable events . This card also talks of gifts that we might get, a happy period in our life, or even recognition from others.
The Scythe
This card - a serious warning. You run the risk of losing everything: job status, comfort or significant relationships. Only a wise and prudent decision will allow you to successfully confront one of the most serious dangers. Spiritually attitude the Scythe could mean advice that we must act decisively. This card also talks about decisions that need to be made, about abrupt endings, about verdicts. It could also talk about legal processes.
The Whip
Extremely unpleasant card that carries differences nerve experiences quarrel. May be denoted by internal problems. More general meaning - revision of the old arrangements, changing business environment, work or life. It could also talk about debates, but also cleaning oneself, making some inventory, purging our sins. Be very careful. Talk to an independent expert who understands life. Ask friends who can help.
The Birds
This is a card of doubt, fear, serious reflection. Often fears are not unfounded. Sometimes the Birds portend strip depression. Map says we should just stop and think: "Is it right the way that I go? "But do not assume the card the Birds uniquely bad. Rather, it is a card philosophical understanding of the situation, deep reflection and meditation. Yes, very often these sad thoughts and evoke sadness, but it is extremely necessary. Necessary to remove pink glasses and critically rethink the situation. Sometimes this card can simply point to the bustle, hassle, talks with people, but also it could be talking about someone who loves to talk.
The Child
The Child has something innocent and heavenly. You will find the purity and kindness, if you look at the world without bias, as a child. This card promises the existing potential subject of openness to new ideas. The beginning, the first steps, fresh perception, but also immaturity mind and soul - "all ahead." This card can also mean a call to simplicity: "Be like children." Negative manifestations card the Child - spoiled, carelessness, naivety dependence. Sometimes it may indicate a "perpetual Prince" or "sleeping beauty", ie. The people spending life waiting for a miracle that will make them happy.
The Fox
The Fox sometimes induces show qualities such as cunning, resourcefulness, agility. But more often warns of deception, secret ill-wishers, gossip and various unfair games. This card is a good one for business matters, however it also talks about malice or gossip.
The Bear
The modern image of the bear is transformed into a benevolent and strong patron. The Bear card can be easily considered bringing good luck. It can mean the force facing the service of high goals. The Bear - a symbol of high and strong patron, an influential friend. The Bear also motivates you to show their best qualities. You are on the right track, you'll help to circumstances or specific people, as the bear - is an ancient totemic animal. In a negative sense it could warn about jealousy. But be careful and do not get angry bear! It is scary when angry.
The Stars
Good luck to all undertakings. Attractive prospects. This card also points to the pattern of events. The Stars can symbolize romantic ideals, perfectionism and the desire to reach the heights in any case. But beware of the "star disease". You can not influence or change the rules of the cosmic laws. Ask yourself, do not fight you because of too high ideals?The appearance of this card in the scenario sometimes speaks of patterns of events, quietness, serenity and wellness in love, work and health. In some cases, indicating a time period of one year.
The Stork
The Stork simultaneously symbolizes change and constancy. Change - external circumstances, and constancy -Internal attitudes and values. the Stork flies away from the winter cold to warmer climes, but every year returns is to their nest. Therefore, the image of this bird closely associated with such eternal values as a family home, birthplace. the Stork may indicate allegiance to principles of life, adherence to tradition. The map indicates the creative processes and cycles of fertility. It can bring good news, symbolize important changes in their lives. This card also talks about births, starting new projects, about moving, but also about escaping from our own reality.
The Dog
The Dog rarely becomes negative card. Just combined with extremely bad cards the dog will portend trouble. Of course the main themes of this cards - friendship, selfless service, loyalty, our friends and happiness.
Тhe Tower
As a rule, this card predicts longevity and happiness. Stability, achieved position. However, much depends on the surrounding cards. In some cases ,can predict "the success of the end of life." Sometimes the Tower is regarded as a symbol of the state, in particular cases - state house Тhe Tower can give human characteristics as a tireless workaholic, with formic persistence doing their hard work. This card also talks about being isolated, but also about self discovery or innovation. It could indicate buildings.
The Garden
The most socially oriented card. Also describes all the places where we just enjoy. the Garden indicates the various contacts, communication, dating. Sometimes it can mean the rest. This is a card of illusions, shiny appearance and extroverted life styles. The possibility of creative growth, the ability to realize their desire to be recognized or climb the social ladder. Nearby maps show where you can find social opportunities and where you lie in wait for the trap. No matter what happens, try to be the center of attention, do not avoid the society. In difficult times, you can expect help and support from friends, but also from unfamiliar people. This card also talks about social meetings, parties, socialization, but also about being creative, about bohemians and escaping from reality.
The Mountain
Must be ready to accept the challenge of Fate. The road ahead is thorny, you need to think carefully about every step. But it also means that you have the ability to overcome obstacles and to triumph over adverse circumstances. Requires a lot of courage and patience. Take a look at the problem from another point: the steep steps you will quickly rise to the top, but it is a risk of falling from height. Therefore, do not be overconfident. This card talks mainly about problems or efforts we must make to achieve a target.
The Path
This card speaks of the need to take an important decision. going to the road of life, you come to a fork: the crossroads of new opportunities or temptation wrong direction, the loss of their own way. At the crossroads you need to select the right direction, which will be the best solution of the problem. The Path could mean the end of the next stage of life, the threshold of something new, unknown, hence - doubt and sadness. But then something will still have to go, and the card encourages you to take responsibility to make a decision.This card also talks about choices that can be made, about being doubtful of what to choose, but also about a very independent person.
The Rats
This card warns of theft or illness. Something you suffer and live in peace. Rats - very neat thieves that time and very quietly escape with their booty. Pay attention to the little things in life are familiar, the loss of which can slowly but surely weaken your position. The appearance of a rat in a scenario is damage to property or loss. Things can be lost even if they are the most prominent and accessible place. In crowded places watch your wallet. Refuse to make important decisions and do not settle for the coming proposals if scenario appeared rats. This card can also be the most unpleasant incident in the house associated with property damage: you can pour neighbors or leaky pipe in your apartment; can erupt suddenly bared wiring; appliances will break at the most inopportune moment; everyday problems that can considerably spoil the mood, and create difficulties! This card also talks about errors, problems, poverty, debts, lies, bad environment, bad vibes... in short, negativity.
The Heart
The heart is empathy - comprehension of the emotional state of another person in the form of empathy. the center of all human existence. It is a source of spiritual strength and senses, especially the ability to love. The heart is definitely happy card. Her appearance always brings joy, fun, fireworks emotions. Sometimes it may indicate a favorable combination of circumstances. In an event of this card, you will experience the joy and happiness. There is a good opportunity for personal growth. The heart always open issues of bright emotional. Evidence of the strong heat of feelings and passions. If the scenario appears The heart - a sure sign that these topics are not indifferent, emotionally significant and causes a storm of emotions. This card also talks about love, true love, feelings, romance, infatuation.
The Ring
Card of strong relationships and a sense of duty. Close relationship. Sometimes can symbolize power and high social status. But always the ring is connected with the commitments and self-control. This card also talks about promises and contracts in love, work and friendship.
The Book
Very often the appearance of the book in the scenario points to the need of learning something new. The importance of fundamental education. Education as new knowledge in every sense of the word. Could mean an important discovery, difficult puzzle, one of the mysteries of life, which will have to unravel. Or information that you deliberately hide. Advice: open a book and use the opportunity. There is a need to make an effort for clues and shed light on the mystery. This secret may relate to the deepest secrets of the soul or to the hidden desires. The book can symbolize a very closed and uncommunicative man, but with a rich inner life.
The Letter
The Letter brings news. With this card come to us a different message: Letters can refer business papers, correspondence or love, God forbid, a message of death. Mail can bring any news. More information will be found in the surrounding cards. The Letter may indicate simply the official documents - certificate agenda, a proposal to conclude an agreement or notice of its dissolution, also about communication and curiosity. All "paper" case. Sometimes this card can expect a phone call or a private letter.
The Man
If we use traditional classifications, then this card should simply be man or someone from the people close to him. In other cases, you should take this card as a symbol of masculinity in the broadest sense. This card requires you to display their masculinity. Perseverance, strength, determination, connect the rational part of your soul.
The Woman
This card may represent a woman. It becomes a symbol of femininity. Intuition, flexibility, diplomacy, caring, gentleness. The ability to empathize and sympathize. Negative qualities - commitment to the undivided possession, jealousy, limited.
The Lily
The Lily always indicative of something sublime. This desire to dream, and to the ideal of finding happiness along the way. The joy of spiritual achievement. Sometimes exaltation, up to a certain refinement of emotions. Sometimes represents a very high, privileged position. The Lily always positively characterizes the people talking about his rare honesty and bright personality. This card also indicates the morals, the rectitude , the trust we might have in someone. But it also indicates passion and sex.
The Sun
The sun is still a symbol of the creative principle. The appearance of this card can mark the beginning of an extraordinary creative impulse. It brings inspiration and opportunity to reach their full potential. The sun associated with such a state of mind, as joy, sincerity, and sometimes even enlightenment. After negative cards - a good way out of the crisis, insight and recuperation. This card also indicates positiveness, being positive, good vibes, lots of energy. To all the wonderful values above the sun is to add that it also symbolizes the principle of stability. So this card foretells success will be stable and durable.
The Moon
The Moon a symbol of the deep roots and ancestral ties. If his business adheres to the traditions of man, he guaranteed the support and recognition of others (family or team of associates). Spiritually - successful transformation of skills and experience, in-depth a rich inner world. At the everyday level - public recognition. The Moon often gives little material profit. This card encourages you to look into the past to understand the causes of what is happening now. Let your intuition guide you on this journey. Moon light necessarily bring to the solar light . The Moon - "burden of the past" (perhaps even earlier incarnations), needs to be examined. Other meanings of this card - the need for rest, reflection, sensitivity and intuition, dreams, the arts, crafts, but also the woman, and the Moon cycles. The Moon contains advice to meditate and finding yourself in the sensations. In some cases, it may simply mean time interval duration in the lunar month.
The Key
The Key - gives unexpectedly come ideas that can change fundamentally the situation. Revolution. This insight, insight, technological breakthrough. Spiritually - enlightenment, receiving revelation. This card advises always be truthful. Solution will be found. If you hold the key, you need to be decisive and to act without delay - it is only right, way achieve their goals. It is necessary to find the right solution in the current situation, based on previous experience. Resolving this issue will help promote all other cases. "Key" question, to unravel the rest. This card also indicates the means, the understanding, the key that we hold to achieve our target.
The Fish
The Fish Is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, wealth. Something to share with others, your work is not in vain. This card can indicate the completion of the way, the successful completion of the business started. Physically - tangible benefits, deserved reward. Spiritually - attention to their own inner peace, a deep faith. This card also indicates entrepreneurship, economic success and abundance. It also might indicate doubts.
Тhe Anchor
This card is a symbol of trust and consistency. The desire to find a quiet life, permanence, rational, reasonable conservatism. The emergence the Anchor opens peaceful and happy life . Sometimes he says quietly passing on vacation in the quiet village in the countryside. You can relax and unwind. Peace and quiet. Тhe Anchor - is a strong inner core, which helps a person to survive in the toughest situations. It is associated with such basic concepts as conscience, responsibility, loyalty and devotion to ideals. This card also indicates stagnation, duties, roots, security, indecision or the lack of it.
The Cross
All contradictions are united in the mystery of the Cross. Vertical meets the horizontal, the earthly and the heavenly combined. This means that the cross is a bridge between two worlds, between the human existence and a chain of incarnations. This is a map of karma, destiny card and individual life plans. Look for a creative way and be ready to accept the challenge. You face the ordeal. The Cross is also a complex set of responsibilities and values. Spiritual order requires about the outside world, and for his guidance efforts are required. This card also indicates sadness, negativity and also depression. A negative period. This card appears to let you know that this life lesson you have to pass, no matter how he was heavy.