Chinese horoscope 2022

According to Eastern tradition, the symbol of 2022 is the Black Water Tiger. The lunar Chinese year begins on February 1, 2022 and will continue until the next new moon in Aquarius, which occurs on January 22, 2023. The tiger is the third sign of the Eastern zodiac and roughly corresponds to the sign of Gemini in Western astrology. The main features of the Tiger are courage, independence, ambition, determination, and the water element endows the ruler of the year with wisdom and prudence.

The water element reduces some of the tiger's excessive aggression, but in vital situations the tiger will definitely show its main features - confidence and firmness. The tiger, despite its power, cannot be called an evil animal. But it is powerful and dangerous, so the year of the tiger is usually characterized by the same labels. It should not be forgotten that the tiger is still a predator.

What will the year of the tiger be like? The new year - 2022 promises to be very unusual and interesting in every sense. The tiger will arouse optimism and enthusiasm in people, striving not to worry in the face of the crisis, but to take active and effective actions to overcome its consequences. After a fairly balanced Ox, the sharpness and revolutionary spirit of the tiger will be expressed in the continuation of the profound reforms in public values and foundations that began in 2020. Serious changes will occur in many areas of life. Fresh forces will come to power, people from new formations with incredible charisma and unshakable power of persuasion, who know how to achieve their goal. Stereotypes and lifestyles from the past will gradually disappear. In the year of the tiger, it is not beauty that will save the world, but love and the pursuit of justice. Politically, financially and economically, 2022 could be a turning point, and in terms of family and home, the year of the water tiger surprisingly promises to be successful, peaceful and happy.

You can see what awaits you in the year of the Tiger by choosing your sign. The yearly horoscope covers: love, money, family, career and health. On an individual level, the more your character is compatible with that of the Tiger, the better 2022 will be for you.

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