Chinese Yearly Horoscope 2023

Chinese Yearly Horoscope 2023

According to Eastern tradition, the Symbol of 2023 is the Black Water Rabbit, it will tell what the next 12 months of the year will be like. The Lunar Chinese Year begins on January 22, 2023, and will continue until February 9, 2024. The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Eastern zodiac and roughly corresponds to the sign of Pisces in Western astrology. The main traits of the Rabbit are friendliness, diplomacy, speed, responsibility, patience, tenderness, and escape from reality. The ancient Chinese say that the Rabbit is a symbol of fertility and long life, transformation simultaneously in both worlds - physical and spiritual.

The black color of the Rabbit symbolizes the female energy "yin", which according to the Chinese has a dark color. According to the Chinese horoscope, in 2023 the element Water dominates, the color of which is black or blue. This portends calmness, slowness, and inner concentration, but at the same time inevitable change and adapting to it. Chinese astrologers say that the year of the Black Water Rabbit corresponds to the character 癸卯 - Gui Mao (elements of wood and water with metal formation) and will be a continuation of the previous year or a result obtained from the actions of the past year as the Water Tiger and the Water Rabbit have a connection. The Wood element needs nourishment (with the water element in the celestial pillar of the year). In other words, Heaven feeds the Earth, i.e. all the events that will happen in 2023, may be fateful, given from above.

What will be the year of the rabbit? The black rabbit is obedient and calm by nature, which suggests that events will proceed smoothly, although the element of wood can at the same time speak of outbursts and unpredictability. The stem of Gui 癸 is associated with the spirit, responsible for endurance, firmness, and struggle. The rabbit (Mao branch 卯) - also symbolizes a warlord or commander. This may be an indirect indication of the continuation of hostilities or preparations for such, risk, and struggle for supremacy, which are the central events of the year's map. At the same time, the Rabbit (a branch of Mao) is responsible for food, warmth, home, and care - this can mean looking for opportunities for agreement, and peaceful settlement of conflicts. 2023 is also a good period to improve communication skills and diplomacy. The Black Rabbit is associated with esotericism and the occult, which means that these areas will be significant.

2023 may become a period of the beginning of large-scale changes. A time of destruction of old dogmas, and the beginning of new transformations in the political, economic, and spiritual spheres of our lives. The keyword of the year may be "beginning". The new will not come painlessly, we must first pass through the starting point of this path, realizing and getting used to the changes that we will soon face. That's good because the future opens the door to possibilities that were closed long ago.

What awaits you in the Year of the Rabbit on an individual level, you can read by choosing your sign. The annual forecast covers love, money, family, career, and health. On a personal level, the more your sign is compatible with that of the Rabbit, the better 2023 will be for you.

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