The fool

The beginning of a new cycle in your life, thirst for new experiences, aspiration to risk and originality. The events are always unexpected, not planned and cause a burst of energy and enthusiasm. It indicates that something from our past is gone forever. This card also shows that in life unplanned events can happen and turn around your life. However, not everything will go according to plan and you should be ready for the unexpected. We need to show great care and caution only one ill-considered step and you will end up in the abyss.

The Magician

Activity, confidence in yourself and in your own forces. Awareness to the inner power and finding a balance between internal and external. The card shows that a good period is comming and you can take advantage of your talents to achieve your goals. If you encounter difficulties, they will be overcome and you will have the strength to cope with the vicissitudes of life. Look for miracles, let everything you do surprise others. Try to become a conductor of creative energy in the universe.

The High Priestess

Developed intuition, psychic abilities, spiritual knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of the universe. It may indicate the need to pay attention to your feelings. Moreover, this card shows common sense and confidence. There may also be some hidden factors in the situations around you, so you can listen to your inner voice you can meditate, pray or ask your subconscious. Sometimes showing interest in the occult, mysticism, predictions and other esoteric issues, can take advantage of your secret knowledge or advantages to succeed.


Spiritual growth, justice, defense, search for spiritual truths, better communication with higher powers and underpin them. The card indicates that you are in search of spiritual guidance in life it is possible emergence of a religious mentor. You may be busy studying something or with self-knowledge. It is possible in your life to get someone who will become a good teacher, trustee or psychoanalyst who will lead you to the right path and will help you in life in general. In addition, you can get good advice that will help you to look at your soul and find answers to questions of philosophical and spiritual nature.


Symbolizes the mother, the gifts of nature and fertility. It reminds us that everything is cyclical, mature and die at a certain time. The card indicates that you are able to improve your position and you have the power to create your own life. Also hinted pregnancy. Time for happiness, pleasure, travel and fulfillment of wishes.Time to use your creative talent. Positive growth period. The most desired end is near and dreams are about to come true. The obstacles are eliminated.


Stable and reliable position, you have the determination and skills necessary to achieve your goals. The card represents power, self-discipline, says that you have a certain place in the world and you are ready to take responsibility. It is a moment when you have to sit with folded hands, act, think of each step and listen to your intuition. You will be able to take a leading position or to engage in business that will lead to an increase or prizes. It is possible to take a high position in society. This card also suggests that you can become very authoritative and influential person, or you will turn for advice to a very reliable person.

The Lovers

Union trust, romance, important decisions, love, choosing between two partners, marriage or a test in love. A period of harmony and love, but also a crucial period in life when you have to take a very important decision, the effects of which will be reflected in life. It is a possible period of struggle to choose between good and evil, between emotion and reason, but it will end with success and good luck for you. Maybe a very important person will enter your life. The card also signals a change, a new stage in life, a new beginning, a new relationship, new ventures, falling in love.

The Chariot

The card indicates a significant leap forward and a breakthrough in business, joy and new opportunities, innovation and deliverance from difficult circumstances and enemies. Chariot shows that you are someone who can manage events and holds firmly destiny in their hands. It is possible that have already proven your strength and ability to overcome obstacles or still are going to demonstrate your power. The card predicts that soon in your life an unexpected event will lead you to success. Put all your strength and subsequent triumph will be secure. But do not forget the warning of the card - do not overestimate your strength, do not be too confident and do not let success make you dizzy. It is best to time to realize how much you have left to learn.


Confidence and inner strength, energy, endurance, fearlessness, fortitude. No matter what difficulties await you, you have the power to deal with them. This is not a physical manifestation of force, but rather a manifestation of inner strength and ability to turn any situation to your advantage. The card indicates that you can achieve success, but you must show determination, character and confidence. It may also mean good contacts, new contracts, working partnership, which will invest all your strength and thanks to the strength of your character, your work will be rewarded generously and acquire material wealth.


Wisdom, prudence, calm. The card says that it is time to pause consider and analyze your decisions. You have to take a step back from a situation or work to make an assessment of ongoing events. It also indicates the need of silence, of some time away from the daily bustle in order to determine your true needs and goals. Thus, you will find solution to the long-term and immediate problems. The card also symbolizes the search for spiritual values ​​and sinking into your inner world. Sometimes shows isolation from the world and life. However, circumstances may occur so that the temporary isolation may lead to a better life.

The Wheel of Fortune

Success, happiness, mutual love, positive changes, good luck, winning, success, victory and happiness. The obstacles have been successfully overcome unexpected turn of events for the better, promotions and success. This card indicates that a cycle of human life has ended and another began. Often this is caused by events or circumstances beyond our control, but the changes are positive. This is an unexpected smile of fate that leads us in the way of new adventures, new job, new trips and implementing all our desires.

- Justice

Success, fairness, balance, justice, positive decision. If in your life you have a severe conflict, this card shows that it can be resolved through peaceful negotiations, not struggle. The card predicts future litigation or legal problems, but the results will be fair, equitable and in your favor. When deciding, you should not expect what you want. The result may be different, but one thing is true, it would be right. Often this card predicts transactions, contracts, agreements, but also various tests, exams. If you firmly defend your position and stay honest, then justice will be on your side.

The Hanged Man

The card shows an inability to act, which is creating obstacles and wasting time. You have reached a turning point in life and now is the time to decide on where you want to continue. The card shows that you can refer to the past and analyze past events and actions. You need to be patient, to learn from mistakes and to look closely at the missteps of others. Sometimes it means that you are on the brink of change, but these changes will ask to opt out of something. Something must be abandon and then your life will take a new perspective, which you have not believed.


Change, internally rebirth, completion of something and a new beginning, an end to the current state of affairs. The card suggests a big change in life and complete break with the current state of affairs. Such dramatic changes can cause pain and sense of loss, but in the end you will accept and even welcome them as they lead to a new beginning. The card can also indicate rupture of friendly relations, divorce, career change, relocation. Overall, the card portends an end to the old life and associated loss. But in any case, you will have a chance for a new and perhaps better start in life.


Harmony, patience, humility, confidence, optimism. The card predicts stability, success or victory over the difficulties. Harmony in all spheres of life, a healthy financial situation and position in society. Plans and ideas will be implemented in the near future. The period of difficulties is behind you. Also predicted that your plans will come true, but you have to show patience, self-control and trust to your inner voice. The card reminds that it is necessary to have harmony between material and spiritual desires and predicts success for companies whose success depends on a complex interaction of many different factors.


the Devil

Dependency, constraints, seduce, mercantilism, anger, low instincts. The card indicates a trap hopeless situation or people and passions that darken the mind. One tries to free itself from slavery and weaknesses and is aware of its position, but has no power to free and feels powerless and embittered. The card also symbolizes lust for material and physical well-being, as well as a desire to rule over others. May indicates that you are seduced by something, either money, easy life, erotic desires and you realize that, but you could not find a way out or that your life is the man who pulls the strings and controlling, you feel you have to release it, but only the manifestation of indomitable will, can deliver from that.

the Tower

Unexpected events, destruction plans, financial and personal losses. This card is a symbol of dramatic change as a result of which all of a sudden your life can change. It can happen unfortunately, separation, relocation, job loss or to end the current situation under the influence of external forces, suddenly and very quickly. This can completely change the appearance of your life and to destroy the existing order. The consequences of this difficult period, largely depend on how you perceive it. After a long night, always sun rises and you can get rid of everything unnecessary and take a new path.

The Star

Optimism, hope, victory, happiness, good prospects, success plans. This is a card of chance, the realization of dreams, talent and inspiration. Can predict the unexpected help, promising opportunities, creative success, pleasant experiences and good luck in business. You are facing a new life and fulfillment of desires much greater chance in all areas of life, prosperity and joy, new love and friendships. Vital energy will help anyway. If you have experienced a difficult period, the card reveals a light at the end of the tunnel.

the Moon

Difficult times, anxiety, insomnia, lies, enemies, loss of illusions, doubts and hesitations, but also enhance the intuition. The card warns you that not everything is what it seems. Confusion arising from incorrect assessment of the situation or dishonesty of anyone - anything that suppresses the human spirit and can lead to frustration and depression. In search of ways to overcome the difficulties, you have to rely more on intuition and instinct than common sense.

The Sun

Success in any field, love, marriage, a successful career, the birth of a child. Card symbolizes happiness, material prosperity, good health, success in any field. Growth and progress, happiness, prosperity, success, fulfillment of plans. The card indicates that you have all the qualities to achieve your goals. Predicts material prosperity and a new stage in life, fulfillment of dreams and numerous wins, a period when major prospects are open to you. Fate will help in the near future. A sign that luck is just around the corner, all difficulties will be overcome successfully. A symbol of victory, triumph, success, joy and happiness.


Change, rebirth, new ventures, solution to a problem, important news. The card says that phase of your life unexpectedly, but naturally ends, but the transition will be painful for you. Furthermore, you can take advantage of your previous experience. In other words, fate has prepared a new page for you, promising you new opportunities and prospects. Bravely face the fate, however, making a step forward in the future, be sure to look back, analyze, past mistakes and achievements. This will help you to get all the things you ever dreamed of.

he World

Recognition, fame, realization of ideas, satisfaction, rewards and change for the better.Card predicts new, beautiful and productive phase in your life. Expect your success, realization of plans, recognition from others, material prosperity, stability and sustainable progress. Indicates that you are now open to the world and in harmony and resonance with others. The world is open to you. Everything else is the result of fruitful cooperation. As a result of your sincerity and openness, others are instinctively attracted to you, opening your doors and new perspectives, new acquaintances and trips.

Ace of Swords

Extraordinary inner strength chance to find a solution on important issues, starting something new. This card indicates strong but also stressful situations. Possible changes irreversible and inevitable, something old can go forever. Events will pass in stress, obstacles, forcing you to mobilize all their forces to overcome the problems. You must be prepared to encounter unpleasant situations, and accept them as an inevitable part of life. Do not let temporary difficulties crush you. Finally, with determination and courage, you will exit victorious in every situation.

Two of Swords

Tense situation, uncertainty, doubt, but also an opportunity to resolve conflicts. The card indicates a situation in life when one feels that his life has fallen into a stalemate. It is necessary to choose the further path and strategy, but uncertainty and indecision are standing on your way. However, the card indicates you are able to successfully resolve problems that you expect without losing composure. When it comes to external challenges - for example, conflict or confrontation with someone, you will be able to find a compromise or convincing arguments for the opponent. In internal conflict, you will be able to cope with your feelings and achieve spiritual harmony.

Three of Swords

Separation, grief, drama, betrayal, unhappiness. The card indicates a serious mental injury may mean that people who you trusted, are the ones betrayed you. It can be a fraud or betrayal of your loved one, business associate, friend or simply painful disagreements, conflicts and quarrels. In any case, the card shows deep experiences, injustice, painful separation or conflict in a relationship with a loved one. Despite the severity of the experiences they are like a storm that passes. Your wounds are deep, but time heals everything, most importantly - do not lose your patience and fortitude.

Four of Swords

Shows pause in business, stagnation and frustration. Inability to continue operations, loss of ability to take action. This is a card of stagnation, business interruption and forced vacation. It is linked to specific events: hurdles or difficulties which are usually simple and clear, overcoming them requires you to put in all your strength and skills. The card is a signal that you are forced to suspend activity and pause, take a break from the problems to recover mental and physical strength, to improve health and calmly decide how to move forward. And after temporary withdrawal of the cases and problems with new strength to continue what you started.

Five of Swords

Defeat, retreat, great loss in life. The card can indicate a dangerous and very difficult situation in which it is unlikely for you to be able to go out as a winner. This may be a serious conflict, dispute or litigation.Beeing unsuccessful and stepping back then you will long restore the lost positions. However, the card shows that much of this unpleasant situation all depends on your stamina and fortitude. Strong and brave person is able to take advantage even of defeat. In other words, even if you lose the battle, you still have a chance to win the war.

Six of Swords

Journey, climate situation, avoiding hazards, help, difficulties remain behind. Card speaks of the end of a difficult period in your life and the uncertainty of the transitional period. The main difficulties are behind you, now nothing depends on you and you can rest and relax and let the river of life, bring you to where it is needed. However, despite temporary relief, before you outlines a new phase, which means it's time to stock up with force. The changes are good, but they will require a lot of effort, patience and perseverance. The card can also indicate a journey, a long journey - probably related to water.

Seven of Swords

Deceit, cunning, trickery, dangerous opponent. The card is talking about fraud or lies, in order to achieve the objectives foul play, intrigue, cunning and deft moves. The card also warns that your clever ideas can help you achieve your desires, but they can significantly damage your reputation and as a result, to cancel your accomplishments. Another meaning of the card is subtle secret enemy, the existence of which you do not even suspect. In this case, the advice is to redouble its vigilance to prevent this dangerous person to disrupt your plans.


Eight of Swords

Crisis, obstacle, limitation, foreign influence, prevent the implementation of your plans. The card describes a condition in which a person feels literally tied hands and feet, because of the circumstances (illness, collapse of plans) and restrictions that must be reckoned with. These restrictions can be caused not only by external factors but also from domestic as indecision, fear, self-doubt. The card says that currently you can not act as you want. However, this is only a temporary phase. At any time, circumstances may change, and your hands will be loosen. Or you can free yourself from the oppression of internal bonds.

Nine of Swords

Defeat, disappointment, despair, betrayal, grief, suffering, evil fate. This card symbolizes the impotence, loss, blows of fate, difficult life events that require display of endurance and courage. Severe mental pain and suffering, injury, illness, interruption of relations meltdown in everything and nothing you can do to change it. All it remains is to believe in your strong will to survive this nightmare. However, despite the negative background, you should hold onhands and believe that all difficulties will eventually pass.

Ten of Swords

Unexpected trouble, difficulties, collapse, crash, destruction, pain, sadness, emptiness, unfulfilled plans. The card speaks of completing the stage in life, job or relationship has ended. It can also mean forced changes. Talks about stress, separation, failed affairs, difficulties and problems. Moreover, it is very likely the cause of the difficulties and loss is the evil will of someone: insidious enemy, rival competitor. Accept the fact that you can not change anything and be vigilant for people who can hit you in the back. However, this is only a certain point in life, something new and nice is waiting for you ahead.

Page of Swords

Intrigue, envy, gossip, enemies, need for vigilance and attention. The card says that you are waiting for change, the events will not develop smoothly. But you must have strength, knowledge and skills to deal with the situation. Also, the card means that your enemies do not sleep. It has not yet been reached to open confrontation, but you have to be alert in time to respond to any attack. The card warns of secret intrigue, gossip and rumors against you, so in any case do not lose vigilance. However, the card says that you are full of energy and determination to move forward. So, despite the intrigues of rivals, your plans will be realized.

Knight of Swords

Courage, professionalism, intelligence and ambition, strong personality, cruel and ruthless to enemies, conflicts. This card shows abrupt changes. It may indicate the occurrence of unforeseen events or important event. Possible new acquaintances, and often indicates conflicts, but they will be solved quickly. Also suggests about a young person, an ally, protector and partner, energetic and determined. With the support of this person, you will able to get the advantage in any confrontation or conflict and as a result, to protect your interests and exit difficult situation as a winner.

Queen of Swords

An elderly unmarried woman, insight, independence, high position, influence and power. This card speaks of unusual accidents, original deeds, unexpected encounters. The situation is almost always filled with some danger. Usually you do not feel it, but it is. The danger can come from a woman. It may also mean a woman of your environment with great inner strength, power, influence and authority .. She is able to provide you with strong support, so it's good to have her among your friends. Taking advantage of relationships, patronage or even just the tips and you will be able to make a step ahead of rivals and competitors.

Queen of Swords

Authority, power one who has power and authority to make and implement your decisions, someone with legal authority or political connections. The Card hints to be especially careful, it is possible you are under stress and the likelihood of problems is very high. The card may also indicate a man endowed with power, prestige and status. In the face of this person, you can find a strong protector. Boldly follow his advice and do not give up on his support. He is ready to help you, thanks to that you may be the winner in a tough battle and you will be able to climb a few steps up.

King of Swords

One of the best cards in the Tarot. Enables execution of desires, happiness, love and fulfillment. The card shows that you are on the verge of something that will bring you joy, peace and harmony. It could signal the start of a strong sense, of an event that will bring a new love or marriage. The card can also predict: a period of creativity, joy, happiness, fertility and material abundance. Unique moment in which is possible to realize what are your dreams. The beginning of a great love and self-realization. Parties and entertainment. Favorable fortune and support of true friends.

Two of Cups

Passionate love, success and harmony in relationships, loyalty, satisfaction, pleasure. Success in business, finance, significant improvement of the condition. The card shows that in your relationship everything goes in the best scenario: your loved one responds with the same. If you still do not know about his feelings are you just have to wait a bit to be sure. The card shows that your relationship is on a solid footing and therefore you have every chance to be together long and happy.

Three of Cups

Success, achieving goals, fulfillment of desires, mutual love, win a promotion at work, abundance, celebration, creativity. The card portends a period of joy and gladness, easy and fun time of your life when you can relax, go to a party and any gatherings. The card predicts material prosperity, family happiness. Betrothal or wedding, the beginning of a new more successful period in your life, birth of a child. Positively solved problems and harmony in the relationship with your loved ones.

Four of Cups

Frustration, apathy, boredom, depression, indifference. The card speaks of a glut of success, material or other goods and in general for life itself. The card shows that in life you have everything, but do not notice it. You are taking for granted the gifts of fortune. So instead enjoy life and destiny, you are outraged, bored and always dissatisfied. The card can also indicate that you need a new interest, new inspiration, which will fulfill your life and will leave no trace of boredom.

Five of Cups

Loss, disappointment, hopes never came true , unhappy marriage, problems in personal relationships. The card speaks of occurred or future losses, with which you can not be put up and feel pain. Despite the bitterness of loss, you have the power to deal with it. You have not lost everything. In other words, humble with the loss and continue to live. In the river of sorrow is stronger bridge, you pass through it, you will find a new life filled with joy, success and hope.

Six of Cups

Happy memories, awakening of past feelings, memories of childhood and the past, meeting with people from the past, happy moments and perspectives. The card speaks of skill to enjoy every minute and the ability to build strong relationships and real families. It is possible in your life to get positive events that will relate to your past. This could be a meeting with friends or receiving money for old project. Overall, the card promises a happy change, stability and prosperity, the foundation of which will be your strong kinship or friendship.

Seven of Cups

Dreams and fantasies, confusion, strong desires and emotions, difficulties with the choice on important issues, instability, delusions, inadequate assessment of the situation. The card says that you want to achieve a lot, but do not have a specific purpose. Before your feet lies the whole world with its enticing offers perspectives and temptations. But you do not know which way to take. Your desires are too strong and too much to make your final choice. However, you will need to do so. Since this will largely determine your future, it is important the decision is balanced, not whim.

Eight of Cups

This card shows a sad farewell. Indicates that you must leave your familiar environment, people or things that you love and go on a long journey into the unknown future. It shows that you are not expelled, and alone, on your own, you decided to leave. "The severity of farewell" means two things: we should leave what we is valuable and do not know what awaits us.

Nine of Cups

Success, successful completion of the work, harmony, generosity, health, prosperity, wealth, stability in life and fulfillment of desires. The card shows that you are very happy and proud of your achievements. The difficulties are behind you and very soon you will be able to enjoy the prosperity and the fruits of your labor. Awaiting your success, prosperity, abundance, fulfillment of your deepest desires and all this will lead to an incredible feeling of peace and contentment in your soul. With gratitude, you receive the gift of fate and you will want to share your happiness and well-being with people you love.

Ten of Cups

Love, friendship, happy marriage, birth, prosperity at home, cooperation, harmony and respect in personal life and others. The card speaks of love and happiness. You are to expect fulfilling of all your desires in your personal life, healthy family, respect from others. This card symbolizes the eternal family values. Period of peace, harmony, well-being and satisfaction with the state of your affairs. Relationships reign love and understanding. Good relations within the family, between parents and children. It can talk about marriage or engagement. In any case, the card promises you happiness, success and wealth and not just materially, but also richness in communication with close spirited people.

Page of Cups

Good news, creative impulse, inspiration, imagination. Fruitful period of positive changes. Realization of plans in real life. The card predicts falling in love, friendship and new relationships. Strong creative start and strong emotions. News of a pleasant event, love letter, birth, wedding. Before you is a new phase in life, full of harmony and satisfaction. The card can also mean pleasures, pleasant communication with friends, resuming love relationships. It can also indicate a specific person from your environment with whom you associate sincere feelings and at the right time, you can count on him or her.

Knight of Cups

True love, marriage proposal, dreaminess, kindness, a man in love, new creative possibilities. New plans, desires, aspirations and inspiration. The card predicts the beginning of a new novel, a new love. In the near future, important changes in relationships. It could mean a period of rest in a pleasant company of friends, family, new acquaintances. Also the card may indicate a young man from your nearest circles, someone you know, your relative, friend or loved one. Or maybe the knight on a white horse you are expecting...

Queen of Cups

Passion, sexuality, sensuality, passionate relationships, uncontrollable desires. Marriage. Atmosphere of safety and security. Success, happiness, wise choice. The card speaks about deep feelings and emotions and a choice that have to do listening to your heart. Also, it embodies harmony and happiness in your personal life. This is a very good card for a couple in love or planning marriage and children. The card can also mean a woman from your nearest environment, with whom you have a very strong and warm relationship. She may be a lover, wife or mother, but can also be a close relative or friend.

King of Cups

End of the crisis, overcoming obstacles, many favorable circumstances. Loving fair, good and honest man, a strong relationship in the family. The card speaks of trust, assistance, reliability and compassion, well-conducted negotiations and good creative ideas. You can also designate a person having authority in your eyes, he is honest, fair, intelligent and experienced. You may safely trust him and follow his advice, and if necessary, accept the help that he will offer you. The card also predicts luck, strong relationship and a happy family life.

Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, stability, success, fulfillment of all desires, harmony, great prospects. The card predicts that before you are great opportunities and prospects, mostly related to money. A fertile period is awaiting you and planned initiatives will be successful and profitable. You will be able to fully enjoy the rich fruits of your labor and sincere relationships with others. The most important thing is that your financial well-being, stability and success, will ensure a harmonious and positive attitude towards life. You will feel a sense of satisfaction for what you have achieved and a desire to share the joy and achievements with your loved ones.

Two of Pentacles

Success, joy, pleasure, changes for the better, good news, ability to deal with situations, but routine and some instability in your situation. This card predicts receiving less money. It also shows a short trip, getting a letter or news. On the other hand the card may indicate deterioration of your financial condition, instability, but you will have every chance to flip the situation to your advantage. Even if circumstances are unfavorable and you are experiencing many difficulties and problems, you will have many opportunities to stir the situation in your favor.

Three of Pentacles

Professional success, respect from colleagues, deserved success in business, a higher standard of life, prosperity, abundance - as a reward for your work, good partnership. This card predicts that your professionalism and experience will bring you material success. You have achieved great skill in your field and this will not go unnoticed by others. You will enjoy recognition, success, promotion and good reward for your work. Also, the card shows success in business or trading, popularity and even glory. In any case it promises successful completion of your plans, increased material wealth and quality of life in general, but you will have to work hard to prove your skills and mastery.

Four of Pentacles

Confidence in the future, stability, prosperity, material well-being, inheritance, expensive gift. The card predicts that you are before a period of prosperity and financial stability. Your efforts will soon be crowned with success, you will reach considerable professional and career heights. Confidence in the future, raising your status and standard of living, material prosperity and abundance, as well as full satisfaction of your position at work. You will get everything you dreamed of. You are to expect stability that will allow you to not worry about tomorrow. The lack of unnecessary worries and anxieties can make your life very predictable, but this predictability is well secured. Pleased with his destiny a man stands firmly on his feet.

Five of Pentacles

The card hints at failure, poverty, poor health, loneliness, low self-esteem. It symbolizes financial difficulties, poverty, insecurity, depression. This is a card of crisis, hardship and turmoil. The card can warn about a change in financial status or limited freedom. However, it rarely is a harbinger of really serious loss, grief, or destruction, it only shows your insecurity and subjective feeling of fear of losing the ground under your feet. Such downturns are characteristic of every crisis, when a person leaves a certain sound field and enters into a new, possibly more dangerous one.

Six of Pentacles

Charity, generosity, harmony, good income and financial stability, successful completion of a winning project. This card predicts a financial success, wealth and stability, but that material prosperity is thanks to your hands and you get only as much as you deserve. Also the card shows that charity, generosity and patronage can be shown towards you. In this case, you can receive gratuitous help, a bonus at work, patronage, lucrative credit promotion in your career or expensive gifts.

Seven of Pentacles

Financial accomplishments in the future, successful realization and growth of profitable projects, perseverance in achieving your objectives, profit after awhile. The card says you worked hard and you can count on good earnings over time. Expect financial success, business growth, improved living standards. All that remains is to wait a bit and continue your efforts in this direction. The card can also mean stagnation in business, delaying, deferring a successful outcome. However, in anticipation of future success, do not forget about the present: look, probably right under your feet lies the profit from which you can benefit, here and now.

Eight of Pentacles

Professionalism, success in work and creativity, diligence and good organization in work, satisfaction and reward for the work done, improved living standards, successful business. The card says that you have the skills and talents to earn money. It is possible to be offered interesting and well-paid work, which will help develop your capacity and allow you to earn good money. The card promises a successful business, revenue growth, material prosperity and confidence in the future. If you are at the beginning of a project or a new profession, the card says that you are on the right track and if you are diligent and patient, you are awaiting success.

Nine of Pentacles

Financial independence, high income, stability, confidence in the future, rest, joy from the fruits of your labor. Even if your life is not very easy right now, the card predicts that soon everything will change. It is possible to get a well-deserved reward for your work, or maybe the money will come to you unexpectedly, by lottery or inheritance. In any case, you do not have to worry about tomorrow, you'll be able to afford everything you want. In addition, the card can show, holiday or vacation and reminds that sometimes it is nice to get a rest from everything.

Ten of Pentacles

Wealth, stability, good position in society, strong family ties, financial aid, receiving inheritance, expensive gift. The card says that you await a strong position in society, in business and at home, profit, success, support of relatives. Also, it is possible - heritage and expensive gifts. It also implies that not only you will be satisfied with your financial status, but also those around you. You are surrounded by people ready to support you in difficult times and share with you the joy and material goods. A successful career will not interfere with your personal life. On the contrary, it would have been impossible without the support of those who are dear to you.

Page of Pentacles

New opportunities, improvement of financial situation, a change for the better, good prospects for the future, successful endeavors, good news. The card predicts getting good news, this could be a notification, letter or phone call, also, interesting acquaintances and acquiring new knowledge and skills, which in the future will help you get good profit. The card may indicate a specific person, friend or acquaintance, through which you will be able to improve your finances. Maybe this man will support you, give you practical advice or help you get a well-paid job.

Knight of Pentacles

A person with money, down to earth, professional, good financial news, business trip. The card predicts that you are to expect tangible proceeds, gifts and support from influential people. The card usually indicates a certain person from your surroundings that will help you increase your income. Thanks to his support, wise advice or just a conscientious performance of work duties, you will be able to elevate your financial well-being to a new level. You will enjoy success in business, realization of projects and plans, getting a good profit.

Queen of Pentacles

The card is associated with abundance, safety, generosity and predicts material wealth. It tells about bright personality, capable of achieving great heights in any business. You aim for inner harmony and willingly share your experiences. The card reminds that it is necessary to believe in your talents and intelligence and to demonstrate your rationality and pragmatism. It hints for financial success, stable employment, career advancement and that you can get decent amount of money or something very valuable.

King of Pentacles

A man with money and position in society, practical and conservative, successful business, good financial prospects, promotion at work, responsibility and reliability. The card predicts that you are to expect success, career development, realization of profitable projects, raising incomes and living standards, and possibly receiving a large sum of money from lottery or inheritance. The card can also indicate someone from your surroundings, rich and with high status in society. Thanks to his support, you can progress materially, by increasing revenues.

Ace of Wands

Creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, career development, enthusiasm, success, recognition, money and material goods. The card speaks of successful ventures in all areas, whether it is business, job, career or personal life. Successful completion of your current projects as well as those in the stage of ideas. The card tells you that the circumstances are favorable and now, as never before, is time to begin to realize your wildest and ambitious plans and projects. What you seek will come and will bring a rich harvest, but to achieve the desired, you will need to show determination, perseverance and creativity.

Two of Wands

New goals and ideas, partnership, consideration of projects and plans that eventually bring good income, trip planning, science, learning. The card shows that you are ready for action. You know well your work and place in society. New opportunities open in front of you, which require you to listen to your intuition, to manifest determination and to consider well. Besides considering plans you will also have to realize them. So get ready, a rather complex and turbulent period is awaiting you. However, regardless of everything, the card indicates that you have a good chance to carry out your goals and reap deserved success for this.

Three of Wands

Success work, new ventures and projects and their first results, news, talks, trips, confidence in the future and successful partnerships. The card predicts the beginning of a new, very productive and beneficial period in your life. Your plans are beginning to be realized successfully and promise to bring better results in the future. However, you will need to put forth all your ingenuity and enthusiasm to succeed over time. In addition, an important role in your success, will play cooperation with others: partners, customers and colleagues. The ability to find common ground and interests can lead you to prosperity and business success.

Four of Wands

Happiness and prosperity, success in work, fulfilling of desires, luck, pleasant surprises, joyous events, marriage, material prosperity. The card is a sign of temporarily discharge from care, relief and an opportunity to finally enjoy the deserved fruits of your work, so you can take forward with new strength. The card speaks that your efforts are not in vain, you go in the right direction and you can expect more with time. Your projects are developing successfully and it affects your well-being. Now you have the opportunity to take time for yourselves and your loved ones. Spend it in joy, travel and fun shopping.

Five of Wands

Competition, rivalry, desire for leadership, confrontation with others, improved financial situation and the need to protect interests. The card predicts victory over rivals, that will cost a lot. It is possible that you may encounter hostility and intrigue in work and family problems, ending with scandals. The card does not promise easy life, even if it comes to sporting competitions, it will require arduous training and effort. In other cases - business or career victory will require many sacrifices, and you may enter into a confrontation with others.

Six of Wands

Triumph, victory, happy news, public respect and recognition, success in business, completion of ambitious plans. This is a card of victory, conflicts have ended and the victory was achieved with hard struggle, now you can count on a prize. The card often presents itself, after experiencing a difficult period. Now begins a new stage, when it's possible to start a family, job change or a new life. In other words, you are to expect reward, wealth, confidence in the future and respect from others. If your life is not yet like triumphant victory procession, know that the good news will come very soon - they are on the road.

Seven of Wands

Determination, courage, ability to protect your rights, conflicts, difficult situation, fierce competition. The card predicts that you are before a period that you will have to defend and stand up for your self interest. That, what you have achieved with hard work, what you really care about - whether it's wealth, social position or ideas and beliefs. Before you emerge many difficulties, clashes and machinations of enemies, but also, the card says you will win. The truth is entirely on your side and if you don't step back, you will have the strength and courage to repel attacks and exit from conflict situations victorious.

Eight of Wands

Active actions, end of barriers, completion of plans, business, travel, moving forward, fast letters, news. The card symbolizes vigorous movement towards your targets. Running projects are gaining momentum and obstacles are not expected in front of them. All processes work and promise you success if you do not slow down. Now all in your work is decided by activity, confidence and ability to make quick decisions. The events are sudden and fast and develop very quickly. The card can also predict a trip or an exciting journey as well as a new acquaintance and love.

Eight of Wands

Determination, protection, standing up for interests, resistance, uncertainty, inhibitions, need to wait. The card predicts that before you are tough tests, but you have the power and ability to get out of them with honor. These difficulties are mainly related to business, work, career, finances, but may indicate problems in relationships, including love ones. The card tells that now is not the time to relax and let things evolve by themselves. Very soon, you will need to show all of your resistance, to avoid losses and to protect your interests.

Ten of Wands

Excessive weight burdens, worries, depression, heavy commitments taken voluntarily or under the influence of circumstances. The card warns that you pay for success, no matter for what: future or current. It is possible to invest all your strength, trying to reach the cherished goal. Or maybe you have already achieved what you want - position in society, new job, expansion of business and your responsibilities have increased many fold and that wears you out emotionally and physically. In any case, the card says that with your perseverance, determination and willpower you will succeed, but the cost of these victories and achievements can be unreasonably high.

Page of Wands

Friend, confidant, business relations, colleagues, partners, important and interesting news, loyalty and generosity. The card suggests that you are set to work energetically and skillfully. You're going in the right direction and are open for cooperation, new ideas, suggestions and therefore can safely count on success. The card may indicate a specific person from your environment - it can show your friend, relative or loved one. In this case, we can talk about a young boy or girl. The card tells you that you can count on this man, he will bring you good news or will provide support at the right time.

Knight of Wands

Traveling, changing workplace or residence, friend, energetic and self-confident young man, individualism, desire for attention from others. The card shows a young, confident man of your surroundings, good professional, whom you can rely on. Trusting him, will significantly improve your situation. The card can also indicate that, soon in your work, something will change and you will be pleasantly surprised. In addition, the card can mean business trip or such pleasure where you can meet helpful people. Also, change of workplace or moving to another city or country. Apart from the inevitable difficulties, in the end everything will be in your favor.

Queen of Wands

Authoritative, experienced, powerful and wealthy woman, independence, strive for success, successful professional woman. The card predicts good finish for started work, enthusiasm and success. Indicates a woman of your business environment, sophisticated, educated, smart, practical, achieved a lot in her field. She could be your colleague, boss, or simply your acquaintance, business-woman who will support you, give you practical advice and financial assistance. If you take advantage of her patronage, your business will surely go up.

King of Wands

Success in business, revenues, increased material well-being, protection, happy marriage, a man possessing wealth and power, honest, decent, whom can be relied on. The card foretells events that are happening very quickly and change lives. This may be - receiving money, inheritance, answer of a financial question. Most often the card shows a person of your circle. It can be wise and experienced man, a professional in their field, rich and independent. Most likely, boss or colleague. Thanks to his support, your career and position in society can enter a favorable new phase.