Clerk, official recognition, protection. Thanks to friends and people around you will get the deserved acknowledgment. Your success will be complete confession secured. Protection from above and your success will pave the way to your future achievements.

In Love:

You have received full recognition by the partner! Maybe somehow contributed, your friends and acquaintances. Much love, devotion and care. Provided you help, care and protection of your loved one. Soon an important issue will be solved.


Accident. Predicts strong deterioration in the health of a friend or acquaintance. The card can also affect your physical and mental condition. Your plans will be changed by external forces.

In Love:

A period of confusion and chaos in your partners life. As a result, all this may affect on you.


Troubles and misfortunes. Your inattention and neglect your duties and your vital interests, can lead to accidents. However, timely action can change the situation, and the way to solve some other problem. But if you do not, you may find yourself in a very difficult situation and be subjected to immediate danger. The consequences can be very unpleasant for you.

In Love:

Something very strongly upset your mate. But it is quite possible he does not want to aggravate the situation and increase tensions between you. Come out to meet him alone and together try to solve your problems.


Love and affection. Full satisfaction and understanding. These ones will be consistent in your feelings and affection, so you can trust them. Your kindness and fidelity will be richly rewarded.

In Love:

Love, born in the sky. Your partner feels for you only bright and true feelings.


Messages, important news and perspectives. Unexpected news associated with an increase in service-related unfolding in front of you bright prospects that promise honors and glory. What heights will you be able to reach, will be determined by your diligence.

In Love:

Letter news. Message associated with the development of your relationship with your partner. Joint plans, new goals.


Luck, happiness, destiny. Source of happiness and your joy will be the inspiration and opportunity to appreciate the beautiful side of life. By strengthening your relationships with friends and finding satisfaction in work, you will experience continuous happiness in everyday life.

In Love:

Your partner thinks that the relationship is a gift from God! Happiness, boundless love, smile from heaven.


Jealousy obstacles. Love is variable. Patience and persistence will help to overcome the burning feeling and suspected fraud, but the positive result is quite dubious. The best way out is to find a new object of love.

In Love:

Everything that your partner may think now- this is his rival. Jealousy suppresses all other feelings and emotions.


Awaiting your loss of a person or business ties, which have been very helpful to you and you rely heavily on them, maybe even too much. It could mean that you lose a good friend. Whatever the reason for this loss, it will be able to exert a harmful influence on your current plan. Not eliminated the danger of losing money or other property. 

In Love:

Loss of attraction between people, suppressed feelings in your partner. In this situation, little things will depend on you. Some external reason, stands in the way of your relationship.


Travel, endeavors. Any undertaking or traveling in a well thought out plan will necessarily finish successful for you. Therefore it is better to plan something big and meaningful. If your friends support you financially, you can rely on financial success. To make your project alone is unreasonable.

In Love:

Having common ideas and plans with partner realization of your fantasies, planning a joint trip.


Child, trust, wealth. You have a chance for prosperity and welfare. You can get as much as you want, you will be able to reach any height. Do not regret that you work too hard to achieve success.

In Love:

Map clearly indicates that your partner wants to have children. Also, there may be any efforts to develop fruitful relationship. Intense love and devotion.


Merriment, games, explanation, execution of desires. The success await you in the fulfillment of your desires, will surpass all your expectations. Strengthening ties with friends and love relationships will be key to your accomplishments. Possible new meeting and dating.

In Love:

You bring joy and happiness to your partner, and he wants to repay the same. Declaration of love, expensive gift, a pleasant surprise. Strengthening relations.


Reward success. You will have the extraordinary luck, generous prizes will fall on you from all sides. The more influential and important people with whom you are connected, the more you will be rewarded for their efforts. Your friends will not forget nor spiritual nor in practical terms. It will also depend on you to maintain and strengthen the relationship with them.

In Love:

Favorable attitude towards you. Generous gifts, care financial assistance. Persistent feelings.


Money, wealth, abundance. Thanks to advances in business or workplace, you expect large cash inflows that will significantly exceed your expectations. Hard work, successful transactions concluded on the basis of the advice of friends or your bright mind - all this will lead to even greater prosperity.

In Love:

By partner - strong love, protection, care, generosity. Reliable and strong feelings, living together, wealth and prosperity.


The near future is very beneficial to discuss future plans. You may temporarily be detached from the world and in a quiet environment to plan further action. Exactly in this period will be supported by higher powers, and several options for development of the situation, you can choose the most loyal and reliable.

In Love:

Your partner thinks only for you.


Loving woman. Good health. Successful business. Strong love for a dear person. The map shows a happy mutual love. All diseases or problems will be short, minor. You will feel full of strength and energy, which will affect favorably to every area of ​​your life.

In love:

Very favorable card for you! It talks about the strong feelings of your partner. All His thoughts are just for you. For men, the card is also positive. Maybe not quite clear, but it is a symbol of love and reliable relations.


Anger, discord, disagreement. Disputes and disagreements with family or friends that can take a dangerous turn if not stopped. Make an effort to resolve the conflict. If everything is left to chance, the likelihood of rupture of relations. Disputes concerning money or unresolved problems at work.

In Love:

Anger, resentment, irritation, misunderstanding on the part of the partner. However, he will try to quell the fray and to solve everything peacefully. Otherwise, it is likely a very strong conflict, but he does not need it.


Defeat, sadness. Everything is in favor of your opponents. Better face facts: you are outwitted and you lied. The more dirty tricks your opponent applys, the more sad, everything will end for you. All you can accept this defeat with dignity.

In Love:

Your partner was devastated by the defeat, gnawing him a deep sense of loss. Resentment, sadness. Win the opponent.


Trouble. If you encounter any problems, you need to find a way to arrange everything in a peaceful way. Your aggression and further conflicts can lead to more dramatic consequences.

In love:

Probably, you are in not quite clear situation and under pressure. Your partner wants a fast resolution for all problems with minimal losses for bouth of you.


Desires, expectations and dreams. Your wildest dreams can become reality sooner than you think. You can purposed any desire but it must be something real and not vague and unreal, the result will be quick and stunning. You can expect big changes for the better.

In Love:

Love dreams deprive your partner sleep, he only thinks about how to be with you.


Circumstances divine intervention changes. All changes will be for the better. Perhaps the most suitable will be your own choice when relying on your natural instincts. If changes are promises of a good friend, listen to his advice if the person is a stranger, after the proposal, consult with trusted people.

In Love:

Prospective plans for your common future, unexpected improvement in the relationship. Both are under the protection of higher powers, in that your partner has no doubt. He/She considers you to be their destiny.


Dishonesty, fraud, lie. Bad sign. Your reputation and your options will suffer from unfair play and deception. You can make a disservice to worry - that you should avoid. You need as calmly take the possible stroke of fate.

In Love:

Dishonesty, fraud on the part of the partner. At least, he does not tell the whole truth. Love triangle.


Hopes. Your hopes are running, maybe even more than you imagine. Much will depend on your friends and acquaintances. Also, your own efforts will be rewarded handsomely.

In Love:

Your partner hopes of reciprocity.

 Less money

A small amount, property, jewelry. You should expect a sharp increase in your income. Maybe it will be linked to success at work or you will get a small but meaningful gift, inheritance. Your success will be achieved thanks to the persistent efforts you or the support of your friends, who will recommend the right people.

In Love:

For your partner has arisen not big but very significant event with your participation. Maybe it has something to do with your friends. Your partner wants to prove his love and devotion.


Gifts, prizes. You will receive a valuable gift and you will be honored with high honors, which you really did not expect, and that will go far beyond that which you relied. Friends, family or loved one you can receive practical gifts.

In love:

Sharply improved relations. Maybe your partner wants to make an important confession. Strong feelings overwhelming the desire to be with you.


Sadness, sorrow, tears, ungrateful people around you. Behind the ingratitude of people hiding malice and envy. You have shown excessive generosity towards people who are not worthy of it. Ignore them and try to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

In Love:

In your second half there is, sadness, tears, frustration, dissatisfaction. You might know the reason for this state of your partner.


Loss, risk-taking failed deal. If you owe money, it's better to get them now, otherwise you will not see them. Avoid any risks and dangerous actions, no matter how justified and motivated at first glance. Watch for words, do not talk too much. Watch out for the timely payment of loan you have.

In Love:

Your partner feels restless and worried. The main thing for him/her now is minimum risk in words and actions. Attention is paramount. Perhaps the situation is in some way related to money or property.


Disease and care. Favorites, relatives and friends will create many worries. Outbursts of anger and mistrust may be caused by their disease or other problems. Disputes and disagreements. Let them storm away from you and soon all 

will calm down and you will be able to breathe again. The main thing in this situation is to remain calm and be more tolerant.

In love:

Daily care and daily difficulties begin to affect your relationship with your partner. You must urgently resolve your problems. Another important meaning of this card illness of a person who is in some way connected with both of you.


Enemy losses criticism. Malice, envy, and criminal intent will throw in the maelstrom of adverse events. You will be subject to intense criticism for mistakes. This will lead to a significant loss. With they may be treated unfairly, but you need to collect will in a fist and wait until the storm passes. Try to stay away, to control their words and actions and then everything is possible to get away.

In Love:

Perhaps one particular spread gossip and slander for you.


House position power. You will have what we are striving for - prestige, power. For your high position, you will be obliged, both your own efforts and the actions of your friends, family and loved ones. Now it depends on you, to maintain and strengthen relations with them.

In Love:

By your partner - a very reliable connection to look to the future. Deep and genuine feelings, love and devotion.


Joy gifts. Soon you will receive a gift, or will you fall a rare and fortunate opportunity. One of your friends will remind you of yourself with a gift that will precede the other, but by another person.

In Love:

By your partner - joy, happiness, unexpected opportunity to improve relations.


Messages, perspectives, opportunities, possibilities. You have a lucky period in your life, try to use this chance. Friends, old or new, will provide you opportunities. Targeted to you people's envy will turn in your benefit.

In love:

Letter, message connected with the development of personal relationship with a partner.


Engagement, wedding, marriage. Happy marriage. There are mutual interests, the satisfaction of which leads to a deeper understanding. Marriage brings not only a romantic nature, but also from a practical side is pretty good.

In Love:

Unearthly love, boundless joy of communicating with you. Marriage proposal wedding.


Perseverance, reliability, honor, glory. Your work will be rewarded much more than you expected. True friends and loved one will give you the support that fully deserve. You will enjoy the feeling of self-satisfaction and self-confidence.

In Love:

Your partner feels about you, much more hard feelings than you think. Bright and strong emotions, reliability, love and devotion.


A loyal friend, loyalty, devotion. Have a safe and constant friendship and deep affection. You also have good friends who can rely on. Disagreements between your friends can hurt you. To capture the tension, talk to each of them by using their sense of humor.

In Love:

Loyalty, reliability, love, devotion. Your partner is fully dedicated to you, with all of his soul, there is no point looking for flaws in his behavior.


Companion. Everything is developed in the most favorable way to you is secured winning partnership. Try to make your transactions and cooperation, based on trust and mutual understanding. Be tactful and you will be rewarded handsomely for it.

In Love:

Life together, trust, love and devotion. Meeting recognition. The card advises manifestations maximum warm feelings to your partner.


Loving man. Good health. Successful business. Strong love for a dear person. The map shows a happy mutual love. And other matters is: a harmonious relationship. The close friendship will be mutually beneficial and endowed with understanding. Do not ignore such a link, otherwise you will regret it. Constantly strengthening the friendly relations that will be used by you. Do not forget about your friends, and they will respond in return.

In Love:

Very favorable card for men. It talks about very strong feelings from the beloved. All her thoughts are just for him. For women, the card is also positive. It may not be very clear map, but it is a symbol of love and secure relationship.